Photos Of The Soviet Era

Photos Of The Soviet Era
Photos Of The Soviet Era

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, which opened in 2010, opens a new photo exhibition every two months. Of particular interest, as practice shows, are the expositions dedicated to the legacy of the Soviet era. Our roundup contains the best images that this center has ever presented.


1. "Bathing the Homeless", 1927

Illumination of life in the USSR. Photographer: Arkady Shaikhet.

2. "Hands of a manicurist", 1929

The picture is part of the series "Hands" by photographer Arkady Shaikhet.

3. "Technology is everything", 1930s

Diagonal foreshortening and bold cropping are techniques that are characteristic of the work of the Oktyabr group of photographers.

4. "Youth", 1937

The photograph of Boris Ignatovich shows how photographers gradually mastered the method of socialist realism, which meant not just a reflection of reality, but also a reflection of communist ideas.

5. "Diet Eggs", 1939

One of the many works of Alexander Khlebnikov, filmed in the 1930s.

6. "Enemy", 1944

In the photo of Anatoly Yegorov, who was wounded in the war, the commander of the heavy machine gun crew, Stepan Vasilyevich Ovcharenko, opens fire on the enemy.

7. "Meeting of the winners", 1945

Photographer Georgy Petrusov immortalized the jubilation of the people after the end of the Great Patriotic War.

8. "Cement plant", 1954

Vsevolod Tarasevich's works highlighted the achievements of science and technology.

9. "Perfume", 8, 1958

The snapshot from a series of photographs of perfumes marks the transition of Alexander Khlebnikov to the genre of fashion and advertising photography.

10. "Physical laboratory", 1960

Photographer Anatoly Khrupov, playing on the theme of "physicists and lyricists" in the context of the achievements of Soviet science.

11. "Symphony 12", 1961

The portrait of the famous composer Dmitry Shostakovich marks a change in the field of Soviet portraiture. Photographer: Vsevolod Tarasevich.

12. "Duel", 1963

Photo from the series "Moscow State University" by photographer Vsevolod Tarasevich.

13. "Lunch of Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro on a collective farm in Georgia", 1963

Cuban leader Fidel Castro spent more than 38 days in the USSR, having traveled almost the entire country during this time. His visit was widely covered in the Soviet press. Photographer: Vasily Egorov.

14. "University gymnastics", Moscow, 1973

A collage of four shots by photographer Alexander Abaza transforms routine gymnastic exercises into an alphabet of gestures.

15. "Tales of the Sea", 1979

Photo by Lithuanian photographer Vitaly Butyrin.

16. "Behind the Scenes of the Bolshoi Ballet", 1983

Photo by Vladimir Vyatkin, which won him the first prize in the World Press Photo competition.

17. "Page of the army diary", 1989

Photographer: Vadim Gushchin.

18. New model of the camera "Start", 1959

Photographer: Vladimir Stepanov.

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