25 Best Gifts For February 23

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25 Best Gifts For February 23
25 Best Gifts For February 23

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New fragrances and bestsellers, cleansing foams, shampoos with brewer's yeast and impressive kits for all occasions. BeautyHack talks about beauty finds that your husband, dad or brother will appreciate.


Men + Care Set, Dove

Dove gift set is an opportunity to please a man with basic treatments without fear of miscalculating with a gift. Men + Care has three products: a firming shampoo, an antiperspirant, and a shower gel for face and body. The main components of the shampoo are menthol and caffeine. The first pleasantly cools your head, and the second gently cleanses your hair and removes styling residues. The shampoo works great on oily hair, prolonging its freshness after washing.

The aerosol antiperspirant offers 48-hour protection, is alcohol-free and absorbs well without leaving any residue on the skin.

The shower gel is based on the MicroMoisture * formula, which is responsible for active skin hydration. It also contains sage extract, which refreshes the skin. The product foams perfectly, but be prepared for the fact that the man very quickly uses the put 250 ml and goes for the second bottle.

Price per set: 423 rubles.

Moisturizing cream Men Intensive Hydrating Cream, Thalgo

Thalgo is a famous French brand with a half-century history. Each product is based on extracts of seaweed and zooplankton. In the Thalgo Men men's line, the brand's specialists have gone even further, adding the active ingredient Algue Bleue Vitale to each cream, shower gel and serum. It is a mix of the beneficial flora of Klamath Lake in the USA, which is already 6,000 years old. If a man gets bored with this part of the story, reassure him that Intensive Hydrating Cream will relieve the feeling of tightness, dryness in winter and soothe irritated skin. For this, the composition contains an extract of algae, sandalwood, bark and barley.

Price: 4140 rub.

After Shave Moisturizer Hydra Man Space Performer, Comfort.Zone

The Italian brand Comfort.Zone has a small but great series for men. It contains five products: face cream, shower gel, body scrub, gel and moisturizing after shave emulsion. We advise you to start your acquaintance with the brand with the latter.

The man will immediately appreciate the moisturizing effect after applying the emulsion - there is no burning sensation, tightness and dryness. At the same time, the product is very light, does not leave a greasy feeling and smells pleasantly fresh (if the aroma remains on the skin, it will not persistently remind of itself). The tool is especially helpful if a man's skin is sensitive and prone to irritation after shaving.

Price: about 2500 rubles.

Cleanser Thirstycleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser, Glamglow

The foam was invented as a complement to the ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment Glam To Go mask. The product is unisex and can even remove cosmetics, but men will like it first of all for its excellent cleansing properties and an unusual format: you squeeze a “mud” cream onto your hand, and when you add water, you get a foam. It does not cleanse the skin until it squeaks, but it is suitable for daily morning wash. It contains soft surfactants, white clay, coconut water, olive oil. Plus - suitable for all skin types!

Price: 1799 rub. (at this special price, the product is now available in Rive Gauche)

Cream for the skin around the eyes with retinol Retinol Men, Skincare Cosmetics Retinol

Skincare Cosmetics Retinol is the anti-aging skincare guru in the USA. Products with vitamin A in the composition are indispensable for the fight against fine wrinkles. For men with active facial expressions (and the same way of life), they must become the daily minimum in care. Dark circles under the eyes and swelling clearly will not add brutality to him.

The cream for the skin around the eyes of Ratinol Men has an unobtrusive smell and a pleasant texture - it spreads easily, does not roll, and is quickly absorbed. From the effect promised by the manufacturer: restoration of elasticity, even tone, hydration, elimination of fine wrinkles.

Price: 1880 rub.

Men's shampoo Clean Brew, Redken

Real brewer's yeast in the composition - the brand knew how to interest the male half of humanity! In fact, the remedy has already become a Redken bestseller, and not only because of the "beer" component. In addition to yeast, the composition contains malt and extract from orange peel. The main task of the shampoo is to intensively cleanse the hair, but not dry it out. Hair after use becomes voluminous and elastic, while remaining manageable and does not stick out in different directions. Isn't it happiness when you don't have to waste time on styling?

Price: 1 500 rub.

Set "Cedrate: energy of freshness", L'Occitane

L'Occitane has given this set the modest name "Acquaintance". The point is in the small size of the products: shower gel (75 ml), shaving gel (30 ml), after shave cream-gel (30 ml). It is enough to get the first impression and not to part with full-size cares. The set is also convenient to take on trips - it comes with a small cosmetic bag.

