How To Enlarge Lips With Makeup: Tips From Makeup Artists

How To Enlarge Lips With Makeup: Tips From Makeup Artists
How To Enlarge Lips With Makeup: Tips From Makeup Artists

Video: How To Enlarge Lips With Makeup: Tips From Makeup Artists

Video: How To Enlarge Lips With Makeup: Tips From Makeup Artists

What are the components in the glosses that enhance the lips, how to make the ombre effect, and how to correctly draw the contour with a pencil?


Scrub your lips and then apply multiple shades of lipstick

Lisa Eldridge

Use a lip scrub before starting makeup. Kiko's Scrub & Peel Wipes not only remove dead skin particles, but also plump lips through good massage and blood flow. Then a little balm, which must be blotted with a napkin (to moisturize the lips, and not leave a greasy shine).

Apply the first layer of lipstick. Spread it inside the natural lip contour and then blot. I am using Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in Isabella 189. Contouring. To achieve the effect of plump lips, begin to draw a line from the corners to the middle, slightly overstepping the contour. While drawing the lower lip, smile and connect the corners of the mouth. Take a step back from the mirror for a better overview so you can see any inaccuracies at a glance. To add a sheer powder, apply it to the lip brush, and then blend the border between the natural outline and the pencil line. Finally, apply a lighter shade of lipstick. It should be in the same color spectrum as the first. I combine Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in Isabella 189 with L'Absolu Rouge in Idôle 186, which is lighter and brighter, but also matte. Add it to the middle of the upper and lower lips with a slight movement.

Don't be afraid to outline

Alexandra Kirienko

Interestingly, girls who enlarge their lips often try to emphasize the contour. Everything should be in moderation. If you've injected with fillers, your best friend in makeup is neutral lipstick with no additional contours. You can highlight the checkmark above the upper lip with a highlighter.

If you have natural lips, but you want to visually enlarge them, make a contour. I recommend natural pencils like The Flesh Tine Lip Liner by Kevin Aucoin in Medium. Easy to apply and blend. Does not dry lips - it contains jojoba oil. The main thing is to shade the contour, the borders should not be clear.

Use a pencil filler

Anna Merkusheva

Lip Line Perfector from Make Up For Ever is a transparent "magician" for lips of any shade! I apply it over the entire surface to fill in raised or aging lips (wrinkles are filled in and whimsical matte lipstick lays down smoothly). This pencil works like a primer - it keeps the lipstick in a given shape. Even liquid textures do not flow. I am for comfort in everything - Lip Line Perfector envelops lips with a moisturizing layer so that no dry lipstick will cause unpleasant sensations.

Use lip gloss with natural irritants

Alina Vorobyova

For example, Buxom Full-On Lip Polish has active irritants (mint, mintol) that pinch lips, increasing blood flow - they visually become larger.

The line includes 100 shades named by women. My favorites: Sophia cold pink, White Russian beige nude, Dolly pink-beige.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Collagen Active shine gives a similar effect, but it contains black pepper extract - you will feel a slight burning sensation. Read about other lip-enhancing glosses here.

Ekaterina Ponomareva

I often use M. A. C.'s Plushglass. Extracts of lemon, pepper and licorice leaves (like in Finnish sweets) make lips plump and youthful. The coating is transparent, nutritious and comfortable. The peculiarity of Plushglass - the volume appears gradually, you will be satisfied with the look of your lips all day.

Try peptide products

Alina Vorobyova

Inglot AMC Lip Paint is a renowned makeup product among makeup artists. The pigment lays down on the lips in a dense layer and leaves a glossy finish. The composition contains a biometric peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis and makes lips look more voluminous. My favorite shades are nude beige (53), cold with a pink undertone (63), plum (55) - the latter is especially fond of brunettes.

Don't wear dark lipsticks on thin lips

Olga Tomina

Dark lipstick shades do not suit girls with thin, small lips. If you decide on a saturated shade, visually enlarge them with a pencil, painting over the outline. At the same time, avoid the center of the lower lip and the cupid's arch - here the natural relief is most pronounced.

Try ombre lip makeup

Alena Moiseeva

For such a make-up, the lips should not be dry. Make a mask first. I recommend applying a thick layer of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and Lucas Papaya Balm for 20 minutes. There are also pharmaceuticals - homeoplasmin or vitamin E capsules. Remove the rest with a napkin.

Then work the area around the lips and the contour itself with concealer. Use a lipstick blending brush. Remember: any runway makeup aims to show a trend. Two-tone lips, as in the Instagram photo, will look strange in real life. Take the very idea of mixing colors and transitions as a basis. You need two shades - a lighter and a darker one. Apply the first to the outside of the lips, and the second to the middle. Then blend them with a blending brush. If you are using a pencil, then do not sharpen to sharpness - so that the contour turns out to be shaded. It's a good idea to mix scarlet and pink.

Matte lipsticks visually shrink your lips - use them if you are naturally plump. If not, go for glossy ones.

My favorite ombre lipsticks are LipStain by Giorgio Armani, Charlotte Tilbury (favorite shades: Very Victoria for blacks and Penelope Pink for fair skinned ones - you can use them to create a nude ombre), Lip Color by Tom Ford.

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