What Were The Girls In The USSR

What Were The Girls In The USSR
What Were The Girls In The USSR

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Video: Russian elders describe their life in the USSR 2022, December

In an era when the world is ruled by Photoshop and the entire Internet is flooded with photographs of incredible beauties of various degrees of nudity, we are gradually beginning to forget how natural, ordinary, truly beautiful girls look. But they are and have always been. One has only to look at the photographs of young women of the Soviet Union, students, athletes and Komsomol members, and you immediately begin to feel pride in how charming our mothers and grandmothers were.


The girl and the radio.

Flowers in the midst of a working day.

At the post.



Photographer Boris Ignatovich, "Youth", 1930.

Photographer Miroslav Murazov, "The Singing Girl", 1960.

Smiles, 70s.



Photographer Andrey Knyazev, "Stewardesses", 1970.

Photographer Max Zakharovich Penson, 1930.



I thought about it.


Sportswomen, Komsomol members.

Photographer Peter Bock-Schroeder.

Before the registry office.

Your look, your smile.

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