The Stars Everyone Criticizes All The Time

The Stars Everyone Criticizes All The Time
The Stars Everyone Criticizes All The Time

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Lina Dunham


Actress Lina Dunham does little to meet the traditional notions of a Hollywood beauty. The girl has a simple appearance, but she is not going to starve herself with diets for the sake of a wasp waist. Her indifference to her appearance often became the reason that she was refused to take on the leading role. It would seem that such an attitude should make the girl settle in the gym, but Lina loves herself the way she is now. In interviews, she constantly urges directors and screenwriters to stop idealizing the female body and showing natural beauty. The body-positive mouthpiece of the entire generation has become an ideal for many, because natural female beauty does not need makeup, expensive underwear or photoshop.

Eim Schumer

A cheerful bbw is always ready to laugh at herself along with the others and is not going to change anything in herself and her life. Despite the fact that her size is far from ideal, the girl makes good money on the comic scene, and in 2016 her income rose to 17 million.

Barbra Streisand

The nickname of this Hollywood diva is the ugliest beauty. Her appearance is really difficult to call ideal, but the actress categorically refused plastic surgery in her youth and managed to achieve her position as she is. The famous actress does not pay attention to criticism in her address and loves every feature of her face. True, in recent years she still visited a plastic surgeon and got rid of her double chin.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Another Hollywood “ugly duckling” who is not going to turn into a beautiful swan with a scalpel. The appearance of the actress is not perfect, and some facial features are far from even a hint of sexuality. But this does not prevent her from remaining a desirable woman for a large number of fans, and she does not consider it necessary to change something in her appearance.

Renee Zellweger

Beloved by many, Bridget Jones was a recognized beauty, but after several unsuccessful plastic surgeries, she completely lost her natural charm. True, the attacks of critics and fans do not upset the girl, and she continues to love her reflection in the mirror.

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