Why Is The Regularity Of Personal Care More Important Than The Cost Of Cosmetics? Tina Kandelaki Explains

Why Is The Regularity Of Personal Care More Important Than The Cost Of Cosmetics? Tina Kandelaki Explains
Why Is The Regularity Of Personal Care More Important Than The Cost Of Cosmetics? Tina Kandelaki Explains

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The publishing house AST published the book "PRO face" by TV presenter Tina Kandelaki, who now teaches subscribers how to take proper care of themselves and even released her own collection of cosmetics. Sobaka.ru publishes an excerpt from a beauty monograph about how Tina took care of her face up to stellar fees, what products she uses now and why she opposes radical cosmetology. I already wrote that I started taking care of myself very early. Thirty years ago there was no Internet, social networks and beauty bloggers, and I had to comprehend everything myself. But I was very lucky: I come from Tbilisi, and, as it seems to me, the desire to take care of themselves is in the blood of Tbilisi women. I have absorbed a lot of knowledge about beauty literally out of thin air. When we are young, do not have much experience behind us, we act as we were taught (albeit unconsciously, just by our own example) people close to us - parents, grandparents, friends. We still do not know how to analyze past actions and plan future ones, and, as it seems to us, we act intuitively, we reproduce in reality the models that we saw in childhood. Professional cosmetology at that time was not as developed as it is now, but home cosmetology has always flourished in Tbilisi. The first cosmetologist my mother brought me to (I was 16 then) was also engaged in the manufacture of personal care products. I got the impression that every resident of our city had a familiar woman who played the role of a home cosmetologist - not because she worked at home, but because she used cosmetics of her own, home, production.


The home remedies were quite effective, or at least we believed so. I remember how some manufacturers tried to beautifully package their products in order to attract the attention of buyers and lure customers. And their competitors, who could not afford it, told us: "Do not believe them, the main thing is not the wrapper, but the composition!"

Tina Kandelaki - about her favorite vitamins, daily workouts and self-discipline

Now I remember those times with a smile. But it was then that self-care imperceptibly became a part of my daily reality. I myself do not cook creams, but I know women who still do this. They buy ingredients, research them, mix them and get home care products. There are even entire communities! It seems to me that making homemade creams is a very interesting process that helps to distract yourself, relieve stress, and also brings material, tangible and beneficial results. But there is one important point: please remember that if you have serious skin problems, they can only be solved using professional methods!

Perhaps the closest and dearest example for me was my grandmother Maria. She paid a lot of attention to self-care, even my mother did not take care of her appearance so carefully. Every week my grandmother did eyebrow shaping, performed a variety of facial treatments, and at the age of 70 she looked just great. She did not use expensive professional cosmetics, but her skin literally glowed with health. Thanks to my grandmother, I realized that the condition of the skin directly depends on how much effort and time we spend on caring for it. I witnessed how seriously my grandmother took care of herself, and it never entered my head to explain the excellent condition of her skin by good heredity. In general, we tend to explain many events and phenomena in our life by genes, thereby relieving ourselves of responsibility for what is happening.I believe that linking to genes is often just an excuse for one's own inaction and laziness, as well as for the success of others. “She is beautiful in her fifties - she was lucky with her inheritance! All the women in their family look great. But I, on the contrary, was not lucky … "Or maybe it's not a matter of luck? Maybe it's just that these women spend a lot of energy to look appropriate?..

We tend to explain many events and phenomena in our life by genes, thereby relieving ourselves of responsibility for what is happening.

I realized that my grandmother looked so great mainly because she regularly looked after herself, and I tried to follow her example. Mom took me to a beautician because of the skin problems that often occur in girls in adolescence. By the way, if you have a daughter and you notice that, for example, teenage pimples or blackheads have appeared on her skin, do not hesitate, go to a specialist right away. The fact is that otherwise, without access to professional advice, the girl will act on her own and may accidentally introduce an infection that will leave its mark (in the form of scars and craters) for life. If the problems are pronounced, you need not just go, but run to a dermatologist! I am very grateful to my mother for the fact that at one time she took me to specialists, preventing the development of a variety of complexes. I did the same with my daughter Melania. She had skin problems, but we solved them, and now her skin is in perfect condition. Moreover, she, like me, began to take care of herself regularly, and I am very happy about that.

