Reached The Point: 10 Stars Who Made Buttock Plastic Surgery

Reached The Point: 10 Stars Who Made Buttock Plastic Surgery
Reached The Point: 10 Stars Who Made Buttock Plastic Surgery

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The last couple of years in Hollywood began an "epidemic" - the fashion for the "Brazilian" ass. Not all celebrities followed her to the gym. Not wanting to squat with a barbell for months and eat right, they took the path of least resistance and went to the plastic surgery clinic. The stars who have done buttocks plastic surgery are in the BeautyHack collection.


Camila Alves

Naturally thin, Camila could not boast of outstanding forms. She turned to a surgeon for them. How her husband, actor Matthew McConaughey, reacted to this, is unknown to the general public.

Anastasia Kvitko

Anastasia's Instagram is growing by several hundred users every day. In her microblog, the model uploads candid photos, which are expected by almost nine million users. Anastasia does not hide: she is grateful for the appetizing forms of the modern beauty industry.

Igga Azalea

In 2016, the forms of the Australian singer have changed. This caused the outrage of fans. "It looks unaesthetic and unnatural" - this was the conclusion of the majority. Igga herself likes everything - she is happy with the result.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner fell in love with plastic surgery early. Another year or two, and in terms of the number of operations, the young mother will overtake the older sisters. Kylie's buttocks also increased, not limiting herself to manipulating the lips, nose, cheekbones, chin and chest.

Heidi Montag

Heidi became famous not so much because of her talent, but because of her addiction to plastic surgery. In an interview, the blonde admitted: in one day she did ten operations. This list also included an increase in the buttocks. Heidi says she feels beautiful and sexy in a "new" body.

Nicki Minaj

Nicky has a bright and memorable appearance. Apparently, the natural data of the celebrity seemed a little. She has done a dozen plastic surgeries and continues to visit surgeons, thus causing concern among fans.

Nicole Austin

The American model and actress also fell victim to fashion, with her buttocks enlarged. Fans of the star strongly advise her not to do anything else with herself and sign up for a gym and lymphatic drainage massage.


Some of the singer's merits are also the work of specialists. True, unlike some colleagues, Beyoncé knows how to stop in time. The star limited herself to otoplasty and a change in the shape of the buttocks. She does not confirm the last intervention, but does not refute this fact either.

Victoria Odintsova

Rumor has it that the famous blogger and fashion model Victoria Odintsova also did buttocks. This body part often appears on her Instagram to the delight of the nearly five million audience.

Amber Rose

The ex-girlfriend of Kanye West also decided to change. The shocking model is happy to show fans and paparazzi mouth-watering forms.

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