Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Expert Opinion

Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Expert Opinion
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Expert Opinion

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High society secrets: celebrity life hacksKate Moss: an ice font Kerry Washington: a weekend for the skin procedures for skin rejuvenation


Hollywood celebrities take the Latin dictum "Truth is in wine, health is in water" literally. The beauty Teri Hatcher takes a wine bath before going out, and the charming Gwyneth Peltrow sits on the water all day. But how effective are such beauty recipes? Beauty experts make their own verdict!

High society secrets: celebrity life hacks Kate Moss: ice font

The British model's morning begins not with a cup of hot coffee, but a real extreme - immersion in ice water. True, the celebrity gets by with "small sacrifices." In a small basin he dilutes cold water, adds ice cubes and slices of fresh cucumbers, then submerges the face for as long as possible. The star is confident that this procedure tones the skin, stimulates collagen production and makes wrinkles less noticeable.

How it works?

Ice procedures are not shown to everyone. This is an extreme measure that can only benefit those with oily skin. In this case, it will eliminate the greasy shine and temporarily tighten the pores. But you can resort to it no more than once a week and only in the warm season. Ice procedures are contraindicated for women with dry, sensitive and aging skin. They are fraught with vasospasm, irritation and inflammation of the skin, rosacea.

Kerry Washington: a weekend for the skin

American actress Kerry Washington helps to keep the beauty, freshness and radiance of her skin by deliberately limiting the use of decorative cosmetics. The girl tries to use a minimum of makeup, thus allowing her skin to "breathe". “I don’t use a foundation (foundation) in my makeup for every day - I just put on a little highlighter,” the celebrity admits in an interview with Instyle.

How it works?

“Avoiding moisturizer and foundation is not going to be good for a woman’s skin. On the contrary, today it is beneficial to use makeup, - says cosmetologist Rene Rouleau. - Many beauty brands offer cosmetics that contain SPF filters such as titanium dioxide. They resist the damaging effects of UV rays and photoaging processes."

Gwyneth Peltrow: More Water

The famous actress, winner of several Oscars, claims that water has "healing power" and it is to her that she owes the effect of rejuvenation. The light-haired beauty told about it on her Instagram page.

How it works?

“While drinking water is good for your overall health, externally sourced water is actually the least effective way to moisturize your skin,” says cosmetologist René Rouleau. The water we drink never reaches the surface of the skin. Moisturize the skin topically."

Sona Kocharova, dermatocosmetologist

We have all heard many times about the usefulness and importance of finding hyaluronic acid in skin tissues. It is a natural substance that is responsible for its youthfulness, elasticity and health. Over time, unfortunately, it becomes less and less, therefore, the skin begins to lose its beauty, healthy radiance, wrinkles and sagging appear. This happens due to age and other characteristics of the body.

To make up for the lack of hyaluronic acid in the skin, cosmetologists prescribe a biorevitalization procedure. These are injections that deliver this element into deep tissues. As a result, after one procedure or a course of several (the amount prescribed by the doctor), we get young skin without wrinkles, as at a young age, when there was enough hyaluronic acid in the tissues.

Now on the market we find a huge number of creams, masks and serums containing hyaluronic acid. Yes, for sure, it is present in the composition, but superficial application does not allow it to penetrate into those layers of the skin where its effect is needed, unlike injection techniques. The same goes for shampoos and hair masks. Yes, they certainly affect the condition of the hair, make it softer, more hydrated, etc. But such funds will not replace mesotherapy or plasma therapy - injections that are made into the scalp (it does not hurt!) And deliver vitamins and other beneficial elements directly to the hair follicles, acting from the inside, really affect the quality of hair, treat various diseases and accelerate their growth.

Lady Gaga: scotch lifting

One of the strangest beauty secrets was shared by the shocking singer Lady Gaga. Today she is a little over thirty, but starting from the age of 20, the celebrity every day "tightens" the oval of the face, fixing the chin with adhesive tape. She claims that ordinary scotch tape has a noticeable lifting effect.

How it works?

Beauty experts do not share the singer's enthusiasm and recommend abandoning such experiments. The skin of the face and neck is very sensitive. In case of careless handling, the appearance of wrinkles, folds, the formation of "rings of Venus" is the most likely scenario.

Sookie Waterhouse: Hair Shower

Model and actress from Foggy Albion is unhappy with her hair. “I don't like the way my hair looks. But Coca-Cola makes them naturally lush, voluminous and gives a light wave. " Immediately after shampooing, the celebrity sprinkles her hair with ice soda and blow-dry her hair.

How it works?

