12 Best Gifts For A Husband, Brother Or Dad

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12 Best Gifts For A Husband, Brother Or Dad
12 Best Gifts For A Husband, Brother Or Dad

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A superhero shaver, a beard grooming gift set, a hypnotic scent for a special occasion and other gifts for beloved men in the special BeautyHack New Year collection.


Gel-exfoliant for the face Pore Medic Pore Minish Peeling Gel, Dr. Jart +

The exfoliant gel is intended not only for men (feel free to steal from your spouse while he does not see), but for its minimalistic composition, the absence of a candy aroma and an immediate effect, the remedy has earned a place in our "harsh" men's selection.

The gel contains small particles of real cellulose, and the list of ingredients is fortified with pumpkin enzyme and papaya extract - they help to exfoliate dead skin cells. By the way, the peeling itself takes place right before our eyes - after a light massage, real pellets are formed on the skin. Men will definitely like it! And thanks to the presence of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid in the composition, the skin after peeling will remain smooth and moisturized.

Price: 4 005 rub.

Softening cream after shave After Shave Soother, Clarins Men

If among your acquaintances there is a man whose skin dries after shaving, and the harsh heroic essence does not allow using a moisturizer, then this product from Clarins will be an excellent gift.

Firstly, the emollient cream was specially developed for men's skin - it has a non-greasy texture, instantly soothes the skin and leaves no greasy film on the face. In the composition, everything is simple: extracts of purslane, centella and alpine erythematosus straighten out redness after shaving for one or two, and also relieve the burning sensation. Remember how Kevin McCallister from Home Alone smeared Daddy's lotion on his cheeks and screamed heart-rendingly? So, this will not happen.

Price: 2 420 rubles.

Electric shaver Braun MultiGroomer MG 5090

The package contains as many as three attachments - a real set for a young (and not so) barber. The electric shaver is suitable for those who want to get rid of the stubble, and those who want to turn it into a goatee in the style of Robert Downey the Younger. And all thanks to the technologically advanced 3-in-1 system, which allows you to trim hair, adjust the contours and achieve perfect smoothness.

Bonuses - the razor can be used in the shower, despite its electronic component. And with an ultra-wide shaving head, you can not only shave off your beard, but also trim bankenburns and even freshen up a short haircut.

Price: 3 790 rub.

Eau de toilette Boss Bottled Tonic, Hugo Boss

If the Hugo Boss scents still evoke tailored suits and impeccably tied ties in your mind, then you haven't tried Boss Bottled Tonic. This is the first fresh fragrance in the line, but at the same time it has not become less masculine.

You shouldn't expect surprises from Boss Bottled Tonic - the composition opens with a confident juicy accord of grapefruit, orange and lemon, and a hint of ginger sets off this violent freshness a little. The base contains woody notes that make the fragrance truly masculine.

In general, citrus aromas are the easiest to give - they say that natural-born leaders love such scents, and what man would refuse such a title?

Price: 4 050 rub.

After Shave Balm, THALGO Men

Remember the ad from childhood, where father and son stood together in front of the mirror and, applying shaving foam in one stroke, proudly declared: "Now we shave together." If this ad were filmed now, then they could also apply after shave balm from the French brand THALGO Men in one stroke.

And it is really easy to do it - the formula of the balm does not contain alcohol, but at the same time it is instantly absorbed into the skin and removes the feeling of tightness. Scars, of course, adorn men, but still, in case of possible cuts, the healing component Céphalipin was included in the composition. Among the ingredients there are also special active ingredients that give the skin a feeling of freshness.

Price: 2 356 rub.

Eau de toilette Man's Best, Bruno Banani

“Uncover the secret of self-confidence,” says the advertising slogan for the masculine fragrance from Bruno Banani. You have an excellent opportunity to help your beloved man in this - all you need is to give a “ringing” and juicy Man’s Best. The composition of the fragrance combines notes of spicy oriental spices and a fruity accord of apple and pomelo. At the base are sandalwood, vanilla and tonka beans, while the heart is a warm combination of nutmeg, spicy cinnamon and cashmere wood.

