Why Women Look Older Than Their Male Peers

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Why Women Look Older Than Their Male Peers
Why Women Look Older Than Their Male Peers

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You've probably noticed more than once that men sometimes look much younger than their women of the same age. And this despite the fact that many girls regularly apply makeup and visit cosmetologists. Take, for example, Jared Leto and Winona Ryder - this year the stars celebrate their 49th birthday, but they do not look like their peers.

What is the secret of youthfulness for men? And can a woman look 30 at 50? I found out "Rambler".

Women's and men's skin differ on a biological level

Due to the large amount of testosterone in the body, men's skin is 25% thicker than women's. With age, the skin of men becomes thinner, but since in women it is initially thin, age-related changes on it are more noticeable. In addition to this, the density of collagen in men's skin is significantly higher, which makes the skin more elastic. After conducting a study, scientists found that at the level of biology, women are about 15 years older than men of the same age.

Women, on average, age twice as fast as men

According to some studies, the differences in aging between men and women are particularly pronounced at age 50. This is directly related to the onset of menopause, when the production of estrogen, the hormone responsible for the production of collagen, stops abruptly in the fair sex. At the same time, the woman's face begins to change: the tip of the nose lengthens, the ears enlarge, and the eyes shrink.

Men are more likely to adhere to a healthy lifestyle than women

It is believed that by the age of 40, most women stop caring for themselves because they don't see the point. Even if you start playing sports at this age, it will be much more difficult to achieve tangible results than in youth, so not everyone has enough patience. Men, on the other hand, statistically spend more time in the gym and lead a more active lifestyle, which is why they age more slowly.

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