Stars Who Tried To Improve Their Figure With The Help Of Surgeons, But It Only Got Worse

Stars Who Tried To Improve Their Figure With The Help Of Surgeons, But It Only Got Worse
Stars Who Tried To Improve Their Figure With The Help Of Surgeons, But It Only Got Worse

Video: Stars Who Tried To Improve Their Figure With The Help Of Surgeons, But It Only Got Worse

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Cindy Crawford


A model in her best years recorded video lessons for losing weight and, using her example, motivated the girls to engage in a figure. Until now, Cindy denies the fact of surgical intervention in the appearance, and even more so liposuction, but the facts suggest otherwise. There is a lot of sagging skin on the abdomen, the thighs are loose and flabby, with characteristic scars. It would seem that Crawford certainly had to keep the result of pumping fat, but even if she failed, is it worth doing such a procedure at all? Tara Reed

Tara Reed was the sex symbol of the planet in the 2000s, but after almost 20 years, the actress had to resort to liposuction for slender hips and a toned belly. It turned out the opposite: after the operation, there was an uneven, bumpy abdomen, loose skin and scars. Tara's dislike of fitness also played an important role - sports would help tighten the skin. And Tara also changed the shape of her nose and confirmed the opinion that plastic surgery is not at all for her. Victoria Silvstedt

Actress and model Victoria Sylvestedt began breast augmentation since the filming of Rescuers Malibu, probably to keep up with her colleague Pamela Anderson. If the first operation gave a tolerable result, and the breast looked like a natural one, then the last photos are shocked: the silicone implants are located far from each other and are unnaturally large. Janice Dickinson

The former model celebrated her 60th birthday, but does not hesitate to appear in a revealing swimsuit on the beach. Janice is not embarrassed by saggy skin, wrinkles, or loose muscles. She does not hide the fact that she resorted to operations - and cannot even count their number. The result is disappointing, but the respect deserves at least the fact that Janice did not hide the obvious plastic surgery. Ivanka Trump

Unsuccessful plastic surgeries happen not only among show business stars. So, Ivanka Trump decided to slightly enlarge her breasts back in 2006, but she has to endure the consequences so far: the breasts turned out to be of different sizes, which is especially noticeable in the photo. Kesha

The attacks on the figure of this singer have not subsided for several years. The girl is prone to deep depression and claims that it was they who caused the rapid weight gain. Kesha underwent several liposuction and even sutured her stomach, but all the manipulations help her only for a while, and after a year and a half she is gaining weight again, and even more than she lost. Expert opinion

- Despite the fact that after liposuction, most of the fat cells in the place where the operation was performed become unviable, the problem of excess weight will not go away if the person continues to live in the old way. Moreover, fat may appear where liposuction was not performed, and then it will have to be pumped out from other zones. So the method only works in tandem with a healthy lifestyle. Madina Bayramukova, plastic surgeon, dermatologist at the MaRusMed clinic

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is a vivid example of how not to do it: several plastic surgeries did not improve the star's figure, but only added scars and made the skin saggy. The cleavage, which the actress corrected five times, looks like an old woman, and not like a lady in her prime. Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain's wife began the path of plastic surgery back in 1998 - she needed it for her role in the project "People vs. Larry Flynt." And since then, Courtney has become a regular at the clinics. Her arsenal includes breast lift, rhinoplasty, otoplasty and several liposuction. More about plastic surgery stars:

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