And minimalists will also appreciate the bottle - the beveled, fluted bottle with embossing evokes associations with vintage cologne, Italian charisma and Don Carleone. This is despite the fact that the brand is German.

Price: 2 160 rubles.

Set for beard care Beard 3-in-1 Trio, Clubman Pinaud

The French brand Clubman Pinaud has a two-century history behind it. The brand has been producing men's products since 1810, however, it was only in 1900 that it received its current name. But Clubman Pinaud won the hearts of all men with mustache and beard care products. Therefore, if there is a beloved bearded man in your life, take note.

The set includes a cream conditioner, which makes hair more pliable and helps the beard to fit neatly into the desired shape (and not stick out like Barmaley). There is also an oil that nourishes and moisturizes coarse hairs - it also adds smoothness and shine to them. The trio is completed with a beard and mustache fixative balm that secures the styling. All products contain beeswax, honey, natural oils and soy protein, thanks to which the hair will not only be soft and manageable, but will also begin to grow better.

Price: 2 840 rub.

Style Suits You, Paul Mitchell

Recently, the American brand Paul Mitchell has launched a special line of hair care products for men. According to the co-owner of the company, John Paul De Joria, modern men are increasingly paying attention to styling products, and 89% of Americans generally believe that stylish styling is an essential attribute of a successful person.

All tools are very effective and easy to use, and the bright and stylish Style Suits You contains everything you need for every day. Double Hitter shampoo simultaneously cleanses and conditions hair and adds volume, Clean Cut cream fixes styling without the effect of PVA glue, and Construction Paste allows you to repeat the styling of Beckham, Ronaldo and Ashton Kutcher in two steps. By the way, the latter has long been a fan of the entire line.

Price on request

Eau de parfum Io Myself, ETRO

Io Myself is a fragrance for creative and mysterious natures, in general, not easy ones. It's all about the unusual composition and rare notes: here are papyrus, styrax, labdanum, and oud, beloved by eastern sheikhs.

The perfume is associated with leather, wood and thick Arabian oil, and on the skin it "sounds" at the same time very luxurious and comfortable, as if wrapped in a thick cashmere sweater. By the way, Io Myself is suitable for both men and women - you can forget about paired fragrances and just use the same one. It brings you closer, believe me.

Price: 8 755 rub.

Mach3 Turbo Gift Set Justice League, Gilette

The Gilette set is a great gift for your superhero. It includes a Mach3 Turbo shaver, two replacement cassettes and an exclusive virtual reality headset to brighten up boring winter evenings.

The shaver has three blades for perfect glide and comfort during and after shaving. The result is soft skin, and thanks to a special gel strip, the face will be protected from cuts and irritations. Stylish futuristic design and bright silver body once again confirm: "Gilette - no better for a superhero."

Price: 1 019 rub.

Eau de parfum Diabolique Homme, Eisenberg

The aroma with the immodest name "Devil" is ideal for the cold season - it is very soft and warming, like mulled wine. "Sounds" noble from the first notes - evokes thoughts of oriental spices and gourmet sweets, and is more suitable for evening events - going to the theater, a romantic dinner or a gala reception.

Among the notes, sandalwood, vetiver, iris and cedar are clearly heard, and thanks to yellow mandarin, violet and jasmine, the perfume seems even a little hypnotic. Obviously, during the creation of this mystical composition, it was definitely not without devilish tricks.

Price: about 10,000 rubles.

Juniper: A Symbol of Ultimate Masculinity, L'Occitane

L'Occitane knows that juniper oil effectively protects the face from harmful external influences. Many years ago, harsh foresters carefully extracted this essential oil from shrubs growing in wooded areas of the Mediterranean - even then, legends were made about its benefits. No wonder L'Occitane's Juniper line has become so popular with men.

The collection also includes a gift set with the unconventional name “Symbol of absolute masculinity”. The bright "sunny" box contains shaving gel, balm and eau de toilette of the same name. The aroma of all the products seems to have been created for the winter and the New Year - this is a fluffy spruce, and the clicking firewood in the fireplace, and a cozy woolen sweater with deer. To create a festive mood - we recommend!

Price: 5 550 rub.

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