Rinsing your hair with cool water, be it soda from a well-known brand or regular tap water, closes the hair scales, which makes them smooth, and the hair shines beautifully. In addition, the liquid forms natural curls - this is how light waves are obtained. But at the same time, the use of a sticky substance makes the strands heavier and makes them look untidy by the end of the day. Coca-Cola can also affect the shade of the hair - wash off the dye faster or give an unwanted shade.

Victoria Beckham: snake venom

Snake venom is now called the "new Botox" and is recommended as an alternative to injections. The experts of the beauty world have created cosmetics with it in the composition, and pharmacists have gone even further - by developing injections for skin rejuvenation. According to Victoria Beckham, she has already managed to try on herself the strength and power of snake venom.

How it works?

Snake venom injections for the face have a "paralyzing" effect, due to which wrinkles are smoothed out and the face visually rejuvenates. In cosmetology, only synthetic poison is used, created in a laboratory and tested on volunteers. It may have a great future, but today Botox injections are a proven procedure, the relative safety of which has been confirmed by the experience of millions of women. Snake venom has been little studied from this point of view.

Amina Berdova, dermatologist-cosmetologist

Botulinum therapy smoothes expression lines. Professional skin care gives a more effective, quick and high-quality result, since the drugs that are used directly by the cosmetologist in his office are characterized by deep penetration into the tissues, as a result of which the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, the skin is moisturized, thickened, reinforced.So, botulinum toxin gives us the ability to get rid of wrinkles. Are you constantly frowning and furrowing your forehead? Notice the first crease? It might be time to take action. The visible effect of the procedure occurs almost immediately, but the next day you may be disturbed by the injection marks.

Lisa Rinna: aromatic spice

In a world where plump lips are almost every woman's "calling card", Hollywood celebrities have never had a chance to stay on the sidelines. American TV presenter Lisa Rinna said that the secret of the seductiveness of her lips is in the use of cinnamon.

How it works?

When applied to the skin, cinnamon causes a local reaction - a burning sensation that leads to a slight swelling of the lips. It also gives the effect of increasing the volume. But from a health point of view, this life hack is dangerous. Abuse of it will lead to disastrous results - the appearance of dryness and flaking, sores and cracks in the skin of the lips, not to mention the likelihood of allergies.

Katie Holmes: shellfish exploitation

The French consider shellfish dishes a national treasure, and Hollywood celebrities use their mucus in skin care. Katie Holmes claims that snail secretion products restore the skin, smooth it and make it "glow from the inside".

How it works?

The secret of the snail really has beneficial properties. It contains a combination of elastin, glycolic acid and proteins. Such a tandem can stimulate an improvement in the appearance of the skin, but the effect will be only external and, moreover, short-lived. No external remedy can transform the skin and give a lasting rejuvenation effect.

Kim Kardashian: shed skin

One of the brightest stars in the Hollywood sky, she is known for her bizarre beauty recipes. One has only to remember the "vampire facelift"! In one of the interviews, Kim admitted that before an important event, she washes her face with hot water and a washcloth, thoroughly rubbing the skin, thus carrying out the procedure for exfoliating dead cells.

How it works?

“Hot water can damage the skin,” says Dr. Crane Kraffert, dermatologist. - The use of a washcloth can be counted as an exfoliation technique, but it is worth noting that it is a very traumatic technique. To make the skin look fresher, it is better to use peels with fruit acids. They delicately exfoliate dead cells, and the moisturizing cream applied immediately after the procedure makes the skin soft, tender, and heals it."

Irina Yurievna Kopylova, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, specialist in laser medicine, Federal State Budgetary Institution "State Research Center for Laser Medicine FMBA"

Sometimes it happens that you need to look beautiful urgently, quickly and right now. To do this, you can use some long-known recipes. For example:

- take a contrast shower and rub with a terry towel. This procedure will invigorate the body;

- run a wet comb through the hair several times, then collect them in a bun, and when the hair is dry, sprinkle with perfume and dissolve - fragrant soft curls are provided for several hours;

- wipe your face with ice from herbal infusion. Chamomile, calendula, oregano, in the infusion of which ice is added, are suitable. Ice will refresh and moisturize the skin, and its temperature will increase blood circulation;

- make a facial massage. If you do not have time for a spa salon procedure, you can do the massage yourself, walking along all the problematic mimic lines with a massager or with your hands. The increased blood circulation will instantly improve the complexion;

- pinch your cheeks for a blush;

- Apply a nourishing moisturizing mask to the face, which will improve the complexion. In addition to ready-made masks, you can also use homemade recipes. For example, knead a banana and put it on your face for 5-10 minutes;

- Apply light makeup using blush and foundation to even out the complexion and its contours;

- drink an invigorating drink - cranberry juice with honey, ginger-honey-lemon tea, mineral water with lemon juice.