I have not stopped visiting the beautician even after the teenage problems were eliminated. My regular visits became especially relevant when I got a job on television and began to make up regularly. For makeup then they used Max Factor cosmetics - I will never forget that oily foundation that was applied to my face every day. At that time, there were problems with electricity in Tbilisi, we did not have heating, gas and hot water in our house. Mom always warmed up the water before my arrival so that I could wash off the makeup that was on my face from morning to evening. But I was often late, so the water became cold, and it was impossible to reheat it (the generator could not work all the time), besides, it was already dark outside. And in such conditions, I hardly and for a long time (my mother is a witness) cleansed the skin, smearing the oily tone with cold water. Then I applied Nivea cream on my face (German and also bold, in a blue jar) and instantly fell asleep. So the steel was tempered - or my personal discipline was formed. Taking off makeup before going to bed is still an obligatory part of my daily routine, a kind of reflex. I firmly believed that I would be able to overcome all the difficulties that I had at that time. I was not going to live forever in such conditions, and very much, sparing strength, worked to achieve my goal. I was very tired, and often upon returning home I wanted only one thing - to curl up and fall asleep as soon as possible. But I perfectly understood that if I did not cleanse the skin, then over time it would lose its healthy appearance. I had no doubt that my life would change for the better, but I didn’t want the changes to be made so expensively - at the cost of a damaged face that would take a long time to restore (and it’s not a fact that I would have achieved the desired result). It was this seemingly simple solution that saved me many difficulties and helped save time and money. And I will immediately note that my skin owes its health first of all to this rule, and only then to cosmetics for care and salon procedures. I strictly observe it today.

At the age of 21, I moved to Moscow and immediately started looking for a beautician. In Moscow, I first got acquainted with professional cosmetics, which, of course, differed from homemade Georgian ones. By that time, I had already formed a persistent internal need for self-care.I realized that I want this for myself, and not in order, say, to please men or surpass other women. That is, it was my personal conscious choice. You need to realize yourself as a woman, want to look beautiful and desirable, and then consciously go towards your goal. I am reminded of one slightly amusing incident. When I hosted the Details program on STS, my salary was $ 1,000. Once I came to Alexander Rodnyansky and said: "Alexander Efimovich, I put on my make-up every day, I need another 500 dollars." Alexander Efimovich looked at me with a blank look and asked in surprise: "Why do you need 500 dollars?" And I explained: "You see, I wear makeup every day, and if I don't visit a beautician, then nothing will be left of my face." Rodnyansky laughed and … raised my salary. Subsequently, he was very fond of telling this anecdote - how Kandelaki came to him and asked to increase her salary by $ 500, because she did not have enough for a beautician!

With a limited budget, I had to choose between buying clothes or shoes and visiting a beautician. And I always chose the latter

I want to share with you a little secret: during my work in "Details" I mostly wore sportswear. Yes Yes! The fact is that I had broadcasts in the evenings, and during the day I slept off, and few people saw me. Therefore, I wore simple and comfortable tracksuits (I probably had about six of them). I confess that clothes were not among my priorities at that time: I bought an apartment for my parents, took out a loan for my own home. Apartments needed to be equipped: to make repairs, buy furniture and accessories. With a limited budget, I had to choose between buying clothes or shoes and visiting a beautician. And I always chose the latter. I was aware that I would be able to carry a new blouse or a pair of shoes for two or three years, and I would “wear” my face all my life. And this is my second rule - do not skimp on personal care.

Yes, now I have no financial difficulties, but theoretically I could spend more money on something else, say, on the same designer clothes. But, as I wrote above, appearance is one of my priorities, and therefore I do not regret taking care of myself neither money nor time - this most important resource, which, by the way, is no longer becoming. The income level may change, but there will always be only 24 hours in a day - and what we will spend them on depends only on us, there are a lot of alternatives now! My third rule is no radical procedures! Let the progress be gradual - I'm not ready to pay for quick changes in edema and bruising. If cosmetologists offer me, say, a scrub or peeling and, as if in passing, say: “After the procedure, you will have to spend a week at home,” I immediately leave. I think that many women would do this. We live in a time when almost no one has the opportunity to sit at home for a whole week, even those who do not go to work every day by 9:00. And there is no desire to appear in front of the family with bruises either.

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