Zita And Geeta: Stars That Look Alike Like Two Drops Of Water

Zita And Geeta: Stars That Look Alike Like Two Drops Of Water
Zita And Geeta: Stars That Look Alike Like Two Drops Of Water

Video: Zita And Geeta: Stars That Look Alike Like Two Drops Of Water

Video: Zita And Geeta: Stars That Look Alike Like Two Drops Of Water
Video: Какая тяжелая связка ключей и для такой тонкой талии. Зита и Гита. 1972 2023, May

They were born on different continents, learned to speak different languages and certainly didn't know about each other until they became famous. Maybe it's your great-grandfather?


Jennifer Garner and Hillary Swank

Brunettes look like twins, but, as in the series about Zita and Gita, they occupy different social roles. Hillary has two Oscars and a husband from a family of French aristocrats, Jennifer has roles in TV shows and two unsuccessful marriages under her belt. No wonder Hillary is against comparisons: “Well, just this morning one person came up to me and said how wonderful that I visited the Buyers Club in Dallas. I had to admit to him that I hadn't been there for several years, but Jennifer Garner had really only been there. And so it is constantly."

Margot Robbie and Jamie Presley

40-year-old Jamie's gaze is as straight and sexy as 27-year-old Margot's, and her skin is just as toned. Yellow publications like The Sun occasionally refer to actresses as secret sisters. Dispelling the myth is easy: Jamie was born in Kinston, North Carolina, Margot was born in Dalby, Australia.

Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel

It just so happened: the girls have not only similar facial features, but also common fans. Maybe it's the cartoon "ice" eyes? Zoey comments on the situation like this: “Katie and I immediately noticed our similarities. I was relieved when I saw her live. Everyone stubbornly repeated: “God, have you met that girl? She looks so much like you! " In the end, Katie turned out to be very nice, and I am even flattered by such a comparison."

Ellen Barkin and Cameron Diaz

It seems like every generation has its own "funny blonde". We are lucky with Cameron: she makes all kinds of charming films (from the primitive "The Mask" to the dramatic "Guardian Angel"). Previously, this "role" was played by Ellen Barkin: she laughed and cried on the screen heartily, pouring large tears into her equally large lips. 44-year-old Cameron was suspected of being related to 63-year-old Barkin, but the girl refused to comment on this rumor (smiling languidly, of course).

Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly

It is a rare case when twin stars are happy to pose in front of the paparazzi (and laugh with their identical open smiles on half their faces). An educational program for those who hear about Minka Kelly for the first time: this brunette hangs on the posters of American teenagers for the role of cute Lila Garrity on the NBC show "Big Friday Lights". Recall that we fell in love with Leighton for the role of Blair in "Gossip Girl." Minke is 37 and Leighton is 31 - let's see if the girls' similarities change by the age of 40.

Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence

Bella is from the most secular Muslim family in the world (you know that Gigi and Anwar Hadid are her own sister and brother?). Jennifer is a classic American daughter of a construction worker from Kentucky. How to explain the similarity of these slanting eyes and doll noses? Firstly, Bella openly admits to plastic surgery on her nose, and secondly, Jennifer's makeup artist actively highlights the outer corners of the actress's eyes with rich shadows.

Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley

The actresses met on the set of Star Wars. British Jewess Natalie played the brooding Princess Leia. According to a fantastic plot, the princess had a double. The young American Kira was instantly taken on this role. Now girls do not compete, but amicably share the front of work. Ironically, Natalie Portman is the face of Miss Dior, while Kira represents Chanel Mademoiselle (Mademoiselle and Miss are synonyms, Dior and Chanel are the main fashion competitors). We love both!

Eva Mendes and Ashley Graham

Face, lips, hair, breast size - we are already used to these similarities, but a mole at an identical point makes us believe in mysticism. Both Ashley and Eve have it to the left of the nose, at a distance of three centimeters.

The first plus-size model to "win" a spot on the covers of the best fashion magazines loves to watch movies with Eva Mendes (for example, "Last Night in New York") and laughs loudly when the actress is called her doppelgänger.

Amal Clooney and Anne Hathaway

In 2015, the host of the American show Extra Tracy Edmond asked Ann a straightforward question:

- Have you ever been told that you are somehow similar to the amazing Amal Clooney?

- Never said, but thanks! This is definitely the best thing I've heard today. I hope one day I will become at least half the same as this accomplished woman. It's really nice to look at someone and think, "Wow, she really makes this world a better place."

We draw conclusions - the girls have no relatives. There are - soft and intelligent smiles, sparkle in the eyes and a face in the shape of a "heart".

Lily Allen and Rita Ora

The avant-garde style of rocker's daughter Keith Allen is not like the glamorous image of pop singer Rita Ora, but their faces are. Children's dimples, smiles like comic book heroines, "wide open" eyes (thanks to the makeup artists and the correct volumetric mascara). Recall that Lily Allen was born in the UK, and Rita Ora was born in Yugoslavia. The girls have heard about the similarities and, it seems, are not against this fact: in 2014 they sang a duet on the stage of Weston Park.

Kat Dennings and Marion Cotillard

At the 2013 Grammy Awards, the jury and journalists were confused: either singer Kat Dennings or actress Marion Cotillard took the stage. The wine lipstick was the culprit - a trademark detail of Marion's image. Kat received an award, in addition - a hundred funny news in the "yellow" publications. For Kat, comparing with a leading actress in both Hollywood and new French cinema is like a free PR stunt. Let's be honest - a quarter of BeautyHack's editorial staff has heard of Kat for the first time.

Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton

The role of the Victorian vampire in Tilda and the role of the blonde with the Louis Vuitton set for Kate do not coincide in any way, but their facial features! We thought about the possible relationship between "Nordic" Tilda and New York Kate after the movie "Big Splash", a remake of "The Pool" by Jacques Dere (where Swinton plays the role of a beautiful woman with golden hair, typical for Kate). Let's turn to the facts: Tilda was born in London 56 years ago, and Kate was born in Australia 48 years ago.

Christy Turlington and Dijessica Bill

The raised tip of a thin nose, a rectangular chin, a plump upper lip and close-set eyes - we have already forgotten where Jessica is and where Christie is. The actress was born in Minnesota, the top model is in California. We love Jessica for her photogenic relationship with Timberlake, Christy for her eternal youth and passion for yoga.

Georgia May Jagger and Lara Stone

The first thing you look at is a baby gap between teeth. This detail glorified both Lara and Georgia (the second, however, also has a dad - the king of rock and roll Mick Jagger). The hair of the model is dyed the same way (we think it's a secret colorist from California) - they leave the roots dark, and the length is dyed in a natural sandy blond.

Amanda Seyfried and Gemma Ward

If you don't remember Gemma, we remind you that she played the angelic mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean. Gemma is confused with actress Amanda Seyfried at California parties - when the top model puts on chocolate shadows. The color of the girls' eyes is identical - cold gray-blue.

Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie

And finally, "the most beautiful women in the world"! This is what Angelina and Megan were called in different years. Their popularity has no expiration date, just like real beauty: a smooth nose like fairies, plump feminine lips, a thin waist and a straight, confident look. Recall that Megan is 31 years old, and Angelina is 42. Jolie was a little more fortunate with her place of birth - the girl's first house was already in the "star" California. Fox was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

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