Which Women Are Considered Beautiful In Different Countries Of The World?

Which Women Are Considered Beautiful In Different Countries Of The World?
Which Women Are Considered Beautiful In Different Countries Of The World?

Video: Which Women Are Considered Beautiful In Different Countries Of The World?

Video: Which Women Are Considered Beautiful In Different Countries Of The World?
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Beauty is a subjective concept. Each country has its own ideas about beauty. In Africa, obesity is considered beautiful, and in Europe, women torture themselves in gyms to achieve the perfect figure. While scars and stretch marks are getting rid of in Europe, there is a tribe in Africa that specializes in scarring.


Latin America

The standard of beauty in Latin America is a passionate woman with curvaceous curves, long hair and full lips. In general, similar to the ideals of beauty in the United States. Latin American women prefer bright makeup and sexy costumes.

Landmark: singer Shakira, Jennifer Lopez. To understand which women are considered beautiful, it is enough to look at photos from Brazilian carnivals: many are ready to walk like this every day, but the dress code does not allow.

To achieve the set ideals, women in Latin America actively visit plastic surgeons. In Venezuela, according to the Association of Plastic Surgeons, about 40,000 women change their appearance every year.

The most popular surgery is breast augmentation. Parents even give such an operation to their daughters for their birthday. By the way, it was Venezuelan girls who most often became the winners in the international beauty contests "Miss World", "Miss Universe" and "Miss International".

In America, they love a Hollywood smile, full lips, perfect eyebrows and blonde hair. As for the figures, a sporty and fit body is in fashion. The ideal of American beauty - Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson.

The typical beauty queen in America is a tanned girl with a chiseled figure and blonde hair. Every year, plastic surgeons in the United States compile lists of celebrities that ordinary women are guided by. Angelina Jolie appears on such lists annually (full lips are the dream of many American women).

Previously, girls still dreamed of being like a Barbie doll, but fortunately, this trend is becoming a thing of the past. Now American women dream of more curvaceous forms, plastic surgery of the breast and buttocks has come into fashion. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are in fashion.

The standard of Asian beauty is European appearance, white skin, big eyes. Chinese and Japanese women get rid of imperfections in appearance with the help of plastics, and the skin is whitened with special creams. They even use special devices to create a crease in the upper eyelid (which is not typical for people of the Mongoloid race). Some Asian women lighten their hair and put in colored lenses.

Different countries in Asia have their own local characteristics. In South Korea, doll faces are in vogue: girls try to visit a plastic surgeon as early as possible and make themselves big eyes, a neat nose and a sharp chin.

Korean women spend exorbitant amounts of money on makeup and surgeries. So, as many as 20% of the country's residents did plastic surgery. And there is also a strange trend in fashion - puffiness under the eyes, which creates the appearance of smiling eyes.

In Japan, an exemplary beautiful girl looks like a comic book illustration: big eyes, a pointed chin, cute outfits and an awkward gait. The Japanese like infantilism: girls "mow" like little girls. The looks are usually very cute: dresses, voluminous hats, a la children's shoes. Some even deliberately spoil their gait by putting their socks inward.

In China, women, as in all of Asia, tend to look European. Those who have the opportunity begin to do plastic surgery at a very early age. A beautiful appearance helps girls to move up the career ladder. In China, an operation to increase height is common: an expensive and lengthy procedure can increase a girl's height by a couple of centimeters, which already increases her chances of finding a job.


Russian girls are often called the most beautiful: big eyes, natural long hair, plump lips, harmonious facial features, contoured eyebrows. It is these ideals that Russian girls strive for.

Now the sports figure is in vogue, so Russian girls are constantly losing weight and going to the gym. Russian women spend a lot of money on makeup and salon procedures, but only a few decide on plastic. If they do decide, then they do rhinoplasty or breast augmentation. In terms of hairstyles, healthy and long hair remains the standard.


There are many tribes and peoples in Africa, therefore, ideas about beauty are different. However, there is something in common that is fundamentally different from the views of Europeans. Anorexic body is not considered beautiful in Africa.

Completeness is an indicator of high social status. In some regions, it is customary to fatten up brides for the wedding: the more folds a girl has, the more willingly she will be taken as a wife. The arsenal of African beauties includes sophisticated hairstyles, braids, dreadlocks, piercings, facial drawings, bright ethnic jewelry.

Some tribes are famous for unconventional ideas about beauty: piercings, rings, tunnels. In other tribes, it is customary to give their body a red skin tone. In some other tribes, scarification is considered beautiful.

Muslim countries

Muslim girls don't have many tools to show their beauty. At best, only the face and hands remain open, and if a girl wears a veil, then only her eyes. In some countries, it is even forbidden to pluck eyebrows and paint nails. So, where possible, girls pay increased attention to eye makeup.

In addition, women use henna designs and decorate their hands with rings. Most women from the Middle Eastern countries can fully show their beauty only at home with a husband and relatives.

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