What Age Women Do Men Choose?

What Age Women Do Men Choose?
What Age Women Do Men Choose?

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Each woman has her own beauty, which makes her desirable for the male half. When meeting a man, he initially relies on his visual perception of a woman, and then looks at her personality traits.


Many men believe that when choosing a pair for themselves, it is necessary to focus on the age of the partner.

Women of what age men prefer, the question is quite interesting and controversial.

The research center conducted a survey among men aged 25 to 65 years.

A significant number of men choose women of the same age, explaining this by the fact that a woman of his age adheres to the same ideological views, she has the same amount of life experience.

Also, quite a few men are looking for a relationship in which the woman will be much younger than them. In this case, a man feels like a leader in a relationship, he becomes more confident in himself and in his form. Also, their weakness for defenseless girls, is explained by the fact that they like to take care of and take care of. They are touched by them in a touching way.

And some men, on the contrary, believe that young and inexperienced girls are not able to understand their deep inner world and character, they do not have the same attitude and psychological views. And the ideal age woman is considered the one who is slightly younger than them, by 2-6 years. They may be a little frivolous, but they already have an established character, they are beautiful and passionate. And this age is the most beautiful for procreation.

Not many men choose an older lady as their companion. Considering that the woman is mature enough for a serious relationship and she will not have any difficulties in character.

The survey revealed that in most of the answers, men in the age range from 25 to 65 years old prefer one age audience of women.

Women aged 30-38 are considered the most attractive in the eyes of men, since at this age both body, brain and soul are in good shape. Their external data is combined with charm and intelligence. They outshine even young beauties, because at this age the highest peak of a woman's sexuality and beauty comes. This information is connected with the fact that in men maturity and wisdom comes much later, but also lasts longer than in women. Men in their youth choose an older woman for themselves, and by their mature years the choice falls on women who are younger than themselves.

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