Muceniece - One Face With Alba, And Asmus - With Jovovich: Stars Similar To Each Other

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Muceniece - One Face With Alba, And Asmus - With Jovovich: Stars Similar To Each Other
Muceniece - One Face With Alba, And Asmus - With Jovovich: Stars Similar To Each Other

Video: Muceniece - One Face With Alba, And Asmus - With Jovovich: Stars Similar To Each Other

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

Agata Muceniece Instagram / @agataagata

Agata Muceniece Instagram / @agataagata

Jessica Alba Instagram / @jessicaalba

Christina Asmus Instagram / @asmuskristina

Milla Jovovich Instagram / @millajovovich

Dina Saeva Instagram / @senoritasaeva

Hande Erchel Instagram / @handemiyy

Yulia Snigir Instagram / @yuliasnigir

Meadow Walker Instagram / @meadowwalker

Eva Miller Instagram / @ miller.ev

Julianna Karaulova Instagram / @yulianna_karaulova

Alena Krasnova Instagram / @alenaakrasnova

Frida Aasen Instagram / @frida_aasen

Christy Crime Instagram / @ kristi.krime

Margot Robbie Global Look Press / Armando Gallo /

Alena Vodonaeva Instagram / @alenavodonaeva

Helena Christensen Instagram / @helenachristensen

Alina Seregina, editor of the "Stars" section at, continues to talk about similar celebrities. Look for 8 pairs of famous beauties who can easily be mistaken for sisters in our new material.

Agatha Muceniece and Jessica Alba

Agatha Muceniece Jessica Alba

Pelageya, Gagarina, Muceniece and other stars who looked prettier after a divorce

Agata Muceniece and Jessica Alba could easily replace each other on the set. Nature fully rewarded both actresses with not only remarkable talent, but also with a spectacular appearance. Looking at these slender brown-eyed brown-haired women, it is hard to believe that one of them is twice a mother, and the other has experienced the happiness of motherhood three times.

Christina Asmus and Milla Jovovich

Christina Asmus Milla Jovovich

Borodin - one face with Gomez, and the new soloist of "VIA Gra" - with Fanning: stars similar to each other

In 2020, Christina Asmus left not only Garik Kharlamov, but also wheat curls. The star of "Text" radically changed her image after her divorce from the Comedy Club resident: she cut off a daring bob with bangs and became a burning brunette. Fans rushed to compare the actress with Milla Jovovich, and not in vain. The Russian film star and her Hollywood colleague are united not only by a haircut, but also by a cold look, right?

Dina Saeva and Hande Erchel

Dina Saeva Hande Erchel

Barnabas from Kraimbreri, "bachelor" Pino from Kunaki and not only: stars that are incredibly similar to each other

These two oriental beauties cannot be distinguished from each other. One of them is the queen of Russian TikTok and rising singer Dina Saeva. She is only 21 years old, and her social media accounts are followed by a total of over 25 million people. In October 2020, Forbes ranked the Tajik native as the second highest paid Tiktokers. Like two peas in a pod, the model and star of Turkish TV series Hande Erçel is similar to Dina. The filmography of the 27-year-old actress has about a dozen works, including "King - a songbird."

Yulia Snigir and Meadow Walker

Yulia Snigir Midow Walker

Karpovich is one person with Zvereva, and Klimova is with Holmes: stars that are similar to each other

Yulia Snigir also has her own "double" in the West. It's about the 22-year-old daughter of the deceased "Fast and the Furious" star Paul Walker named Meadow. The Russian actress, although 15 years older than the California model, is in no way inferior to her in appearance. Both are good-looking, wear a careless square and boast both expressive facial features and a slender figure.

Eva Miller and Yulianna Karaulova

Eva Miller Yulianna Karaulova

Kischuk is the same person with Peltz, and Buzova is with Ratzkowski: stars that are similar to each other

TikTok house XO Team member Eva Miller won over not only Gary German with her pretty appearance, but also several million Internet users. If you look closely at Eva's photographs, you will notice that the tiktokersha is surprisingly similar to the finalist of "Star Factory - 5" and ex-soloist of the 5sta Family, Yulianna Karaulova. Platinum blond, brown eyes and miniature figures - in a word, the similarities are obvious.

Alena Krasnova and Frida Aasen

Alena Krasnova Frida Aasen

How do the daughters-in-law of Valeria, Kudryavtseva, Malikova and other stars look and live?

Nikita Presnyakov was lucky with his wife, and Kristina Orbakaite - with his daughter-in-law. Alena Krasnova is a real beauty, and in addition, she looks like two drops of water like the model Frida Aasen.The Norwegian has appeared in advertising campaigns for fashion brands, poses for Vogue, Numéro, Elle and other glossy magazines, and previously participated in Victoria's Secret shows. We are sure that our compatriot has such achievements yet to come.

Christy Crime and Margot Robbie

Christy Crime Margot Robbie

Ivleeva with Lipa, Peskova with Ratzkowski and 5 more pairs of stars similar to each other

TikTok House XO Team's tiktoker Christy Crime is often compared to two-time Oscar-nominated Margot Robbie. Thick wheat hair, piercing eyes, charming cheeks and sensual lips - Christy is so similar to Margot that she could easily replace her in the films "Suicide Squad" or "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood."

Alena Vodonaeva and Helena Christensen

Alena Vodonaeva Helena Christensen

Zivert - one face with Borodina, and Samburskaya - with Jolie: stars similar to each other

Alena Vodonaeva can be called “Russian Helena Christensen”. The TV presenter and former participant of the reality show Dom-2 is a copy of the catwalk queen and supermodel of the 1990s. Judge for yourself: both of them by nature got eyebrows with a bend, a predatory gaze and sharp cheekbones, as well as mouth-watering shapes and endless legs.

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