Miss Monobrow, White Dragon Girl, And 9 More Freaks From The Web, Whom Everyone Adores

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Miss Monobrow, White Dragon Girl, And 9 More Freaks From The Web, Whom Everyone Adores
Miss Monobrow, White Dragon Girl, And 9 More Freaks From The Web, Whom Everyone Adores

Video: Miss Monobrow, White Dragon Girl, And 9 More Freaks From The Web, Whom Everyone Adores

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"Ex-Alive Ken" Jessica Alves


Instagram jessicaalvesuk "Miss monobrow" Sofia Hadzhipanteli

Instagram sophiahadjipanteli Angelica Protodyakonova and her eyebrow squares

Instagram anzhelika_protodiakonova White dragon with blue eyes Amber Luke

Instagram ambs_luke "Muscle Barbie" Julia Vince

Instagram julia_vins "Ukrainian Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova

Instagram valeria_lukyanova21 Kirill Tereshin "Bazooka Hands"

archive of the press service "Elf Man" Luis Padron

Instagram luispadron.elf "Live Toon" Pixie Fox

Instagram pixeefox Alexander Shpak

Instagram sashashpakofficial "Man-platypus" Evgeny Bolotov

vk.com Strange, sometimes frightening or repulsive, freaks broke into our life and, apparently, decided to stay in it for a long time. They attracted our attention by the fact that they do not hesitate to upload their pictures to the Internet and are not afraid to be different from others. These characters may seem crazy to us, but we still love them for some reason. The new review on Passion.ru contains 11 of the most popular freaks from social networks (among them there are Russian "celebrities"). "Miss Monobrow" Sofia Hadjipanteli "Miss Monobrow" Sofia Hadzhipanteli

Instagram sophiahadjipanteli Sofia became famous on the Web thanks to her thick eyebrows, which have grown together on the bridge of the nose and from two formed one (almost like the artist Frida Kahlo's). For many years, the girl was embarrassed by this feature of hers and carefully plucked out excess hairs, but at some point she admitted that she was tired of this - and left everything as it is. And it was the right decision. Bushy eyebrows became Sofia's pass to the world of modeling, and then made a star on the social network Instagram. Angelica Protodyakonova and her eyebrow squares Angelica Protodyakonova and her eyebrow squares

Instagram anzhelika_protodiakonova A resident of Yakutia shocked the whole of Russia when she appeared on federal TV with her giant square eyebrows, which occupied more than half of her forehead. It all started as a joke, but suddenly Angelica woke up famous: she was invited to various TV shows, brands began to cooperate with her, the doors of show business practically opened in front of her, but suddenly the girl disappeared from the radar, deciding that she was tired of such close attention and image freak. However, fans do not give up hope that the Yakut will change her mind. "White Dragon with Blue Eyes" Amber Luke "White Dragon with Blue Eyes" Amber Luke

Instagram ambs_luke Young Australian Amber Luke, as a teenager, decided to reincarnate as a dragon. For the sake of this dream, she underwent an operation to split her tongue, installed piercings, made tunnels in her ears and dyed the whites of her eyes blue, enlarged her breasts, about the fact that there is practically no place free of tattoos on her face and body, and there is no need to remind. The girl has repeatedly admitted that she absolutely does not like the way she looked before all the transformations, because she plans to continue experimenting on herself. Moreover, the fans approve of it. "Ex-Alive Ken" turned Barbie, Jessica Alves "Ex-Alive Ken" Jessica Alves

Instagram jessicaalvesuk Rodrigo Alves in his youth was criticized by peers, and this made him first go under the knife of a plastic surgeon at the age of 17. And the young man got involved! For many years he wanted to be like the boyfriend of the Barbie doll Ken, for which he underwent more than a dozen plastic surgeries, on which he spent more than half a million dollars. Some of the operations were nearly fatal. And, it would seem, the goal is already close, but suddenly for everyone in early 2020, Rodrigo came out and changed sex, turning into a woman named Jessica. "Muscle Barbie" Julia Vince "Muscle Barbie" Julia Vince

