Will Investments From India Help The Economy Of The Region?

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Will Investments From India Help The Economy Of The Region?
Will Investments From India Help The Economy Of The Region?

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Yesterday it became known that a Business Council for Cooperation with India would be set up in Kursk. A similar structure operates on the basis of the country's Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The initiator of the creation of the council was the deputy of the Kursk City Assembly Abhay Singh. We decided to ask the politician what are the benefits for the Kurds:

“The Council will give a powerful impetus to attract investments in our region. Eastern partners are interested in cooperation. Especially at the level of small and medium-sized businesses. I know this because I often communicate with entrepreneurs from India both on all-Russian platforms and on trips abroad. As for the potential for the development of business and cultural ties, it is large-scale. The Indian economy is one of the largest in terms of nominal GDP and purchasing power parity. Local businesses are interested in pharmaceuticals. Generics that are produced in the country account for 20% of world exports. Entrepreneurs from India can be offered the idea of ​​building a pharmaceutical production facility in the Kursk region. The tasks of the Council are to formulate and propose preferences to the leadership of the region that can attract investors. The region has the necessary human resources for the pharmaceutical industry. For graduates of a medical university and a pharmaceutical college, new industries will provide jobs. The drugs that will be produced at the Kursk enterprises can be sold to the Russian consumer, as well as exported,”says Abhay Singh.

But the Indian partners, of course, are also interested in the agrarian sphere. In this direction, India is interested in the dairy industry, projects for deep processing of grain and the construction of an oil extraction plant.

“In my opinion, cultural ties are also promising. Kuryans imbued with the traditions of the eastern country at the festival of Indian cinema, at the Yoga Days. There are many interesting ideas and projects ahead. But we must wait until the end of the epidemic and the complete cancellation of restrictions,”the politician notes.

The people of India, in turn, are interested in our culture. Many people know about the events at the Kursk Bulge. One of the prospects is the reception of guests from India.

“But to invite foreign tourists, you need infrastructure. In Belgorod, for example, there is not only a large-scale exposition with a belfry and military equipment, but also a modern museum, a chain of cafes, and a hotel. So far, we can offer tourists not so much: several large-scale monuments in Ponyri, Olkhovatka, Molotychi, distant from each other. But all of this was discovered in 2015 and earlier. The Northern Fas should become the foundation of the tourism cluster in our region. So far, the creation of a memorial complex in Ponyri is at the project level. This work must not be delayed. In addition, it is necessary to attract not only public investment. Business, social activists and patrons of the arts should contribute to the common cause. We do not have much time until the 80th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, even less until the 80th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Kursk,”sums up Abhay Singh.

Time and KurskTV will show how events will develop in the future.

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