Liposuction Was Done, But It Didn't Help: Creepy Figures Of Stars

Liposuction Was Done, But It Didn't Help: Creepy Figures Of Stars
Liposuction Was Done, But It Didn't Help: Creepy Figures Of Stars

Video: Liposuction Was Done, But It Didn't Help: Creepy Figures Of Stars

Video: Liposuction Was Done, But It Didn't Help: Creepy Figures Of Stars
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Donatella Versace


The Italian fashion designer has never been complete, but has always tried to perfect her appearance. Plastic surgery was no exception - Donatella underwent many facial surgeries, inserted implants into her breasts, and underwent liposuction several times. After a huge number of surgical interventions, her body began to look unnatural and even frightening, which means that the main goal - to be beautiful - was not achieved.

Tara Reed

A few years ago, Tara Reed was considered one of the most beautiful and sexy actresses in Hollywood. However, this stage of her life was left behind when the girl decided on liposuction and breast augmentation. The operations were performed poorly, and Tara's body took on a terrifying appearance. The actress needed more than one operation to get even a little closer to her original data.

Janice Dickinson

Former supermodel, now the owner of a modeling agency and TV presenter Janice Dickinson is a fan of plastic surgery and always urges her viewers to correct all the flaws in her appearance. However, Janice herself is a living anti-advertising of plastics. In addition to breast augmentation, correction of the oval of the face, eyelids and lips, the former model has repeatedly undergone liposuction. Janice, of course, managed to get rid of a few extra pounds, but her skin became saggy and bumpy.


The singer has a long history of accepting her body. From an early age, Kesha was pressured by producers, managers and public beauty standards: everyone convinced the girl that she just needed to lose weight in order to become successful and popular. Kesha has tried everything from rigid diets and exhausting workouts to drugs and artificially induced vomiting. All this undermined not only her health, but also her mental state. One of the extreme measures was liposuction, which also did not bring the desired result. After the operation, the singer's skin became flabby and thin, and the pumped out fat soon returned.

Fortunately, Kesha has nevertheless learned to love her body as it is, and no longer chases the imposed standards of beauty.

Katie Griffin

Popular American comedian Katie Griffin almost paid with her life for wanting to get rid of fat with liposuction. Not only did she almost die during the operation, she also received many health problems (hematomas, edema).

Courtney Love

For the first time, the widow of Kurt Cobain decided on liposuction more than twenty years ago for the role in the movie "The People Against Larry Flynt." Then the operation was successful, and Courtney, inspired by the result, also underwent mammoplasty, carried away with Botox injections and other anti-aging procedures. The actress did not know the sense of proportion, and her body changed beyond recognition. Unfortunately, for the worse.

Lil Kim

Hip-hop singer Lil Kim is used to having all eyes on her. However, after an unsuccessful liposuction of the abdomen, many more likely turn away from it. The singer inserted implants into her cheekbones and almost lost her original appearance.

Expert opinion

In order not to face the dire consequences of liposuction, remember a few things. First, it is imperative to find an experienced surgeon. The higher the professionalism of the doctor, the less likely a poor result after surgery.

Second, understand that liposuction is not a panacea. This method of losing weight is an excellent platform for marketing and advertising, but not all people who want to lose weight really need such an operation. Healthy eating, sports and sleep have not yet been canceled.

Thirdly, it must be remembered that complications after liposuction (loss of skin elasticity, its "sticking" to the muscles, swelling and pigmentation) are very difficult to correct later. Therefore, if possible, it is better to use non-invasive methods of losing weight. And if you still decide on liposuction, contact a professional.

Madina Bayramukova, plastic surgeon, dermatologist at the MaRusMed clinic

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