Teri Hatcher: Wine Baths

With a warm bath with two glasses of wine, "Desperate Housewife" fights skin aging and cellulite. Thanks to this SPA, the skin is renewed, looks elastic and silky - the celebrity assures.

How it works?

Wine baths have long been used in cosmetology. They stimulate skin microcirculation and lymph flow, strengthen blood vessels. Moreover, such baths can help to cope with the painful sensations of rheumatism and arthritis, help in the fight against insomnia. However, they cannot be taken without the agreement of a doctor. The procedure has contraindications - violations of the integrity of the skin, acute respiratory viral diseases, recurrence of chronic diseases.

Leila Roz, dermatocosmetologist, candidate of medical sciences, full member of the Russian Society of Aesthetic Medicine

What do we know about instant transformation? Of course, every beautiful girl should have a fairy patroness, and a beautiful prince, whose kisses transform. But, if we do not find the prince yet and there is a problem with the fairies, we will have to take matters into our own hands.

The ability to always look good: after parties, long flights, kilos of makeup is a skill inherent in the stars. Who, if not them, who are always at the sight of the cameras, can be suspected of secret knowledge? The stars are generously sharing their recipes on the Internet.

Emma Stone

Pretty Emma Stone, the star of La La Land, claims to owe her freshness to baking soda. She adds it to cleansers. According to her, the improvement effect is almost instant: both the skin is cleaner and the care products are more effective!

In fact, Emma Stone does a light exfoliation every day. I can assume she has oily skin. Because peeling every day is a bad idea. And, if, due to her youth and the properties of her skin, she gets away with it - that's good. But sooner or later she will have to give up this idea. For those with a tendency to dryness, for those with thin skin, I do not recommend washing with such a remedy in the morning and in the evening. Besides, baking soda has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. But regular exposure is contraindicated for dry, sensitive skin, or for those with rosacea.

Cindy Crawford

The press often cites the secret of the unfading youth and beauty of the famous supermodel Cindy Crawford. According to the celebrity, the secret is in the lotion that she makes from milk and drinking water. Cindy believes that it is this product that gives her skin a healthy color and softness.

Indeed, in the past, beauties practiced such a recipe. Milk is believed to both moisturize and nourish the skin. Therefore, in fairy tales and myths, milk baths were often met as a recipe for eternal youth. But I don't believe in such fantastic properties of milk. In any case, milk will work only on the surface, and it is hardly necessary to talk about its miraculous properties. If this is a family recipe for you, and the degree of trust in it is high, I would like to draw your attention to two essential aspects. First: such rubbing and washing should never be done to people with acne and inflammation on the face. And second: where will you get the natural milk that you are ready to vouch for? In this sense, modern tested means for prolonging youth and beauty seem to me more reliable.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner's advanced mother from childhood taught the girl not to go out without sunscreen. The obedient daughter of her mother strictly follows this rule.

I want to praise Jennifer Garner's mom. Indeed, the sun does irreparable damage to our skin. In our country, people admire sunburn, and if someone comes from vacation without it, they complain: “Why haven't you got a tan?”.Meanwhile, photoaging is one of the most powerful factors in age-related changes. I know that many have already made it a rule to apply protective SPF-creams in the summer. In fact, they should not be neglected even in winter. There is harmful radiation in any season. Take an example from Jennifer Garner, and don't leave home unprotected.

The stars also use more serious means. The treasury of procedures carried out by cosmetologists includes massage, botox, fillers, thermage, and mesotherapy.

Jennifer Lopez

In addition to home care, beauty Jennifer Lopez resorts to botox, fillers, and laser resurfacing. And judging by her appearance, this is a great three!

Whether we like it or not, all of us, sooner or later, will experience age-related changes. But if they can be delayed, why not take advantage of modern advances in cosmetology? I always encourage women to look honestly in the mirror. If you have wrinkles on your forehead, it's time to do botox. Over the years of using Botox, he has grown an incredible train of prejudice. In fact, if you are in the hands of a tasteful specialist, you will not have any frozen mask. Likewise, you need to use fillers wisely. Look at the same Jennifer Lopez, she looks great, thanks to a good specialist. Botox smoothes wrinkles, fillers maintain volume, and laser plumps and lifts the skin.

Rachel Weisz

Rachel is a staunch supporter of natural beauty, and there is no talk of Botox or fillers. She prefers natural cosmetics and natural appearance. However, cosmetology can offer her procedures that gently support the beauty of the actress. According to cosmetologists, she prefers mesotherapy and oxygen therapy.

