Peer Stars Now And In The 60s: Who Looks Younger

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Peer Stars Now And In The 60s: Who Looks Younger
Peer Stars Now And In The 60s: Who Looks Younger

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“Before, women were beautiful in themselves,” some cry. “No, today you can look like a girl at 45,” others argue. We restore historical justice and consider photos of reference beauties, whose names thundered all over the world in the late 60s. We found their photos "over 40" and for comparison we picked up modern stars of the same type and at the same age.


Twiggy and Kate Moss, 46

These British women came to the catwalk at a young age and blew up the fashion world with their unusual "childish" image. Both fell short of the standard model height, but at the same time topped the lists of supermodels.

Today Kate is 46, and she looks very good, despite her many years of love for parties, smoking and illegal drugs. Apparently, we need to say thanks to cosmetologists. Finding a photo of 46-year-old Twiggy, who left her modeling career quite early for the sake of her family, was not easy. But we found it. Both women seem beautiful!

Ava Gardner and Dita von Teese, 47

"The most beautiful animal on earth" Ava Gardner and the "queen of burlesque" Ditu von Teese are united by a passion for life and for her beloved. Fatal brunettes have relied on their own femininity and sexuality and have paid off.

At the age of "well over 40", both women have not lost their appeal. With a scrupulous examination of the photo, you can find fault with the slightly floating oval of the face, and with slight puffiness. Recall that the studio portrait of Ava, most likely, was taken with direct lighting, and therefore does not reflect small wrinkles. And Dita hides them behind a thick layer of foundation. But why?

Elina Bystritskaya and Ekaterina Skulkina, 44 years old

Finding a pair for the monumental Elina Avraamovna Bystritskaya is not an easy task. With a trembling hand, we brought a photo of Ekaterina Skulkina to her. What to say? Natural beauty cannot be spoiled either by years or by the absence of anti-aging technologies.

Elina Avraamovna is an actress of dramatic roles. They seem to have left their mark on her appearance. The deep, serious look made her older at a younger age. Let us recall the film "Unfinished Story", where she (suddenly!) Is only 28. Therefore, every year the actress only blossomed, despite small wrinkles. But the mischievous look of Catherine always played into her hands, subtracting a couple of years.

Check out what other stars seem to us more mature: Outstripped age: celebrities who look older than their years.

Lauren Bacall and Gwyneth Paltrow, 47

A black-and-white movie star, a dream of millions of men and a role model, a favorite of the audience and a real "mistress of Hollywood" - these epithets are negligible enough to convey the role of Lauren Bacall in cinema. A photograph from the late 60s shows that the star was not spared by time. Her thin skin was aging in a tired type: decreased tone, swelling and darkening under the eyes, deep wrinkles on the forehead. Nevertheless, Lauren did not lose her natural magnetism.

Gwyneth Paltrow, who looks like her, is a well-known fan of natural aging with a minimum of interventions. We see the same wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and changes in the lower third of the face. It seems that no one can cheat time without special efforts.

See which other celebrity chooses natural aging: To be honest: stars over 50 who are not spoiled by wrinkles.

Ella Fitzgerald and Mariah Carey, 47

Ella fascinated the world with her magical voice and did not pay much attention to her appearance. We see characteristic changes for heavy, dense skin: gravitational ptosis, deformation of the face oval, "bags" under the eyes.

But Mariah proves by her example that modern beauty technologies allow all this to be avoided.Strictly speaking, the singer has already celebrated her 50th birthday this year, but she looks no worse than in the photo three years ago. Do you agree?

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