All products are part of the Cedrat series, which is based on citron extract - a rare Mediterranean fruit from the citrus family. Its task is to moisturize the skin, mattify and energize. Responsible for the latter is a light citrus aroma with notes of cedar - a distinctive feature of citron.

Price: 1890 rub. (the set is now available at a discount on the official website and L'Occitane stores)

Travel Kit Trousse De Voyage, V76

All the tools in the set from the American brand V76 look like they were carefully packed for you in a boutique hotel room. Therefore, here is another gift idea for a man who spends most of his life on business trips and travels (the set will fit even in hand luggage: the volume of each bottle is 50 ml).

V76 by Vaughn is a brand for men. It was created by one of the best barbers (in the third generation) and celebrity stylists in the United States, Vaughn Akord. His portfolio includes works with Al Pacino, Richard Gere, Bill Clinton and shooting for GQ, Time, Rolling Stone.

Travel Kit Trousse De Voyage brings together the best V76 products: energy shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, softening shaving cream and styling cream with medium hold - everything a man needs every day!

Price: 3020 rub.

Set "Juniper: a symbol of absolute masculinity" Cade, L`Occitane

The L`Occitane Cade Set comes with three products: eau de toilette, shaving gel and aftershave balm. The main notes of this series are juniper, bergamot, pink pepper and labdanum. The smell is noble and unobtrusive.

After opening a bottle of eau de toilette, your intentions to donate a set will become less serious. Despite the perceptible density and "viscousness", the fragrance quickly becomes imperceptible to the wearer, but at the same time leaves a light sillage for those around.

The shaving gel has a delicate, pleasant cream-like texture. It contains shea butter (a proprietary ingredient of L`Occitane), which soothes, moisturizes and tones the skin. After Shave Balm is absorbed instantly, leaving the skin velvety and soft.

It is possible that you will periodically borrow funds from the L'Occitane Cade series from the “men's” shelf.

Price: 5 550 rub. (the set is now available at a discount on the official website and L'Occitane stores)

Adidas UEFA Champions Edition Pack

The Champions Edition collection of Adidas was released especially for the UEFA Champions League tournament. If your husband is aware of the results of all matches, he will be delighted with the gift! Moreover, it has everything for daily care: eau de toilette, aftershave, refreshing body lotion, shower gel and aerosol deodorant.

The mood for the set is set by eau de toilette with a sweetish, but not tart aroma (a mix of lemon, lavender, violet, green apple, clary sage, vanilla). The rest of the products are the same: rich, but not tart. And the man will certainly love the packaging: it is designed in the traditional colors of the competition and with the image of the stadium in Madrid, where the Final stage of the Champions League is held.

Price on request

Hair tonic Hair Tonic Tonique Pour Cheveux, Сlubman Pinaud

The first series of treatments for men from Сlubman Pinaud appeared in Paris in 1810.In the 1900s, the brand became popular in the United States, and 30 years ago it was bought by the American company American International Industries. Over its 200-year history, the brand has collected a full range of products for men, from deodorants to perfumes, and has perfected the design of packaging, bottles and shaving brushes. While the man is considering a beer bottle of hair tonic, tell him that it also contains a miracle remedy for taming dry hair. The tonic with oils in the composition does not need to be washed off. Simply apply to dry hair after shampooing and style. There will be no oily effect, and the hair will remain clean all day.

Price: 1390 rub.

Toilet water "Cuir Vetiver", Yves Rocher

Cuir Vetiver is the work of perfumer Sonya Constant, who combined leather-woody notes in one bottle, seasoning them with a vanilla trail. The result is a warm, deep scent - a mixture of vetiver and Caribbean sandalwood.

Bonus - Cuir Vetiver is persistent and reveals itself in new ways throughout the day And the 50 ml bottle is convenient to carry with you or to keep in the car.

Price: 1699 rub. (eau de toilette is now discounted at Yves Rocher stores)

Comprehensive care for men's skin NovAge Men, Oriflame

The NovAge brand belongs to Oriflame and was created specifically to combat age signs.

Now the brand is presented in five series, one of which is for men. All four products in the line (cleanser and scrub, eye gel, face serum and anti-aging moisturizer-gel) are included in the kit. Each product is a comprehensive care step that results in clean, hydrated skin without puffiness under the eyes.