Instagram julia_vins A girl with an angelic face, big eyes and a powerlifting body makes a lasting impression on everyone who sees her photos. Julia started lifting weights as a teenager and over the course of several years has acquired impressive muscles, the title of master of sports and an army of fans who never tire of admiring her idol. "Barbie from Odessa" Valery Lukyanov "Ukrainian Barbie" Valery Lukyanov

Instagram valeria_lukyanova21 Another famous network freak Valeria Lukyanova became famous on the Web for her passion for various subcultures, esoteric teachings and unusual appearance. She herself calls herself an Odessa Barbie and repeatedly repeats that such facial features she got exclusively from nature, and in her figure she only changed the size of her breasts. Of course, besides fans, few people believe her, but is it really important? "Bazooka Hands" Kirill Tereshin Kirill Tereshin "Bazooka Hands"

Archives of the press services Kirill Tereshin became popular due to his desire to pump up powerful biceps. But the traditional path seemed to him very long, therefore, instead of training, he decided to inject a special drug into the muscles. There was not enough money for him, so he made an alternative on his own: he mixed lidocaine, olive oil and benzyl alcohol and pumped 6 liters of hellish mixture into his biceps. This, of course, led to health problems and frenzied fame throughout Russia. "Elf Man" Luis Padron "Elf Man" Luis Padron

Instagram luispadron.elf The Argentinean has been crazy about fantasy since early childhood, so it’s not surprising that at some point he wanted to become one of the fantastic creatures. Louis decided that he dreamed of being an elf and purposefully began to move towards his dream from the age of 14. To begin with, he discolored his hair, then removed all the vegetation on the body, later made rhinoplasty, an operation to change the color of the eyes (the latter did not pass without a trace for him, but the complications did not stop him). For 11 years, Padron has already spent 35 thousand dollars on plastic surgery, but he has not yet achieved his goal: his plans include changing the shape of the ears and the shape of the eyes, lengthening the limbs and building muscles. "Live cartoon" Pixie Fox "Live cartoon" Pixie Fox

Instagram pixeefox Initially, Pixie is quite a pretty Swede. However, she has a strange dream - to be like Jessica Rabbit from the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." One problem: the sexy heroine of the picture was a drawn character with an extremely thin waist and very large breasts. But Pixie didn't stop it. She underwent augmentation mammoplasty, inserted implants into her eyes to become green-eyed, and several operations to remove 6 (!) Ribs. Now the girl has to wear a supporting corset almost 24 hours a day, but her waist circumference is only 36 centimeters. She still doesn't look much like Jessica Rabbit, but she has a lot of fans on the web. "Dragon Man" Alexander Shpak Alexander Shpak

Instagram sashashpakofficial Perhaps one of the most famous freaks in Russia. Once he worked as a security guard, but then decided that he wanted to be more brutal. For the sake of a new appearance, he increased his fangs and claws, pumped up his lips, got tattoos all over his body, inserted implants in his chest and buttocks, performed several liposuction sessions and reshaped his forehead and eyebrows. Now Shpak shocks the audience, appearing in public in revealing outfits and in full war paint. He makes money helping everyone to become bodybuilders, and also maintains a very popular blog on the social network Instagram. "The Platypus Man" Evgeny Bolotov "The Platypus Man" Evgeny Bolotov

vk.com A 30-year-old Russian guy was once very cute, but was carried away by countless body modifications: he got tattoos, made huge holes in his nose, where he inserted massive piercings, and most importantly, he expanded his lower lip to insert a huge tunnel into it, which connects to the piercing on the upper lip.This construction looks strange and makes the speech illegible, for this on Russian television Bolotov was nicknamed the most terrible man in the country and the platypus man. Photo: Instagram, archive of press services Subscribe to Passion.ru pages on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Instagram!

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