Face Like A Mask: Stars Who Overdid It With Plastic

Face Like A Mask: Stars Who Overdid It With Plastic
Face Like A Mask: Stars Who Overdid It With Plastic

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Lara Flynn Boyle (49 years old)


Over the years, Lara looks less and less like the elegant girl with sophisticated features, which she was in the series "Twin Peaks" 25 years ago. It's all to blame for the unsuccessful plastic surgery of the star. She started with rhinoplasty - the actress did not like the hump on her nose. And then she couldn't stop: lip augmentation, blepharoplasty, botox and thread lift. As a result, her face became like a bloated ball.

Courteney Cox (55)

Monica Geller from Friends does not look as bad as the others in our collection, because she began to look young relatively recently. The first pancake was lumpy, and Courtney now looks like she was bitten by the bees. Let's hope that the talented actress will find a specialist who will help get rid of the face mask and use the woman's original data correctly.

Kim Basinger (65)

Kim did a good job on her appearance. Experts are sure that the actress had blepharoplasty and several facelifts. Botox injections are noticeable to the naked eye: motionless forehead and eyebrows, unnaturally shaped cheekbones and chin, there is filler in the nasolabial folds. Basinger just wanted to look fresh and young, but a competent surgeon had to stop her in time so that now she does not look like a wax figure.

Tatiana Ovsienko (53 years old)

The former soloist of the Mirage group is trying to maintain popularity with all her might: she participates in talk shows, in the filming of bloggers and actively uses social networks. In an attempt to preserve her youth, Tatyana began to resemble another person - she purposefully changed the shape of her chin, the oval of her face, and her nose. Eyes have started to look different due to blepharoplasty, scars and folds from braces are visible on the neck. The whole point is that even such sacrifices do not help Ovsienko to be in sight - only the most devoted fans remember her.

Elena Korikova (47 years old)

The star of the TV series "Poor Nastya" is too often attacked for her appearance. Fans criticize every shot of a celebrity and suspect her either of being overly addicted to plastic or of alcohol abuse. Elena really looks 10 years older than her age and chooses unsuccessful angles - all the wrinkles and puffiness of Korikova are visible in the photo.

Alena Sviridova (57 years old)

Another star of the 90s strives to look young with the help of cosmetology and drugs. Alena does not hide the fact that she uses the services of a famous French surgeon, who appears in Russia several times a year specifically to receive Moscow clients. Sviridova's slogan - "Botox instead of cucumber cream" - may work, but a couple more operations, and Alena will look like a doll instead of a well-groomed woman.

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