Price: 4379 rub.

Moisturizing cream-gel Hydra-Sculpt and fluid screen UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF 50, Clarins

The perfect gift for a man who cannot be forced to apply moisturizer and, even more so, sunscreen - gel and fluid from Clarins Men. The brand has developed products, taking into account the characteristics of men's skin and their preferences, so both have a non-greasy texture (the feeling of a cream on the face for a man is like a nightmare), a convenient format and easy application.

The Dual Action Hydra-Sculpt not only moisturizes the skin, but also contours the face. It contains exfoliating lemon extract, salicylic acid, as well as organic oat polysaccharides (they smooth the skin and are responsible for lifting), moisturizing bisabopol with glycerin and an exclusive Anti-Pollution complex that protects against the harmful effects of pollution. The latter, by the way, became the basis of the fluid with SPF 50. Experts of Clarins laboratories have created this tool to not only save from UV rays, but also protect from dirty air, and matting microgranules made of cellulose make the fluid indispensable for staying in the “stone jungle” ".

Price for the cream-gel: 3 360 rubles.

Price for a fluid screen: 2 100 rubles.

Shaving Cream Smooth Mover and After Shave Balm Down, TIGI Bed Head for Men

A set of shaving cream and cooling lotion will be the perfect gift for your beloved "brutal" - and despite the fact that the brand's lookbooks are full of mustaches and beards, the products help to achieve smooth-shaven skin (tested on "brutal").

Shaving Cream Smooth Mover helps the razor glide over the skin without turning the cheeks and chin into Santa Claus - that is, there will be no copious lather. It contains fatty acids, omega 3 and vitamins A and E - therefore, the cream is suitable for use even on sensitive and irritated skin. It will appeal to those who experience dryness and discomfort after shaving, but really want to forget about it forever. By the way, Balm Down aftershave lotion can also help with this, which can be used as a regular refreshing cream for every day. It provides long-lasting hydration without the oily film effect and leaves the skin soft and fresh thanks to oat extract and almond oil.

The price of both funds: 1195 rubles.

Eau de parfum J'ose Homme, Icenberg

It is not for nothing that Icenberg fragrances are associated with Heisenberg from the Breaking Bad TV series - of course, they have nothing in common with him and are even pronounced differently, but the founder of the brand, Jose Eisenberg, is also a chemist. And the iconic J'ose scent is the maestro's first perfume.The fragrance has a truly masculine composition (but it is also suitable for serious business ladies). Some people associate J'ose with freshly brewed coffee, others associate it with a fragrant cigar, while others hear notes of lavender. In fact, the perfume is exquisitely intertwined with notes of lemon, mint, wormwood, musk, jasmine and mocha. And from French J'ose translates as “I dare” - so feel free to present it to self-confident gentlemen who are not afraid to challenge.

Price (50 ml): 5 949 rub.

Eau de toilette "Guaiac Wood & Juniper", Yves Rocher

One of the components of eau de toilette, guaiac oil, is often used to create perfumes. The oil itself, obtained from wood, has a floral aroma, but in combination with different components it gives an unexpected result. For example, if you combine the essential oils of guaiac wood, cognac and jasmine, you get the aroma of prunes. And by mixing oils of guaiac wood, vetiver and cedar, you can get a masculine perfume.

To highlight the richness of the main component, Yves Rocher perfumer Sonia Constant used accords of juniper berries and cardamom. The result is not boring, warm and fresh aroma!

Price: 1649 rub.

Fragrance Elysium, Roja Parfumes

Roger Dove is one of the most creative perfumers in the world. As the Creative Ambassador for the UK Government Campaign, along with Victoria Beckham, Vivienne Westwood and Kate Moss, Sir Roger embodies the charisma, strength and masculinity of a true gentleman in his fragrances. This brand scent reflects the true strength of the masculine character.

The top notes of the perfume open with an invigorating mixture of citrus: grapefruit, lemon, lime and bergamot immediately set in a decisive mood. The base notes of leather, juniper, amber make the fragrance unique and echo with lily of the valley and black currant.

Price: 21600 rub.

Gel-exfoliant for the face Pore Medic Pore Minish Peeling Gel, Dr. Jart +

The exfoliant gel is intended not only for men (feel free to steal from your spouse while he does not see), but for its minimalistic composition, the absence of a candy aroma and an immediate effect, the remedy has earned a place in our "harsh" men's selection.

