Pensioners Who Will Give Odds To The Young

Pensioners Who Will Give Odds To The Young
Pensioners Who Will Give Odds To The Young

Video: Pensioners Who Will Give Odds To The Young

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Sylvester Stallone and Jane Fonda, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and Sophia Loren - all these celebrities are well over 60, but how can you not admire them? Of course, faces give away age, but most celebrities have toned figures even in adulthood. But ordinary people begin to look worse with age, their bodies blur, excess weight accumulates. However, not all pensioners agree to look old.

1. Chet Yorton got into a car accident in his youth and received many serious injuries. Several months in a wheelchair did not break the man, he took up bodybuilding and came in great shape. By the way, Chet Yorton remains in the same form to this day, when he is already under 80.

2. Iris Apfel, designer and artist, is constantly on the lists of world fashionistas. Iris assures that she does not follow fashion trends, but creates them. A positive and vibrant woman, she works as a model and loves to combine modern and vintage pieces. By the way, this beauty turned 97 in August.

3. Ernestina Shepard has always been an attractive woman, but when she was in her early 50s, she discovered that her body had changed noticeably. She started fitness, and at 71 she began to run, diligently engage in strength training, and then joined bodybuilding. The result was 9 marathons in 20 years and the title of the record holder of the Guinness Book of Records: in 2010 and 2011 Ernestina got into the Book as the oldest bodybuilder. She still looks great today, and who's to say that she celebrated her 82nd birthday this summer?

Watch the video and be amazed at how you can look in old age.

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