Top 5 Most Famous Blondes

Top 5 Most Famous Blondes
Top 5 Most Famous Blondes

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May 31 - World Blondes Day. In honor of the holiday, ELLE magazine remembered the most popular blonde beauties in history.


Marilyn Monroe

The most famous blonde in the world is still considered the canon beauty - modern beauty standards are just her merit. Monroe has fashioned feminine shapes, sensual lips, feline arrows, childish swelling of cheeks and platinum blonde. Note that Marilyn became the first sex symbol of Hollywood in its classical sense.

Grace Kelly

A cold Nordic blonde, Grace Kelly, in contrast to Monroe, declared completely different values ​​- aristocracy, self-control, perfect bearing and family values. She chose her family and left a successful career as an actress and model.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot has become a sex symbol in a freer role - with matted hair, a cigarette in her teeth and shirts on her naked body. The sexual revolution and all the beauty trends of our time are all of it: smokey eyes, plump lips, burnt-out strands, sensual negligence.

Kim Basinger

In the 80s, there was no woman more desirable than Kim Basinger. The star of the main erotic thriller "9 and a half weeks" has brought into fashion the image of a touching angel-like blonde with full lips and perfect proportions, reminiscent of the parameters of the current "angels" of Victoria's Secret. Recall that she became an Oscar winner.

Sharon Stone

In the 90s, the fatal Sharon Stone became the main sex symbol. The star of Basic Instinct went down in history thanks to the textbook image of the femme fatale, as well as his highest IQ - like that of Einstein.

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