Like Two Drops: Reshetova, Samoilova, Melnikova And Other Beloved Rappers, Incredibly Similar To Each Other

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Like Two Drops: Reshetova, Samoilova, Melnikova And Other Beloved Rappers, Incredibly Similar To Each Other
Like Two Drops: Reshetova, Samoilova, Melnikova And Other Beloved Rappers, Incredibly Similar To Each Other

Video: Like Two Drops: Reshetova, Samoilova, Melnikova And Other Beloved Rappers, Incredibly Similar To Each Other

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They say that every person on the planet has a double - that's how genetics works! And somewhere in the world your exact copy is wandering, take my word for it. However, outward resemblance is often not a natural paradox, but a tribute to fashion. Girls do similar makeup, dye their hair, resort to beauty injections and become an accurate reflection of each other. There are especially many "clones" among the beloved rappers. has made a whole selection - watch, compare and discuss!


Anastasia Reshetova and Oksana Samoilova

Beloved Timati and wife Dzhigan are constantly compared to each other. Internet users even joke that the girls went to the same plastic surgeon. However, the models themselves claim that they did not go under the knife. According to Reshetova, she only used fillers to add volume to her lips, but she had already got rid of the gel. One way or another, Anastasia and Oksana really look like sisters!

Maria Melnikova and Tatiana Korzh

Mot and Max Korzh know a lot about beauty: rappers like girls of the same type - brown-eyed brunettes with pronounced cheekbones and a narrowed chin. Maria Melnikova and Tatyana Korzh are easy to confuse on the street, don't you agree? And also both girls have a wonderful figure!

Beyonce and Malaika Terry

Beyonce's name is on everyone's lips, but few know about Terry's Malaika. This is the name of the instadive, with which rapper Drake had an affair last year. And if the faces of Beyoncé and Malaika are not very similar, their figure and style are the same. The same African curls, curvy shapes and love for "naked" dresses and ultramini.

Kim Kardashian and Edoxy Agnan

Girls with an appetizing figure are loved not only by Jay Z and Kanye West, but also by rapper Ludacris. The artist has been living for more than ten years with the model Edoxy Agnan, who gave him a daughter. By the way, the girl is very similar to Kim Kardashian and also loves outfits with a very deep neckline.

Maria Belova and Aiza Anokhina

You can't call these two beauties twins, but you must admit that the type of beloved T-killah and Guf's ex-wife are really alike. An unusual cut of the eyes, expressive cheekbones, plump lips and thick eyebrows are the features that unite Maria Belova and Aiza Anokhina!

Anastasia Kiushkina and Alexa

Do you remember the participant of "Star Factory - 4" Alex, who for some time was in a relationship with rapper Timati? We found her double! The star of "House-2" Anastasia Kiushkina has similar facial features, long blond hair and also met a rapper, but only with Guf.

Maryana Ro and Anastasia Drozdova

Last year, rapper Face proposed to vlogger Mariana Ro. Lovers post joint photos on social networks, but they are in no hurry to get married. Maryana has a rather spectacular appearance - an angelic blonde with plump lips collects several hundred likes on each photo. Only the former lover of Eljay Anastasia Drozdova, who is called Nasty on the Web, can compete with her. The girl prefers a more informal style of dress, but her facial features are very similar to Maryana.

Elena Vakulenko and Lema Emelevskaya

If you take archive photos of 39-year-old Elena Vakulenko, you will notice that Basta's wife does not look like Lema Emelevskaya, the former lover of Bumble Beezy. Big and expressive eyes, pointed lips and an incredible love of red lipsticks - you can predict how 26-year-old Lema will look in ten years.

Christina Si and Nigora Abdiganieva

The former Black Star label artist was credited with having an affair with rapper Scrooge. We didn't hold a candle, so we can't say for sure whether the artists were connected by something more than just friendship.But we simply cannot but add a spectacular brunette to our list, especially since we have found a girl who looks like her. The former lover of Scryptonite and the mother of his child, Nigora Abdiganieva, will compete with Christina not only externally, but also in plasticity - the girl is professionally engaged in dancing.

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