Expert Opinion: 5 Differences Between An Expensive Foundation And A Cheap One

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Expert Opinion: 5 Differences Between An Expensive Foundation And A Cheap One
Expert Opinion: 5 Differences Between An Expensive Foundation And A Cheap One

Video: Expert Opinion: 5 Differences Between An Expensive Foundation And A Cheap One

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Is there a difference in the composition of the foundations, and why one tone leaves a natural radiant finish on the skin, and the other - an oily sheen? Cosmetic chemist and creator of her own brand SharovaPro Anna Sharova and celebrity makeup artist Anna Letova explain how to navigate the variety of tones and distinguish a quality product from a regular day cream with dye.


Different approach to production

Most often, for the production of tonal means, approximately the same set of components is used: thickeners, silicones, titanium dioxide, silica, boron nitrite, mica, coloring components, etc. But their quality and the professional level of specialists who work in production can be radically different. For example, as a manufacturer of cosmetics, I can now release almost everything on my contract site, but not a foundation. This requires specialists with experience in the development and production of tones. The leading companies in this field (Becca, M.A.C) have gone far ahead of their colleagues from L’oreal and Garnier, which produce 300 or more brands of cosmetics. In the first case, brands work in a narrow direction and develop in it many times faster.

Poor performance of tonal means is most often due to the fact that a cosmetics manufacturer is trying to make a "bomb" with the lowest cost price. In this case, you can get just a day cream with a dye. But the buyer, of course, finds out about this only when he applies the product.

At the same time, keep in mind that when choosing an expensive foundation, you pay for special packaging and cellophane, and this costs a lot of money. Plus, you get the feeling of belonging to a luxury brand, which is also important for many in our insta-era!

Reflective Particle Quality

We are talking about non-matting tonal means. In inexpensive colors, reflective particles are very large. If you try to distribute the product on your hand, you will immediately see them. This is also noticeable on the skin - the shine is obvious. In expensive products, we get a delicate shine, since reflective particles have a finer grind. Due to this, the same effect of moisturized, well-groomed skin is achieved.

Note that the cost of the foundation does not affect the way it is applied. For information on how to apply tones of different densities, read the link.

Quality of silicone components

Foundations are water-based, silicone-based and wax-based. Silicone-based budget funds are not the best option, as they use inexpensive components that, as a rule, clog pores. In luxury tones, higher quality expensive silicones are used.

My skin reacts sharply to new products: pores are easily clogged, inflammation can appear. I've tried both inexpensive and very expensive tones (La Prairie and Sensai). Not always everything depends on the foundation: in both cases, the pores can suffer. But from experience I will say that in the budget category there is only a small percentage of high-quality tones. The likelihood of finding a good product in the luxury segment is much higher. Do you want inexpensive? Get ready for a tedious and long choice! But there are pleasant exceptions. For example, Catrice's HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. It is invisible on the skin, but at the same time it masks all the imperfections. Everyone to whom I recommend this cream is delighted with it!

Variety of shades

Professional brands have many shades (for example, Bobbi Brown or M.A.C Pro). But not all luxury brands offer such a variety. For example, Maybelline New York and L’oreal Paris have the same shades of tones as Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani.

Different visual effect

It's like comparing artificial and natural silk.It seems that the materials are similar, but the difference is obvious! With a cheap foundation, you can tint your skin well and maybe even get a shine. But you are unlikely to achieve a natural shine and a well-groomed look!

One of my favorites is the Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation. I've been using it for eight years. It is durable, has an SPF factor, lays down delicately, leaves a shining finish. Some people think that the product dries out the skin, but if you apply it on a moisturizing base, there will be no problem. Read more about the composition of the product here. Tom Ford funds leave a perfect finish. I also like the tones Becca and Make Up For Ever.

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