What Is The Difference Between Russian Women And Ukrainian Women

What Is The Difference Between Russian Women And Ukrainian Women
What Is The Difference Between Russian Women And Ukrainian Women

Video: What Is The Difference Between Russian Women And Ukrainian Women

Video: What Is The Difference Between Russian Women And Ukrainian Women
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The close relationship between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples does not exclude significant differences in ethnological psychology. The differences are especially pronounced among the female half of the population of these two countries. Ukrainian women and Russians differ from each other both in the type of beauty and in a whole set of psychological traits. The combination of these parameters often determines the "face, character of the nation."


Differences in appearance

The characteristic features of the appearance are based on genetic mixing that took place in the distant past with other peoples who lived in the neighborhood. It matters here: the geographical position of the country, the historical expansion of the state, the annexation of lands.

The beauty of Russian women belongs to the Finno-Baltic type of appearance, which is widespread among the northern peoples. They are characterized by: light-colored hair combined with gray, blue or green eyes, fine facial features and light skin.

Ukrainian women gravitate towards the southern type of appearance, which is characterized by bright contrasts and more expressive facial features. A dark shade of hair is combined with brown, black, green eyes. Expressive eyebrows stand out brightly on fair skin.

The beauty of Russian women echoes the frosty winter or spring thaw. Ukrainian women, on the other hand, resemble a hot summer with dark, nightingale nights. Each type of beauty is attractive in its own way. There is no single opinion on who is more beautiful.

Differences in character

No less striking are the differences in the character of Russian and Ukrainian women. Compliant and patient Russian women are more restrained in expressing emotions. They forgive their husbands a lot, are prone to self-sacrifice, without hesitation "stop a galloping horse" or "enter a burning hut." The character of a Russian woman has retained the Domostroi norms, which have been hammered into her for centuries. It is natural for her to remain in the background in the family, to support her husband's endeavors or to come to terms with his shortcomings.

Freedom-loving Ukrainian women have a hot-tempered, stubborn character. Experts correlate these features with the cult of the Mother Goddess, which for many centuries was followed by the peoples of Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary. Ukrainian women are more demanding of men and are not inclined to forgive mistakes. They are ready to defend the truth in the most heated debate.

Typical family relationships at the end of the 19th century are reflected in the story of I. Nechuy-Levitsky "The Kaydasheva Family". The author in a humorous way expressed the role of the Ukrainian woman in family relations. Ukrainian women are not inclined to find themselves in the role of a victim, they actively defend themselves and are always ready to make a scandal.

Divorce statistics

The differences in the ethnopsychology of Russian and Ukrainian women are confirmed by the statistics of divorce. So, if in Russia in 2012 the divorce rate was 53%, then in Ukraine - 61%, which is 8% more. With a generally high rate of divorce, Ukrainian families break up more often.

In other countries, the divorce rate is much lower: 48% in Canada, 46% in the US, 42% in the UK, 38% in France and only 27% in Japan. A large number of destroyed families in Russia and Ukraine is due to the general drunkenness of husbands, financial problems. It is noteworthy that Russian women are more eager to keep their families together than Ukrainian women.

Equally important is the sexual compatibility of the spouses, the absence of which often leads to adultery. There are also striking differences that are reflected in the statistics. For Russians, husbands are much more likely to run "to the left". Of the total number of unfaithful spouses, 75% are men. A somewhat different situation is observed in Ukrainian families. The shares of husbands and wives guilty of treason are approximately the same - 58% and 42%, respectively.

The statistics perfectly reflects the temperament of freedom-loving Ukrainian women with matriarchal views on family life. A Russian woman, on the other hand, is ready to sacrifice personal happiness for the sake of maintaining family well-being.

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