Lorak Is A Copy Of The Kardashians, And Gluck ' OZa Is Lopez: Stars Similar To Each Other

Lorak Is A Copy Of The Kardashians, And Gluck ' OZa Is Lopez: Stars Similar To Each Other
Lorak Is A Copy Of The Kardashians, And Gluck ' OZa Is Lopez: Stars Similar To Each Other

Video: Lorak Is A Copy Of The Kardashians, And Gluck ' OZa Is Lopez: Stars Similar To Each Other

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Ani Lorak and Kim Kardashian Instagram, Getty Images

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Valya Carnival Instagram

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WMJ.ru has again prepared a selection of stellar "doubles". Look for 8 pairs of Russian and foreign celebrities, similar to each other like two drops of water, in our new material.

Ani Lorak and Kim Kardashian

Muceniece - one face with Alba, and Asmus - with Jovovich: stars similar to each other

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Ani Lorak is compared to Kim Kardashian under almost every post on Instagram. Netizens are easy to understand, because the Ukrainian pop diva looks like an American reality TV star not only in appearance - they have the same taste in clothes and makeup. Both celebrity beauties love to accentuate slender waists and thunder hips with tight-fitting dresses, suits and jumpsuits with tight straps. Both love the “Instagram” makeup with thick eyelashes, highlighted cheekbones and nude lips. Although Carolina (the real name of the singer - approx. WMJ.ru) is two years older than Kim, this difference is so insignificant that it is not visible at all.

Gluck'oZa and Jennifer Lopez

Gluck'oZa Jennifer Lopez

Ivleeva with Lipa, Peskova with Ratzkowski and 5 more pairs of stars similar to each other

Glucose also has its own stellar "twin" in the West. From a certain angle, the popular Russian singer resembles pop icon Jennifer Lopez. Nature has fully endowed them with not only excellent vocal, but also external data. Glucose is often inspired by J. Lo's beauty images - and rightly so. Brown smoky eyes, luscious lip gloss and signature ponytail with tucked curls are just as good for her.

Anastasia Reshetova and Monica Bellucci

Anastasia Reshetova Monica Bellucci

Zivert - one face with Borodina, and Samburskaya - with Jolie: stars similar to each other

As soon as Anastasia Reshetova tries on a false bang, followers begin to call her “Russian Monica Bellucci”. This is now the Italian film star and ex-wife of Vincent Cassel wears voluminous and deliberately careless styling, and before she shone in the light with perfectly straight hair, as does ex-beloved Timati. Both star beauties are not interested in beauty, femininity and magnetism. Even though Anastasia is more than twice younger than Monica, comparison with her cannot but flatter the girl.

Valya Carnival and Viola Paliy

Valya Carnival Viola Paliy

Barnabas from Kraimbreri, "bachelor" Pino from Kunaki and not only: stars that are incredibly similar to each other

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Not a single rating of the most popular bloggers of Russian TikTok is complete without Vali Carnival. It is not surprising that many girls strive to be like her. Among them is Viola Paliy, the beloved of PopStar House member Arthur Yingyang. Every time Arthur posts a video with Viola, in the comments someone will confuse her with Valya. Once he took advantage of the similarity of the girls and shot a video in which he allegedly kissed Valya, but not everyone appreciated this prank. The guy even had to apologize: “Please, stop hating us. Of course, this is not Valya Carnival, but my beloved Viola Paliy. We didn't want anything bad, it was just a joke. Sorry if someone was offended, just many said that they were similar … We just decided to check whether this is so or not."

Egor Creed and Justin Timberlake

Egor Creed Justin Timberlake

Kischuk is the same person with Peltz, and Buzova is with Ratzkowski: stars that are similar to each other

By the way, about Yegor Creed: the former artist of the Black Star music label and idol of teenage girls also has a star "double" - and this is Justin Timberlake. Singers have been compared to each other before, but after our compatriot grew curls, reports of his resemblance to her husband Jessica Biel only became more frequent. Yegor himself jokingly calls Justin his twin brother.

Dina Saeva and Kayana

Dina Saeva Kayana

Karpovich is one person with Zvereva, and Klimova is with Holmes: stars that are similar to each other

On the Web, they imitate not only Vale Karnaval, but also Dina Saeva. Most of all, a blogger named Kayana looks like a popular tiktoker. However, if Dina is followed by a total of about 26 million users on TikTok and Instagram, then her “double” is ten times less. Kayana shoots video duets with Dina, once she even noted her in Stories, but the resemblance to a social network star, as you can see, is not enough to make it to the top.

Makha Goryacheva and Cara Delevingne

Maha Goryacheva Cara Delevingne

Borodin - one face with Gomez, and the new soloist of "VIA Gra" - with Fanning: stars similar to each other

If Christy Crime from the TikTok house of XO Team is compared to Margot Robbie, then Mahu Goryacheva from the rival Dream Team is compared to Cara Delevingne. Taking a closer look at the photos of the popular tiktoker, you can see how much she resembles the British model. Judge for yourself: both naturally inherited light brown hair, straight and thick eyebrows, sharp cheekbones and sensual lips.

David Manukyan and Victor Loginov

David Manukyan Victor Loginov

If you could not understand in any way who the ex-boyfriend of Olga Buzovoy David Manukyan looks like, we suggest - Viktor Loginov, who played Gena Bukin in the series "Happy Together". Do you agree?

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