Beauty Secrets Of Ageless 90s Supermodels

Beauty Secrets Of Ageless 90s Supermodels
Beauty Secrets Of Ageless 90s Supermodels

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Claudia Schiffer, 47


Claudia Schiffer tries to do yoga every day. In order not to get bored, he does useful exercises while watching his favorite TV series. She practically does not eat flour and sweets, loves vegetables and fruits: “I have breakfast with fruits, green tea and orange juice. For lunch I eat chicken breast, boiled egg and vegetable salad. For afternoon tea, I prefer tomato juice, black grapes and herbal tea. And I have dinner with salad and steamed vegetables."

Naomi Campbell, 47

Naomi Campbell consumes green juices from apples, vegetables and herbs every day, does not eat meat, and cleans her body three times a year - she does not eat anything for ten days and drinks two liters of lemonade made from lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and still water. From physical activities, the model prefers Pilates and gyrotonics - exercises on a special simulator that are popular among stars.

Cindy Crawford, 51

The daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, 15-year-old Kaia Gerber, recently admitted that she is jealous of the unfading beauty of her famous mother. Cindy works out with a trainer three times a week (cardio, squats, lunges, free weight exercises), eats only healthy foods, drinks green smoothies, spends at least twenty minutes a week in an infrared sauna that stimulates collagen production, and does useful exercises not only for the body, but also for the face and neck:

“About twenty years ago I met a woman who regularly does neck exercises. She explained to me that keeping these muscles in good shape will help maintain a normal facial contour with age. I have incorporated these exercises into my training program. Everything is simple there. Lie on your back with your chin up. Now raise your head a little and begin to press your chin to your chest, then return your head to its original position, but do not lower your head to the floor, keep it suspended. I do three sets of 10 reps, but you can do less or more. I alternate this exercise with the next one. Lie down, raise your head slightly and, without lowering it to the floor, start turning: right - straight - left - straight. And in this case, three approaches, ten times."

Christy Turlington, 48

Christy Turlington is a well-known fan of naturalness, healthy eating and yoga, which she has been practicing for over thirty years. Turlington even wrote the book Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice about her classes. In addition, Christie tries to run regularly and does not accept exhausting diets.

Eva Herzigova, 44 years old

Eva Herzigova refused coffee, drinks only herbal tea and a lot of water, in the morning she washes with ice water, never sunbathes, and applies … vodka to the scalp and hair. Eva considers the presence of a beloved man to be the main beauty secret: then a woman, in her opinion, blooms before her eyes. By the way, in March Herzigova officially married the father of her children, Italian businessman Grigorio Marcia after fifteen years of relationship.

Laetitia Casta, 39 years old

Laetitia Casta in June married handsome French actor Louis Garrel. It is not only the love of the spouse that helps the model to remain beautiful and fresh. Letizia is engaged in swimming and pilates, cleans her face with baby milk for dry skin without harmful additives and regularly applies masks: “My favorite skin care is masks. And I apply them not once a week, but every day. The best mud masks are available in natural beauty stores and are so easy to use."

Helena Christensen, 48

Helena Christensen does not drive and tries to walk more, alternates between running, boxing and swimming, drinking a lot of water, applying natural oils to her skin and hair and prefers organic cosmetics: “Organics have been my weakness since my youth. Mom taught me to choose cosmetics with a natural composition.Such as my beloved Weleda. These organic products do not take on increased obligations, but the skin after them is fresh and tender, like after a weekend in the countryside."

Tyra Banks, 43

Supermodel and host of the popular show "America's Next Top Model" Tyra Banks does not pretend to be an unearthly beauty and always humorously talks about her beauty secrets and gives advice to girls: “I find it funny when someone says how beautiful I am by nature … Where there! I made myself beautiful. When I was young, I was so jealous of Christy Turlington, I went crazy over her cheekbones. And my mother told me: "Who is stopping you from drawing the same ones for yourself?" And she taught me to highlight cheekbones with makeup. Makeup can fix everything. Without him, I would not have become a model, and even more so a supermodel”.

As much as putting on makeup, Tyra loves to take care of her skin - she always rinses off makeup before bed and does not forget to moisturize: “I'm a fan of moisturizers and oils. I think that's why I look good in my age. I moisturize every part of my body after showering before my skin is completely dry - my mom pushed this into my head. I apply the cream on the buttocks, chest, back, legs. At this point, I probably look like a circus performer from Cirque du Soleil."

Elle Macpherson, 53

Australian supermodel Elle McPherson earned the nickname "The Body" early in her career for her perfect figure that she can be proud of even at 53. The secrets of MacPherson's youth and beauty - do not run yourself and regularly keep in shape: “Being in the mountains, I ski, and if I rest near the water, I swim. I can also do yoga or work out in the gym. I also carry sports shoes and an iPod with me everywhere. Running is not only an effective way to keep fit, but also a kind of meditation. Avoid dieting or fatigue at the gym several times a week. It is better to do not too difficult exercises or run every day. The main thing is not to let yourself go. My motivation is a feeling of joy, inspiration, passion, calmness, strength and health. For me, this is more important than the numbers on the scales, this is what prompts me to eat and exercise right."

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