How Does Diane Keaton Manage To Look Good At 75? Secrets Of Beauty And Youth Of The Actress

How Does Diane Keaton Manage To Look Good At 75? Secrets Of Beauty And Youth Of The Actress
How Does Diane Keaton Manage To Look Good At 75? Secrets Of Beauty And Youth Of The Actress

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The actress is a vivid example of how you can look great at 75.


In 2020, Diane Keaton celebrated her 75th birthday. The Godfather star and Woody Allen's muse manage to look great, even if they are in their eighties. You can really say about her "noble old age." Despite her venerable years, Keaton never sought the help of plastic surgeons. What is her secret and how does she preserve youth and beauty?

In an interview, Diane said that when she was 14, she made a whole list of daily things to do "for beauty." Then it seemed to the girl from Northern California that it was simply necessary to meet generally accepted standards. She had to sleep with invisibility at the tip of her nose so that it became thinner. Every day she had to do an eye exercise for half an hour - Keaton believed that this way they would seem larger. In addition, the future actress rehearsed smiling in front of the mirror and practiced different emotions to look more natural.

Several decades later, one Oscar and two Golden Globes, Keaton's attitude towards his appearance has definitely changed. The actress adheres to simple rules and prefers minimalism in both grooming and makeup. And physical activity helps her maintain her tone. Here are some principles that Keaton follows.

Sunscreen - the basis of care

Diana prefers simple yet effective care, and sunscreen is a must in her makeup bag. Many people underestimate the importance of this product. The point is not at all aristocratic pallor or tanning a la Bali - excessive exposure to sunlight not only accelerates skin aging, but can also provoke a number of diseases, including cancer.

Keaton herself has twice encountered malignant tumors: at the age of 21 and a few years ago. Therefore, she, like no one else, realizes how important protection from ultraviolet radiation is.

"No" plastic surgery

The actress has repeatedly stated that she has no plans to undergo plastic surgery. At least for now. Diana simply does not see the point in reshaping her face or body. “I think this: everyone has hands, and they are always in sight. It is very strange when the hands do not match the face. My hands look my age. They went through a lot and it is noticeable!”- said Keaton in an interview with People.

Brisk walking and exercise bike

Although Keaton is far from regular training, she does not forget about physical activity. A treadmill and an exercise bike help her stay toned and feel better.

“I walk [on the path] and I walk very fast to sweat. But no running. It's too complicated. Brisk walking already gives me enough energy to feel good during the day,”the actress admits. And Diane attends cycling classes with her daughter Dexter. “I know that in these 45 minutes I am using my body to the maximum,” she says.


At the age of 22, Keaton considered herself fat, despite her slender figure. Woody Allen's muse was thrown off, eating 20 thousand calories, and then causing vomiting. Then her typical daily diet looked something like this: fried chicken, a few servings of fries with ketchup and blue cheese, soda, lots of candy, a whole cake and three buns with banana cream. Diane got sick while preparing for the Broadway show "Hair" when she was asked to lose weight for the role. To return to normal nutrition, the actress had to visit a psychoanalyst five times a week during the year.

In recent years, Keaton has been practicing vegetarianism.She has given up meat and fish, but continues to eat eggs and cheese. In general, the actress is careful about what goes into her diet. She is glad that she has come to such awareness, especially after struggling with bulimia in her youth.

Saturated life

Diane is sure that the secret of youth is in an active and eventful life. At 75, she does not sit still: she still attends social events, gives interviews, communicates with friends and even acts in films. The last film with her participation - "Pomposhki" - was released in 2019.

The actress believes that you need to live so that there is simply no time left to examine every detail of your face in the mirror. Distract yourself! Live a rich, full life and stop constantly looking into the reflection,”urges Diane.

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