5 Tragedies Of Playboy Models: From Accidents To Murders

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5 Tragedies Of Playboy Models: From Accidents To Murders
5 Tragedies Of Playboy Models: From Accidents To Murders

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Nobody is immune to trouble. Even the beautiful and sexy Playboy models, whose success many women envy, know what pain and disappointment are.

1/9 We will tell you the stories of five beauties who posed for the legendary magazine.

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2/9 Jasmine Fiore

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3/9 Star Stow

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4/9 Star Stow

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5/9 Anna Nicole Smith

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6/9 Anna Nicole Smith

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7/9 Jane Mansfield

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8/9 Jane Mansfield

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9/9 Dorothy Stratten

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Below we will tell you the stories of five beauties who posed for the legendary magazine, whose lives ended tragically.

Jasmine Fiore

Jasmine Fiore was a model posing in beachwear and often took part in parties where her body was painted by body art artists. She also starred in commercials and appeared on various shows in Las Vegas casinos.

At one of the parties, the girl met her future husband Ryan Jenkins, a participant in several reality shows. Literally a couple of days later, the lovers decided to get married - the wedding was played in Las Vegas.

But the relationship between Jasmine and Ryan could hardly be called ideal: they constantly quarreled, argued, and a few months after the marriage, the model filed a lawsuit against her husband, accusing him of beatings. A few months later, the lovers checked into the L'Auberge Hotel in San Diego, where Jasmine was last seen alive.

The dismembered body of the model was found in a suitcase in a trash can near the hotel. The killer prudently removed her fingers and teeth, but forgot about breast implants - by their serial number, it was possible to find out that the remains belong to Jasmine Fiore. The only suspect in this case was the husband of the model Ryan Jenkins, who soon committed suicide.

Star Stow

In February 1977, Star Stowe became Playboy's Girl of the Month and was featured in the centerfold. At that time, she was at the height of her fame, hanging out with Elton John, Hugh Hefner, and dated musician Gene Simmons.

Stowe later married Peter Maligo and bore him a son, Michael. The family moved to Fort Lauderdale and found themselves in financial dire straits. Star tried to find work as an exotic dancer, but soon fell to prostitution, drug addiction and alcoholism.

In March 1997, the former model was found murdered. The partially naked body of a woman lay in the bushes. Since at that time in the southwest of Florida there was a serial killer who hunted prostitutes, the police decided that it was he who dealt with Stowe. But in fact, her murder remained unsolved.

Anna Nicole Smith

In the last years of her life, Anna Nicole Smith lived with her husband and son in the capital of the Bahamas - Nassau. Soon, the son died of an overdose, and the couple had a daughter.

In February 2007, the model came down with something like the flu. The disease progressed, and after a while Anna Nicole became very ill. The husband of the beauty, who was absent for a short time, was informed about the difficult state of health of his wife, and when he returned, she had already died.

The doctors who arrived at the scene pronounced her death from an overdose of at least nine analgesics and antidepressants prescribed to her. An autopsy revealed that the model had an advanced form of pneumonia.

Jane Mansfield

Jane Mansfield was once the main beauty of Broadway and Hollywood. The charming blonde was called the sex symbol of the 50s and compared to such "icons" as Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page. The model has repeatedly appeared on the pages of erotic magazines, starred in various films and held her own show in Las Vegas.

Mansfield married three times and gave birth to five children, but even after pregnancy she remained in shape and continued to build a career.

The model's life ended tragically and suddenly: on June 29, 1967, she died in a car accident. At the time of the accident, Mansfield was in her car with her husband, personal driver and three children. All the adults died that night, the children were seriously injured, but, fortunately, survived.

Dorothy Stratten

Perhaps the saddest story of Dorothy Stratten. The girl was born into a poor family, graduated with honors from school, but instead of continuing her studies, she went to work. Soon Dorothy was noticed by Playboy photographer Paul Snyder and asked her to be naked. This is how her modeling career began.

After a while, Paul and Dorothy got married, although everyone, including Hugh Hefner, tried to convince the girl not to do this, they say, her husband is a pimp, and in general he is not a very good person. The couple moved to Los Angeles, where Dorothy began filming for a magazine and moonlighting as a waitress at the Playboy club.

The pretty blonde began to gain popularity, and soon even Hollywood became interested in her, offering a role in the movie "They All Laughed." On the set, feelings flared up between Stratten and director Peter Bogdanovich, and the woman wanted to break off relations with her lawful spouse.

But Paul Snyder wasn't about to let her go so easily. At first, he followed her with the help of a private detective, then refused to divorce and, finally getting angry, shot her in the face, raped her body, and then shot himself.

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