Indeed, even if you are not ready for botox and fillers, you can always support your skin with biorevitalization, mesotherapy, massage, for example. Systematic daily care plays an important role in skin care, but, unfortunately, not all useful substances necessary for our skin are able to overcome our natural protective barrier - the epidermis. Very often, the molecules of useful substances are too large for this, and injection therapy comes to the rescue. Whatever principles you follow, a good beautician will always have something to offer you.

13 salon treatments for skin rejuvenation

As practice shows, celebrity life hacks do not always give the expected result, and celebrities are often cunning when talking about the "Azazello's magic cream", modestly keeping silent about the recent Botox injections. What salon techniques are truly effective?

Expert commentary Sona Kocharova, dermatocosmetologist

The main achievement in cosmetology of the 21st century is that in a couple of minutes you can be transformed beyond recognition, without having any consequences, and even vice versa.

Some of these procedures are biorevitalization and bioreparation. So, let's dwell on each procedure in more detail.


It is an injection directly into the skin, thereby delivering the most important component responsible for our youth quickly and accurately. As a result of this procedure, we allow hyaluronic acid to gently penetrate into the tissues, and our body perceives it as its own and natural component. Thanks to this, we get the most powerful skin regeneration, hydration and nutrition for our skin. The procedure helps to replenish the lack of hyaluronic acid, penetrating into the deep layers of cells and at the same time filling in irregularities, smoothing the skin in a natural and safe way.


This procedure is carried out in a similar way, only hyaluronic acid already works in combination with vitamins and amino acids. The main goal of bioreparation is to actively combat age-related changes, moisturize the skin, activate processes that contribute to the production of collagen and elastin, as well as restore the cells' own ability to regenerate and rejuvenate. The tasks are quite large-scale, therefore, bioreparative preparations have a more complex composition than gels based on hyaluronic acid used for biorevitalization.

Expert commentary Amina Berdova, dermatologist-cosmetologist

The most effective treatments for instant skin transformation:

Ultrasonic face cleansing

One of the most important hardware procedures for cleansing and moisturizing the face. With the help of ultrasound cleaning, not only micro-massage of the skin is carried out, but also keratinized cells of the epidermis are removed. This is a rather gentle procedure, so it is not suitable for the treatment of inflammation and acne: patients with such problems are recommended to use a technique that combines the use of ultrasound with mechanical cleaning. This method works in the deeper layers of the skin, pushing through the stagnant elements, which, in turn, gives rise to the outflow of the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Ultrasonic cleaning promotes skin rejuvenation, increases its elasticity, deeply cleanses pores, accelerates metabolism, improves complexion. There are practically no unpleasant sensations during ultrasound. Patients rarely experience discomfort, except for a slight tingling sensation when touching the ultrasonic spatula in the place on the face that has been pretreated with a special liquid. Sometimes there is a slight reddening of the skin, which disappears within a couple of hours after the procedure. Important note: at the end of the ultrasonic cleaning, it is necessary to apply a mask plus serum or cream, in accordance with the type of skin.

Glycolic peeling

Today this procedure is one of the most popular and widespread types of peeling. The effect it exerts on the skin is characterized by beauticians as gentle. However, this superficial peeling method is used as a remedy for fine wrinkles, acne, age spots, acne treatment, skin cleansing, etc. Grapes, sugar beets, and sugar cane are natural sources of glycolic acid, which is why it is sometimes called fruit acid. Penetrating deep under the skin, its small molecules promote the formation of hyaluronic acid, stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. The old cells of the epidermis are exfoliated, the skin is renewed and rejuvenated.

The number of procedures and the acid concentration is determined by the doctor, taking into account the patient's age, the presence of skin problems, hyperkeratosis. If your problem is more serious (age spots, hyperkeratosis, etc.), you will need several procedures. Depending on the condition of the skin, before conducting a highly concentrated peeling, it is possible to prescribe a light home peeling for a month, it allows you to even out the epidermis, loosen it and prepare the skin for a more aggressive effect. This preparation allows you to minimize the possible negative effects of peeling, as well as optimize its effectiveness. Also, post-peeling care and compliance with restrictions on visiting a bath, solarium and protection from ultraviolet radiation are very important.

Microcurrent therapy

Many women are faced with a problem such as puffiness under the eyes. It is especially unpleasant when you have a tendency to edema all the time. In this case, cosmetology can come to the rescue, in particular, a session of microcurrent therapy.

