Asian Beauty: The Beauty Secrets Of Chinese Women, Or How To Look At 50 At 20

Asian Beauty: The Beauty Secrets Of Chinese Women, Or How To Look At 50 At 20
Asian Beauty: The Beauty Secrets Of Chinese Women, Or How To Look At 50 At 20

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Finding a fat Chinese woman with bad skin and wrinkles is a very difficult task. And the whole point is that they love and, of course, know how to take care of themselves. In addition to the fact that they pass on their beauty secrets from generation to generation, they also carefully monitor the lunar cycles, which, as they believe, affect our body. We learned about all the intricacies of Chinese women's self-care, as well as why they think Korean women are more beautiful than themselves.


Since ancient times, women in China have resorted to using herbal elixirs, decoctions and masks to decorate the face and body. Over time, these rituals grew into a kind of art and this gave rise to such a science as cosmetology. Now the Chinese occupy one of the main places in the development of this industry (this is to be expected!).

Chinese women are famous for their flawless porcelain skin, the beauty of which they still maintain with simple recipes. They use a rice water tonic to rejuvenate the face and décolleté. They also adore green tea decoction, the components of which help to remove toxins from the skin, whiten it, cleanse it from age spots, inflammation and scars. Some of the most important natural ingredients in Chinese cosmetics include mint, which brightens the skin, goji berries (a store of beta-carotenes, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins) that take care of skin health, and jojoba oil, which helps maintain firmness.


There is also a whole set of beauty rules that every self-respecting Chinese woman never breaks.

The main enemy of all the beauties of East Asia is the sun. White skin in China is still considered a sign of wealth and a higher social class. From umbrellas and long sleeves to sunscreens, Chinese women do not have to go to all the tricks when fighting the sun's rays. The most radical way to protect the skin from the sun can be called feiskini - balaclavas for bathing.

Sun protection is the main way to prevent skin aging. Perhaps this is why Asians look young for so long.

The Chinese strongly believe in the power of reflexology and quite often do massages to improve blood circulation and help the body get rid of toxins.

Still, all the Chinese, without exception, constantly drink water. At the same time, they try to avoid cold, like ice cream. A container of water is an essential attribute of any Chinese person, from small to large. Access to regular boiled water is a prerequisite for a minimum of comfortable living.


The lack of pronounced facial expressions also contributes to the preservation of youth, since the muscles of the face work less. Emotional facial expression is an effective replacement for Botox (which works by blocking the facial muscles).

However, modern cosmetology has stepped forward a lot, and now Chinese women use a huge amount of not only time, but also means for personal care.

The most popular brands in China are Korean brands. According to a survey of the Chinese cosmetics giant Herborist, 43% of all respondents prefer Korean-made cosmetics, 35% choose domestic brands, and only 22% buy Western products. It is worth noting that the Chinese are not only fans of South Korean cosmetics, but they generally find Koreans more beautiful.

Chinese women are much less likely to smoke and abuse alcohol. In general, in Chinese culture, smoking and alcohol are the prerogative of men.And even if girls use smoking as a way to demonstrate their freedom during growing up and becoming a personality, then they quickly abandon the bad habit - the skin is more expensive.

As for the structure of the cosmetics market in China, the most popular is cosmetics, followed by shampoos and other hair care products, and only then decorative (Chinese women prefer to focus on the eyes in makeup, so the market for eye makeup is growing especially intensively), baby and sunscreen cosmetics, as well as anti-aging products.


Until recently, Chinese cosmetics were not held in high esteem for Chinese women, but in recent years, local brands have begun to actively develop. To promote their products, companies use new media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo, actively use collaboration with opinion leaders. Global cosmetics giants such as Dior, Lancôme, Clarins and Estée Lauder have a hard time adapting to the demands of Chinese consumers and have to invest heavily in advertising to promote their products. Of course, this affects the price - jars of luxury European brands, which can be found in shopping centers in China for every taste, are much more expensive here than in Russia. This leads to the fact that the era of monopoly of international brands is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Recently, Russian manufacturers have also begun to try themselves in the Chinese cosmetics market.

Thank you for your help in preparing the material of Alexey Filippov, General Director of the company for the production of cosmetics "Good Price".

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