The gel contains small particles of real cellulose, and the list of ingredients is fortified with pumpkin enzyme and papaya extract - they help to exfoliate dead skin cells. By the way, the peeling itself takes place right before our eyes - after a light massage, real pellets are formed on the skin. Men will definitely like it! And thanks to the presence of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid in the composition, the skin after peeling will remain smooth and moisturized.

Price: 4 005 rub.

Softening cream after shave After Shave Soother, Clarins Men

If among your acquaintances there is a man whose skin dries after shaving, and the harsh heroic essence does not allow using a moisturizer, then this product from Clarins will be an excellent gift.

Firstly, the emollient cream was specially developed for men's skin - it has a non-greasy texture, instantly soothes the skin and leaves no greasy film on the face. In the composition, everything is simple: extracts of purslane, centella and alpine erythematosus straighten out redness after shaving for one or two, and also relieve the burning sensation. Remember how Kevin McCallister from Home Alone smeared Daddy's lotion on his cheeks and screamed heart-rendingly? So, this will not happen.

Price: 2 420 rubles.

Electric shaver Braun MultiGroomer MG 5090

The package contains as many as three attachments - a real set for a young (and not so) barber. The electric shaver is suitable for those who want to get rid of the stubble, and those who want to turn it into a goatee in the style of Robert Downey the Younger. And all thanks to the technologically advanced 3-in-1 system, which allows you to trim hair, adjust the contours and achieve perfect smoothness.

Bonuses - the razor can be used in the shower, despite its electronic component. And with an ultra-wide shaving head, you can not only shave off your beard, but also trim bankenburns and even freshen up a short haircut.

Price: 3 790 rub.

Eau de toilette Boss Bottled Tonic, Hugo Boss

If the Hugo Boss scents still evoke tailored suits and impeccably tied ties in your mind, then you haven't tried Boss Bottled Tonic. This is the first fresh fragrance in the line, but at the same time it has not become less masculine.

You shouldn't expect surprises from Boss Bottled Tonic - the composition opens with a confident juicy accord of grapefruit, orange and lemon, and a hint of ginger sets off this violent freshness a little. The base contains woody notes that make the fragrance truly masculine.

In general, citrus aromas are the easiest to give - they say that natural-born leaders love such scents, and what man would refuse such a title?

Price: 4 050 rub.

Eau de toilette Man's Best, Bruno Banani

“Uncover the secret of self-confidence,” says the advertising slogan for the masculine fragrance from Bruno Banani. You have an excellent opportunity to help your beloved man in this - all you need is to give a “ringing” and juicy Man’s Best. The composition of the fragrance combines notes of spicy oriental spices and a fruity accord of apple and pomelo. At the base are sandalwood, vanilla and tonka beans, while the heart is a warm combination of nutmeg, spicy cinnamon and cashmere wood.

And minimalists will also appreciate the bottle - the beveled, fluted bottle with embossing evokes associations with vintage cologne, Italian charisma and Don Carleone. This is despite the fact that the brand is German.

Price: 2 160 rubles.

Style Suits You, Paul Mitchell

Recently, the American brand Paul Mitchell has launched a special line of hair care products for men. According to the co-owner of the company, John Paul De Joria, modern men are increasingly paying attention to styling products, and 89% of Americans generally believe that stylish styling is an essential attribute of a successful person.

All tools are very effective and easy to use, and the bright and stylish Style Suits You contains everything you need for every day. Double Hitter shampoo simultaneously cleanses and conditions hair and adds volume, Clean Cut cream fixes styling without the effect of PVA glue, and Construction Paste allows you to repeat the styling of Beckham, Ronaldo and Ashton Kutcher in two steps. By the way, the latter has long been a fan of the entire line.

Price on request

Eau de parfum Io Myself, Etro

Io Myself is a fragrance for creative and mysterious natures, in general, not easy ones. It's all about the unusual composition and rare notes: here are papyrus, styrax, labdanum, and oud, beloved by eastern sheikhs.

The perfume is associated with leather, wood and thick Arabian oil, and on the skin it "sounds" at the same time very luxurious and comfortable, as if wrapped in a thick cashmere sweater. By the way, Io Myself is suitable for both men and women - you can forget about paired fragrances and just use the same one. It brings you closer, believe me.

Price: 8 755 rub.

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