Stars Of The Same Age Who Age In Different Ways

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Stars Of The Same Age Who Age In Different Ways
Stars Of The Same Age Who Age In Different Ways

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Everyone changes with age, but everyone ages at their own pace, which is determined by genetics, but also depends on lifestyle and other factors. Sometimes women of the same age look completely different, someone is younger, and someone is older than their age, which is clearly visible in the following selection of celebrities. Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss, 45


These famous women are certainly beautiful, but despite the same age, Penelope Cruz looks much younger than the top model, even without makeup. Winona Ryder and Cameron Diaz, 47

It is difficult to disagree that Winona Ryder looks at least 10 years younger than her age, she has practically no visible wrinkles, which, alas, cannot be said about Cameron Diaz. Brooke Burke and Shannen Doherty, 48

It is very noticeable that Brooke Burke carefully monitors his face and often visits the beautician, but all the procedures are done very carefully, which does not deprive her of its naturalness. Shannen Doherty, on the other hand, looks quite in line with her age, possibly due to the long course of chemotherapy. Mariah Carey and Lara Flynn Boyle, 49

There is an amazing difference between the photos of these two women, and all because Mariah Carey constantly monitors not only her figure, but also her appearance in general, often using the services of a beautician. Lara Flynn Boyle was a little unlucky with a surgeon and beautician who overdid it a bit when rejuvenating a woman's face. Claudia Schiffer and Uma Thurman, 49

The supermodel, exactly like the famous actress, does not recognize plastic surgery and tries to maintain her beauty and youth with natural natural remedies. It is clearly seen that Claudia Schiffer does it better than her peer, in which her genes probably help her. Rachel Weisz and Catherine Zeta-Jones, 49

Rachel Weisz outwardly looks definitely younger than Katherine by at least 10 years, but at the same time, neither one nor the other actress has ever used the services of plastic surgery. However, Catherine Zeta-Jones does not deny that one day the moment may come when she does change her mind and see a doctor. Jennifer Connelly and Christina Orbakaite, 48

The Russian singer looks quite at her age, but Jennifer Connelly probably knows the secrets of youth, which confirms her superbly fresh look.

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