How To Create Makeup With An Emphasis On The Eyes: Instructions From Makeup Artists

How To Create Makeup With An Emphasis On The Eyes: Instructions From Makeup Artists
How To Create Makeup With An Emphasis On The Eyes: Instructions From Makeup Artists
Video: How To Create Makeup With An Emphasis On The Eyes: Instructions From Makeup Artists
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As the famous supermodel Tyra Banks used to say: "Smile with your eyes." And what else remains if most of the time away from home we are forced to wear medical masks that hide all emotions, so we can only experiment with makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. Fashion trends, mistakes that should not be made, and beauty hacks of such a make-up are in the new material on

Smoky eyes, cat eyes, graphic arrows, nude or shimmering shadows - eye makeup has a huge number of variations for all occasions. With the knowledge of the correct technique, you can transform the face, make the look more expressive, but the most important rule to remember is relevance. Of course, black smoky at a business meeting will turn you into a fatal business woman, but will your colleagues like it?

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The main trends in eye makeup


Fashion for naturalness will always be relevant, pastel shades of shadows will help refresh the image, and a light shaded arrow with brown shadows will make the look more open and expressive.

Tip: with nude makeup, it is recommended to display the arrow with shadows, and not with eyeliner, so as not to burden the image.


Classic arrows

Black resin hands are the base of both day and evening make-up, depending on their thickness and shape. Having mastered the technique of creating various types of arrows, you can choose any image, because it is this classic that makes the look more daring and at the same time so feminine.

Tip: in order to correctly mark the tip of the arrow, it is recommended to place a point at the crease of the upper eyelid with your eyes open.

Corner "Kylie"

Nude makeup or smoky eyes will look great if you apply a highlighter or shimmery shadows to the inner corner of the eye. Such a light glow will highlight the look and add "freshness" to the image.

Tip: it is recommended to choose shades of shimmer in accordance with the base color of your makeup: cold or warm.

Smoky eyes

A surefire way to highlight and make your eyes look bigger is a smoky make-up that transforms beautifully from daytime to evening if you add a little more dark shadows. The smooth transition from light to dark creates a "haze" and makes the look "feline", which will not leave anyone indifferent. But this makeup should be applied carefully so as not to become a "panda". And for the owners of the impending century, it is better to take shades of warm brown tones instead of cold gray and black.

Tip: so that the shadows do not crumble during the day, before applying, do not forget about the primer, which will keep the makeup for a long time.

Bright accent

To slightly diversify the makeup and add something bright to the image, you can bring the lower eyelid and blend with bright shadows, and leave the base nude. This makeup will add freshness and lightness.


Tip: To blend bright shadows and leave a slight haze on your eyes, it is recommended to use a natural bristle brush - this will make the transition smoother.

Major mistakes in eye makeup

Refusal of the primer

To prevent pigment and shadows from sliding into an ugly fold on the eyelids, it is recommended to apply a primer or makeup base a few minutes before eye makeup, so the shadows will not crumble for a long time.

Black eyeliner along the contour of the lower eyelid

The fashion for the contour of "Cleopatra" or the image of "emo" remained in the distant 2007, which made the eyes visually much narrower and angrier. Now, in order to emphasize the eyes, it is worth shading the shadows and making a smooth transition. So the image will not be weighted, but feminine and elegant.

Lack of mascara on the lower lashes

This makes the look unfinished, since only the upper row of eyelashes painted over will give a natural make-up or a feeling of "haste" and "unfinished".


Do not paint over the space between the eyelashes

If you do not paint over the space between the eyelashes, regardless of the amount of mascara applied, your eye makeup will look unfinished. Therefore, it is better to lightly draw along the contour with a soft pencil, which will fill in all the gaps.

Wrong use of curler

In order not to destroy the hair structure of the eyelashes, it is necessary to use a curler strictly before mascara is applied.

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Correct eye makeup will maximize our strengths and hide small and not so flaws. And with the help of the right colors, you can make your eye color deeper, brighter and more saturated.

Icon Eyeshadow Palette Matte exposed, Absolute New York, includes 12 natural shades with a variety of finishes: matte, satin, metallic, pearlescent and glitter. The harmoniously selected colors suit all skin tones and allow you to easily create both light daytime makeup and spectacular evening makeup. Price: 1,395 rubles.

Microneedle patches with SYN-AKE peptide for mimic wrinkles Wrinkle Iron, BLOM, ergonomic patches are designed taking into account the anatomical features of the periorbital region of the eyes of various types of faces. The increased working field with microneedles allows you to accentuate the impact on the "crow's feet". Price: 2,990 rubles.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin-Enriched Eye Base Moisturizer and Primer simultaneously moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes and prepares skin for make-up. This multivitamin formula combines the properties of a moisturizer for the eye contour and a primer to create a base for concealer application. Price: 4 250 rubles.

Eyeliner Double Wear, Estée Lauder, a long-lasting, water-resistant eyeliner that glides on evenly and smoothly and retains color all day and all night. Price: 2 100 rubles.

Garnier BB roller, a product that can solve several problems at the same time: reduce dark circles, hide bags, remove signs of fatigue, smooth and moisturize the skin around the eyes, giving a radiance. Price: 419 rubles.

Primer for eyelashes Variete Lashes Show, Eveline Cosmetics, multiplies the volume of your eyelashes, incredibly lengthens them and gives the look expressive. Price on request.

Mary Kay eyeliner is specially designed to effectively highlight the beauty of your eyes. It also provides the ability to visually simulate the eye section, paving the way for experimentation. Price: 650 rubles.

A quick guide to making a cat eye cut quickly and easily

7 essential makeup rules to hide any skin imperfections

Red lips, perfect smoky eyes and other beauty secrets of makeup in the style of Hollywood divas

Rule 1: Apply a thin layer of base (beige or skin color) to your eyes. By the way, a beauty hack: you can use a matte lipstick for lips in a beige shade - this will make your makeup more durable. Even your fingertips can be used for application.

Rule 2 On the area of ​​the eyeball, to the crease, apply a light shade of shadows (if you are doing daytime makeup, then it is better to take the shadows matte, if evening - satin), this will give you a fresher and more relaxed look. Use a brush shaped like a spatula.

Rule 3: Work out the crease zone with brown shadows, while starting at the point of intersection of the upper and lower eyelids - a brush shaped like a barrel will help you with this.

Rule 4 Make the arrow with black shadows: closer to the inner corner, it should be thin, to the outer corner - wider, with a well-drawn tail. Note that the lower mucous membrane will set the direction so that the correct shape is obtained (it is important to display the tail on an open eye!), Otherwise it will be a hall. A beveled brush will do.

Rule 5: Paint your eyelashes diagonally, taking them slightly towards the outer corner - this technique will additionally repeat the cat's eye shape.

Using these simple tips and the right brushes, you can look amazing even in mask mode!

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