50-year-old Woman Looking 25 Explains No Wrinkles

50-year-old Woman Looking 25 Explains No Wrinkles
50-year-old Woman Looking 25 Explains No Wrinkles

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A resident of the English city of Coventry, West Midlands, talked about how until the age of 50 her face was free of wrinkles. Writes about this edition of the Daily Mail.

According to 50-year-old Rajan Gill, she looks so young that she is mistaken for the sister of one of her eldest daughters, who are 19 and 25 years old. “Girls are very embarrassed when they are asked if I am a sister to them, but it seems to me that this is a huge compliment,” said the Englishwoman. - They immediately said: "Well again, great", but then we chuckle about it. I am very flattered that people consider me their age."

At the same time, Gill said that such an appearance sometimes causes her inconvenience. “It's crazy, but I have to carry documents with me, because you never know if I will drop into the supermarket for a bottle of wine and they will be demanded again,” she admitted.

The Englishwoman explained that she did not know the secret of "eternal youth." “I suspect I just have good genes,” the woman said. She clarified that she leads a healthy lifestyle, avoids fast food and monitors her skin, but she cannot recommend specific cosmetic products, since she often changes them. Gill attributes her lack of wrinkles to the fact that she never tans. “When I’m on vacation, I’m in the pool and stuff, but I never lie in the sun for hours,” she said.

Previously "forever young" 60-year-old mother of actor Chris Hemsworth revealed the secret of her beauty. She adheres strictly to intermittent fasting. Hemsworth started off by not eating one day a week. Then she began to abstain from food every day for 15-16 hours.

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