Stars Who Did Plastic Surgery Early: In Vain Or Not?

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Stars Who Did Plastic Surgery Early: In Vain Or Not?
Stars Who Did Plastic Surgery Early: In Vain Or Not?

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Alena Shishkova


Although Alena is by nature a very attractive girl, she began to make adjustments to her appearance quite early. Judging by the photographs, Shishkova decided at one time for rhinoplasty, which made the girl's neat nose even more graceful out of that. Alena also removed Bisha's lumps with subsequent augmentation of the zygomatic zone and chin and enlarged her lips with the help of the bulhorn, which is fashionable today. The girl did not disregard the eyebrow zone, resorting to the possibilities of permanent makeup. Perfectly matched density, shape and color perfectly emphasize the expressiveness and blueness of the eyes.

Olga Buzova

Few people now remember that Olga Buzova, who appeared 14 years ago as a participant in the Dom-2 project. But look at some of her old photographs and you can feel the difference. The star started transforming herself while still a member of the project. Much has been done, and this much has undoubtedly benefited Olga: from an ugly duckling she has turned into a beautiful and stylish swan. And most importantly, all the changes that the TV personality resorted to were made very correctly and only emphasize her dignity. It all started with rhinoplasty: judging by the numerous pictures, Olga's hump disappeared, and the tip of her nose became more accurate. Apparently, the presenter went on about fashion trends and removed Bish's lumps. Then the augmentation of the zygomatic zone and chin was performed. Also, the star resorted to the help of a plastic surgeon to correct her lips and make a bulhorn.

Ksenia Borodina

The appearance of the TV presenter has always been called attractive. However, this did not prevent Xenia from taking care of herself over time. It all started with losing weight. Then there was a correction of the shape of the breast with the help of implants. The TV presenter denies all other interventions, except, perhaps, lip augmentation with fillers. However, judging by Borodina's photographs, there were still some changes. It should be noted that the face of the presenter as a whole does not look at all the same as before: the tip of the nose has become more accurate, the area of ​​the cheekbones and chin has changed, which means that rhinoplasty, bisectomy and augmentation with fillers based on hyaluronic acid were performed. It can also be assumed that the TV presenter regularly resorts to hardware techniques in order to keep the muscles of the body in good shape and look great: she does not have excess weight and signs of cellulite, despite the birth of two children.

Alana Mamaeva

Honestly, Alana Mamaeva could do nothing! The girl looked so impressive before. But she thought differently - and took care of herself to be in trend. It is noticeable that Alana is a frequenter of beauty salons: she does various treatments (masks, peels, cleanses) and hardware procedures. Apparently, she underwent augmentation with fillers of the zygomatic zone and the corners of the lower jaw, and injections of Botox were made. Of the surgical interventions, successful mammoplasty and rhinoplasty can be noted.

Oksana Samoilova

Another former member of "House-2", which does not lose its popularity. Oksana Samoilova finds time for everything: for playing sports, raising children and visiting a beautician. If we look at the photographs of Oksana, taken 10 years ago and now, it can be noted that she has changed dramatically, and for the better. The procedures that were carried out by Oksana Samoilova are distinguished by their delicacy and excellent results. Possible changes include contouring of the lips and chin, correction of the angles of the lower jaw and zygomatic zone.The oval of the face, most likely, was tightened with the help of threads, and blepharoplasty was also performed: in old photographs of the girl, a small congenital ptosis of the upper eyelid is noticeable, now it is absent. For the preparation of the material, we thank our expert: Madina Bayramukova, plastic surgeon of the MaRusMed clinic

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