How To Look 20 At 30: The Best Examples Of Stars

How To Look 20 At 30: The Best Examples Of Stars
How To Look 20 At 30: The Best Examples Of Stars

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Rooney Mara, Camilla Belle and 8 other celebrities who look younger than their years. BeautyHack found out how they do it - the secrets of harmony and beauty in our selection.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is 36, and today she is still the same "Honey" as 14 years ago - outwardly, the actress has hardly changed. Alba says that the main secret of "eternal youth" is hydration, health and cleanliness.

The actress regularly cleans her face and has not cheated on the beautician Shani Darden for many years. If there is no time to go to the clinic, Jessica uses the Braun Silk-épil cleansing brush.

Alba drinks a lot of water and plays sports regularly. To keep her workouts from getting bored, she alternates yoga, hip-hop dancing and running.

The actress does not like to paint, so she is immensely happy that natural beauty is in fashion today. To freshen up her face a little, she applies bronzer along the hairline, cheekbones and nose - helping to create a natural tan effect. Rounding off Jessica's daily makeup is a peach lip gloss.

Emilia Clarke

33-year-old Emilia Clarke has repeatedly admitted that her beauty icon is her mother! It was she who taught the actress to take care of the skin, paint correctly and instilled a love of good cosmetics.

As a child, Clarke was laughed at because of too thick eyebrows - today this is a reason for Emilia's pride. Before going to bed, she smears them with petroleum jelly - in the morning they are perfect.

The actress's favorite way to relax is an Epsom salt bath.

Clarke loves marmalade, and works out her little pranks in the gym: kickboxing, hand-to-hand combat and shooting are her favorites.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda 31. Three years ago, the actress received the Victoria's Secret award for the sexiest lips - in her makeup she almost always emphasizes them, choosing bright lipsticks. Favorite shades: wine, coral red.

For her daily makeup, Amanda uses Cléde Peau Beauté Ivory Concealer and Eyebrow Liner.

In her youth, the actress constantly experimented with her hair, which is why it became dull and brittle. To restore their vitality, Amanda stopped using the hairdryer. From the latest beauty discoveries: dry shampoos. Favorite - Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair.

Amanda prefers ballet to training, although she sometimes looks at the sports field next to her house. The actress does not recognize diets, and the secret of her harmony is thorough chewing of food: at least 15 times each bite.

Rooney Mara

The star of the movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" 32. Rooney admits that she does not like to experiment with beauty novelties - she has too sensitive skin.

Mara does not go out without SPF protection. Favorite brands of cosmetics Chanel and Dermalogica.

The actress adheres to a balanced diet: there are no "random" chocolates and hamburgers in her diet. Rooney is convinced that if your diet contains enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements, you don't want "food waste".

Several years ago, the actress stopped eating cereals, switching to a gluten-free diet. According to Rooney, after that she began to feel much better.

Rachel McAdams

Behind 38-year-old Rachel McAdams has a lot of beautiful roles and bright beauty images. Since the days of Mean Girls, where she played the queen of the school Regina George, the actress's appearance has remained the same beautiful: a snow-white smile, smooth skin and perfect hair.

Rachel's favorite skin care product is the Chicet algae mask. Of shampoos, McAdams prefers Lavera, Rose Milk series. Facial favorites: Dr. Hauschka products.

Several years ago, the actress tried to give up meat and fish. And, according to the star, she was the most undisciplined vegetarian - Rachel's diet consisted of pasta and pizza.Today, the actress tries to eat right and exercise regularly. Rachel's favorite fitness areas are yoga and cycling.

Ann Hataway

When Ann turned 23, her beautician suggested injecting botulinum toxin, which caused a storm of indignation among the star. 34-year-old Hathaway is an ardent opponent of beauty injections and plastic surgery.

The actress supports youth and health of the skin with the help of organic creams and olive oil: before going to bed, she drinks two spoons - it helps to eliminate toxins.

Hathaway plays sports 5 times a week, alternating dance with strength training. The actress loves to run: wherever she is, daily jogging is required (at least 20 minutes).

Dianna Agron

At school, 31-year-old Dianna Argon studied ballet, today she prefers strength training. The actress believes that the sun is the main enemy of the skin, so she always uses SPF.

Argon admits that she feels sorry for people who are constantly dieting. The actress tries to eat right and exercise regularly.

Dianna drinks a lot of water and believes that her skin needs to be hydrated regularly, with particular attention to body care.

Natalie Portman

Skin care beauty hack for 35-year-old Natalie Portman: washing her face with soap. The actress is sure that there is no better way to clean it! After washing her face, she wipes her face with a toner and applies a moisturizer - Portman does not use anti-aging cosmetics.

Natalie goes in for sports 4 times a week and never breaks the schedule! Workouts are carried out according to the scheme: warm-up on an ellipsoid, an exercise bike, a swimming pool and a 15-minute stretch. Once a week - a mandatory walk in the park.

Portman doesn't dye her hair. Favorite care mask is collagen. Before styling, the actress always uses heat protection with silk and wheat proteins.

Odette Annable

32-year-old Odette Annable prefers sleekly styled hair and bright lipstick. The actress is dyed in a natural chestnut color with a honey-wheat gradient, and in her care she prefers natural oils - argan and olive.

Annable takes nutrition seriously and chooses products carefully, with a preference for farmed and organic. The actress rarely eats in restaurants and admits that she loves to cook!

The main secret of Odette's slimness: more green vegetables in the diet, less salt and sugar!

Camilla Belle

Camilla started acting at the age of 9 (!) Months. In 2011, 31-year-old Camilla was included in the list of the most beautiful people in the world according to People magazine. The actress has confessed more than once: radiant skin, well-groomed hair and a slender figure are the result of daily work on herself.

With a height of 174 centimeters, its weight is -52 kg. She keeps in shape with the help of cardio loads and strength training. Camilla adheres to a proper diet, regularly tries new diets and pays frequent visits to the beautician.

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