Shishkova With Tears In Her Eyes Answered The Question Of What Happened To Her Hands

Shishkova With Tears In Her Eyes Answered The Question Of What Happened To Her Hands
Shishkova With Tears In Her Eyes Answered The Question Of What Happened To Her Hands

Video: Shishkova With Tears In Her Eyes Answered The Question Of What Happened To Her Hands

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The live broadcast on Instagram ended with Alena flatly refused to communicate with subscribers live. The model burst into tears and said: "My big face says goodbye to you."


Over the past year, Timati's ex-girlfriend, model Alena Shishkova, has been increasingly discussed on social networks. This is mostly done in a negative way. At first, netizens did not like the look of Alena's face. Many thought she had overdone her fillers. According to the followers, the girl became swollen and visually older by at least 10 years.

Later, fans were embarrassed by the celebrity's excessive thinness. Many wrote that she literally starved herself to death and was already close to anorexia.

Alena's experiments with hair were also not approved by netizens. They didn't like the bangs, the new length and color of the strands. When passions subsided due to a change of image, the haters found another reason for discussion. This time they were embarrassed by the woman's hands. According to followers, Alena began to appear everywhere in gloves for a reason.

March 25, 2020 at 10: 05 PDT

In several pictures taken without them, Alena's fingers reminded them of Yulia Nachalova's hands. The network literally exploded with a wave of rumors that Shishkova was suffering from gout.

During Easter, Alena decided to go live on Instagram. The questions that fell on the girl stunned her. The model could not stand such pressure and rough formulations. Netizens were interested in why Alena looks so scary and what happens to her hands.

The model's nerves have failed. She began to cry and so that the haters would leave her behind with such questions, Alena took off her gloves and showed how her hands really look. The fingers were all right. There were no bumps or stains on the hands.

The model explained that she initially began wearing gloves due to the coronavirus epidemic. Later they became a convenient accessory for her. Since there is no opportunity to put her hands in order now, the star arranged a spa for herself at home. Because of her dry skin, she applies Bepanten to her hands and puts on gloves to help the product absorb better.

Emotionally answering this question and bursting into tears, the girl said that her "big face" was saying goodbye to her subscribers.

By the way, Alena is not the only one who faces haters' aggression. Billie Eilish has 60 million subscribers. The singer is sure that for public people, social networks are a kind of curse. Billy tries not to read comments in his address. The amount of negativity towards her appearance and creativity is off the charts.

Eilish reacted to such caustic comments only once, when users drew attention to her inappropriate behavior during an interview. The girl had to admit that she did not grimace. Bulging eyes and protruding tongue are the result of a congenital syndrome. It manifests itself when a girl is very worried.

Billy turned out to be stronger than Alena and found a way to deal with such negativity. How exactly - you can see in our video.

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