Drew Barrymore's Beauty Secrets

Drew Barrymore's Beauty Secrets
Drew Barrymore's Beauty Secrets

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Video: Drew Barrymore’s Genius Guide to On-the-Go Beauty | Beauty Secrets | Vogue 2023, February

Actress, young mother, founder of her own cosmetic brand: all the beauty secrets of Drew Barrymore are in a special selection of BeautyHack.


1) Drew admits that California is obliged to lead a healthy lifestyle. Known for her addictions in her youth, the actress now regularly plays sports and eats right - eating organic vegetables and foods rich in protein. Sometimes he allows himself pizza or sweets - the main thing is to keep track of the portion sizes!

2) To quickly get in shape, she goes on a diet - for example, last year the actress lost 10 kilograms after her second pregnancy. In this she was helped by the method of star nutritionist Kimberly Snyder: instead of dairy products and gluten - a lot of greens and fruits.

3) The actress regularly visits her favorite studio and is engaged in the AKT program, developed by international fitness expert Anna Kaiser, is a cycle of functional training that includes strength exercises, dance cardio, Pilates and yoga.



4) Attaches particular importance to skin cleansing - he washes his face three times a day, but chooses products for sensitive skin, such as Cetaphil gel. Then be sure to apply a toner and moisturizer.

5) In an interview, Drew admitted that Korean moisturizers are the best because they do not contain oils. "Korean masks have changed my life!" - says the actress and chooses the fabric Baby Pure Shining Mask, JayJun. "When I take it off, I look like I just got it from a beautician."

6) After the birth of children, the actress developed age spots - now she pays more attention to protecting her skin from the sun. The only two products that are perfect for her are Clear Skin Dry Touch, La Roche-Posay and Colorscience SPF powder.

7) In 2013, Drew Barrymore created her own line of cosmetics - Flower Cosmetics. Over the years spent in the armchairs of the most eminent makeup artists, the actress has become a real beautician, so she was directly involved in the creation of funds. “It’s important for me to give my customers the very best,” says Drew.

8) The actress's favorite product from her own line is the Daily Brightening Undereye Cover Creme. According to Drew, it works on both age spots and under-eye circles. The Under-Eye Cream, Kate Somerville, also helps her fight the latter.

9) For over 20 years, hair coloring has trusted colorist Tracy Cunningham and prefers the effect of sun-bleached hair - dark roots and lightened strands.

10) To prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle, the actress chooses restorative nutrients: Restore shampoo, Living Proof and Oud Royal Conditioner, Philip B, similar to gold gouache. Before going to bed, he often uses a J. F. Lazartigue mask with shea butter - applies along the entire length, braids the hair, and rinses off in the morning.

11) In everyday life, Drew almost does not paint. The only tool she cannot do without is the Skincognito Stick Foundation, Flower. Light texture, good coverage and ease of use - as the actress says: "We all do our makeup on the go."

12) Drew even dedicated a hashtag to this - #commuterbeauty. She mastered the skill of painting in the most unexpected places perfectly: she applies mascara in a taxi, looking in the rearview mirror, or nail polish - right in the subway!

13) "The main thing in lipstick is firmness," says the actress. To make the shade last longer, Drew first applies a pencil on his lips, then lipstick, and then - his favorite trick: he pats the lipstick on the “apples” of his cheeks with patting movements. Sometimes she makes a bright accent on her lips, and sometimes she chooses muted nude shades like Sandbar, Flower.

14) In eye and eyebrow makeup, Drew always follows the rule: bright lipstick - light eyebrows, nude lipstick - dark eyebrows. She paints them with shadows and smoothes them with colored wax. He does not forget about mascara - he applies his favorite Diorshow, Dior in several layers.

15) The actress considers her signature fragrance to be fresh floral Cherished, Flower with notes of vanilla, lemon and rose.

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