Weak current impulses act on the skin in such a way as to enhance the synthesis of elastic collagen fibers, improve microcirculation in the preorbital zone and eliminate congestion in the veins. Before the start of the procedure, the cosmetologist cleans either with ultrasound or with simple alkaline mineral water, which is applied to the skin a few minutes before the start of the procedure. Special preparations are applied to the skin in the area where exposure to the pulsed current is planned. Suitable conductors (gels, creams, etc.) are selected individually for each patient based on the diagnosis and the general clinical picture. One session of microcurrent therapy lasts about 30 minutes. The number of necessary procedures is determined by the specialist, although you will notice the effect after the second time.

Injection techniques

Injections are used by cosmetologists to restore the normal level of moisture by injecting vitamins, trace elements, hyaluronic acid under the skin, which helps to improve skin color and smooth wrinkles. With the help of fillers, we restore the lost volume.

Hyaluronic acid has a slightly different purpose: its purpose is to saturate the skin with moisture, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and replenish volumes. If you need to get rid of nasolabial folds, you want to increase the volume of your lips or cheekbones, then you can resort to "beauty injections". The effect will also be noticeable immediately, but one must be prepared for the fact that microscopic marks from the injections may remain.

I would like to draw your attention: visiting the solarium, sauna, baths, after the listed procedures, is contraindicated. In order for the recovery process to go faster and without consequences, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of a specialist. You can stay in the open sun after peeling and cleansing your skin only with a pre-applied cream with SPF protection.

Expert commentary Leila Roz, dermatocosmetologist, candidate of medical sciences, full member of the Russian Society of Aesthetic Medicine

The desire to take care of ourselves and look good is inherent in each of us by nature, but in the endless bustle of urban everyday life, there is often no time for this.

However, there is a whole range of cosmetic services that can quickly tidy up the face. When you need to appear at an event fully armed, but there is no way to prepare in advance, you can use one of the procedures that give the desired effect. All of them are aimed at restoring the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, leveling the color and texture of the face, smoothing wrinkles, narrowing the pores and protecting the epidermis. Here are some of the most requested and popular ones:

GDERM facial treatment program

It is performed using a special material in the form of a "second skin" mask, which consists of biological tissue filled with hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and peptides. They penetrate deeply into the skin, filling it with health and radiance. The face is instantly transformed, wrinkles are reduced, oily sheen disappears, the skin texture becomes uniform, acquiring a beautiful color. It is used as an exit procedure for those who urgently need to put their face in order.

Lifting face care

It is one of the most popular procedures because does not require surgical intervention. The skin is pre-cleansed, then three masks are applied one on top of the other. The first makes the upper layer of the skin permeable, the second and third restore the epidermis, prevent aging, quickly smooth mimic wrinkles and visibly rejuvenate the face. The pronounced lifting effect lasts for a long time.


Two procedures are combined in one day - mesotherapy and peeling. The first one rejuvenates the face, the second one removes imperfections from the skin and renews it. First, peeling is applied, then mesotherapy. Injection marks remain invisible as the drugs are injected into several specific points on the face. If you perform these procedures separately from each other, the result will be less pronounced. In combination, it gives a delightful effect - it tightens pores, relieves crow's feet, evens out the relief and skin tone. Owners of too sensitive skin are always satisfied, because after mesopilling, there is no puffiness, redness, peeling and other negative consequences that prevent you from appearing in public.

Light superficial peeling system

The procedure quickly and carefully cleanses the skin of the face with the help of chemical compounds, evening out its tone and structure, does not cause peeling and redness. Light peels gently affect the epidermis, without penetrating into its deep layers, thereby not injuring the skin.Since this manipulation accelerates the processes of cell renewal and regeneration, improving the production of collagen and elastin, the result lasts for a long time.

Non-injection biorevitalization and mesotherapy

Instantly return the skin to its natural beauty and elasticity without traumatic interventions and unpleasant consequences in the form of traces of injections, bruises and swelling. In the first case, a preparation with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is applied to the face, which, with the help of the apparatus, spreads over the entire surface of the skin. In the second case, according to the same scheme, special cocktails are introduced into the middle layers of the epidermis. Visually, the result is immediately noticeable. Age-related changes disappear, the skin becomes elastic, fresh, radiant and healthy.

Sculptural massage

Many stars successfully practice this method to look young and attractive before performing. massage gives a good effect of a toned face with elastic skin. There is an effect not only on the skin, but also on the muscles of the face. After the first session, swelling, folds and wrinkles disappear. Sculptural massage received another name "non-surgical lifting" and fell in love with men and women who know how to instantly transform and always look good.

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