How To Remove A Double Chin: 8 Modern Ways Of A Facelift

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How To Remove A Double Chin: 8 Modern Ways Of A Facelift
How To Remove A Double Chin: 8 Modern Ways Of A Facelift

Video: How To Remove A Double Chin: 8 Modern Ways Of A Facelift

Video: How To Remove A Double Chin: 8 Modern Ways Of A Facelift
Video: Three Ways to Permanently Remove A Double Chin | The Plastics | Harper's BAZAAR 2023, March

The second chin distorts facial features and visually ages. You can remove it using different methods (spoiler: plastic is not the most effective way).


Excess weight and age-related changes are far from the only reasons why a double chin appears. Our expert, Alexander Vdovin, is sure that stoop, sleeping on a pillow that is too high and some anatomical features (malocclusion, short and massive neck, sloping chin) can also provoke sagging skin in the lower third of the face. We are fortunate that today this aesthetic problem can be solved.

Facial ptosis appears at the age of 35–40. Already at this age, you can begin to deal with it with non-invasive methods.

Alexander Vdovin Plastic surgeon

Facebuilding: training facial muscles

This is a set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the face. It will not solve a serious problem, but it will prevent its occurrence. The simplest thing is to try to touch the tip of the nose with your tongue (20 reps). You can also press the middle of the tongue to the palate, lingering in this position for 10 seconds (for beginners, 5 repetitions are enough). See the video for more exercises. Before face-building, you should cleanse your face of cosmetics and apply a moisturizer.

Myostimulation: strengthening the chin muscles

The procedure restores muscle tone using electrical impulses. Simply put, this is a kind of lazy facial gymnastics, because the impulses cause muscle contraction and relaxation. Myostimulation has a point effect on the skin, tissues and muscles in the double chin area and tightens them. At the same time, blood microcirculation and metabolic processes are improved, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated.

V-UP masks: non-surgical facelift

The Korean company Lamucha offers an innovative facelift without surgery and salon procedures. The unique composition of the V-UP mask not only corrects the oval of the face, but also helps to remove the double chin and reduce wrinkles on the neck! The skin is filled with vitamins and collagen. One pack contains three masks, each accompanied by a 24K Gold Detox Essence to complement your facial skin care.

Ultrasonic Cavitation: Effects on Fat Cells

A relatively new method that helps not only tighten the skin, but also get rid of fat deposits in the chin area. Ultrasound affects fat cells: first, air bubbles form, then they burst, destroying cell membranes, and fats are excreted into the lymph flow. The procedure does not violate the integrity of the skin, does not damage blood vessels and nerve endings, therefore it is absolutely painless. Drink plenty of fluids before and after to maximize the effect.

Mesotherapy: improving skin tone

Mesotherapy cocktails, which are introduced in the form of microinjections, solve many problems, including helping to remove a double chin. The composition of cocktails for mesotherapy is selected by a cosmetologist individually for each patient. In order to eliminate a double chin, lipolytics are included in the composition - drugs that literally burn subcutaneous fat. Other substances in the cocktail improve skin tone and firmness.

Radiofrequency liposuction: breakdown of fatty tissue

BodyTite RF liposuction breaks down fat and removes it from the body using two electrodes. One of them is injected into the adipose tissue through small punctures (up to 3 mm): it heats up and destroys fats. The second is applied to the skin: it acts on the collagen fibers, providing a tightening. No scars or scars remain after the procedure. This is especially valuable when it comes to the face. The effect is noticeable immediately and will build up over three months.

Radiofrequency facelift: activation of collagen production

This is another procedure aimed at significantly tightening the skin and correcting the oval of the face. The procedure is carried out on the BodyTite apparatus with a nozzle. It is aimed at activating fibroblasts - cells that are responsible for the processes of recovery and renewal, the amount of collagen and elastin also depends on them. The method is characterized by low trauma, gives an instant effect of rejuvenation and lifting, which will only grow over time.

Thread lift: chin lift

Rejuvenation, lifting of the chin area and at the same time the elimination of flaps are also done with the help of thread lifting. This is one of the most effective ways to correct the face contour when a double chin occurs due to age-related changes.

Partial platysmoplasty: excision of excess tissue

The most radical method of the considered. Shown when the double chin turns into so-called turkey folds.

The essence of the surgery is to correct the platysma - the muscle that is located between the chin and the collarbone. With age, muscles weaken, the skin sags and stretches, and fatty tissue accumulates. During the operation, excess tissue is excised, and then a new chin is formed.

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