Image And Appearance: How They Are Now Admitted To The Public Chamber

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Image And Appearance: How They Are Now Admitted To The Public Chamber
Image And Appearance: How They Are Now Admitted To The Public Chamber

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Today, at a remote meeting in the regional Duma, the issue of introducing three new members to the Public Chamber of the region was considered

The rotation is due to the death of three members of the Public Chamber: Nikolai Grebnev, Denis Menshakov and Nikolai Tolmachev. Earlier, at a joint meeting of the committees, the deputies approved three announced candidates: Irina Savranskaya, Natalia Nepochatykh and Ivan Dovgai. Kursktv has at its disposal the draft documents for the KOD resolution "On new members of the Public Chamber".

Based on the data presented to the deputies, let's see who are those bright, well-known and useful social activists who are entrusted to enter the Public Chamber of the region. It should be noted that non-profit organizations should recommend and guide public figures, which, by the way, is emphasized in the regional Duma's press release.

Irina Savranskaya represents Delovaya Rossiya, where she works as an executive director. Interestingly, from 2010 to 2014, she worked as the press secretary of the Public Chamber. For some time she was a member of the regional headquarters of the ONF and the leadership of the Young Guard "United Russia" in the region, and even oversaw the "School of Youth Leaders" in 2013-14, remember this? We don't either. But now the girl has something to write in her resume. However, the deputies of the regional Duma at the meeting of the committees more discussed the appearance of Irina Savranskaya, believing that beauty will save the world and the Public Chamber.

Natalia Nepochatykh, born in 1990, has an excellent public resume. She seems to have been in dozens of movements, her work documented in many projects that received grants and subsidies at the regional and federal level. Since 2012, she has been working in the team of Alexander Ternovtsov, hence participation in such a large number of projects. At the same time, it was sent from the Kursk branch of the organization "Victory Volunteers". But in the regional Duma, the people's deputies, who approved the candidacy of Natalya Nepochatykh, also spoke only about the young and beautiful appearance of the girl.

But the appearance of the only man - Ivan Dovgiy was not discussed. The reason is simple - he did not come to the committee meeting, explaining this by a business trip. The public activities of Ivan Dovgiy were marked with a commemorative medal in honor of the Battle of Kursk, from the governor A. Mikhailov and also received, we quote, "many thanks from the Administration of the city of Kursk and the Administration of the Kursk region." Interestingly, after the decision of the committees on the approval of his candidacy, Ivan Dovgy noted on his Facebook page that he now works in the Public Chamber of the region. Earlier, judging by the same page, he worked in the Public Council under the administration of the Kursk region. But in the documents in the regional Duma it is said that he is the owner of branded stores of digital equipment, clothing and footwear operating in the regions of the Black Earth Region. In general, Ivan Dovgy loves secrets. But, perhaps, the most interesting is which organization presented him as a candidate in the regional Duma? None of the documents sent to the deputies indicated this, as they did not say the name of the NGO and at the meeting of the committees, despite the fact that, as we indicated at the beginning of the article, a direction from a public organization is needed.

Whose interests will these people defend? Are they real and social activists, capable of retelling the will and mood of the people to the authorities? For what purpose do they go to the Public Chamber of the region? Increasingly, the personnel policy of the new authorities raises questions and misunderstandings. Note that the decision of the deputies on all issues on the agenda will be known after receiving all the sheets of absentee voting.

Photos from the personal pages of candidates to the Public Chamber of the Kursk region in social networks

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