Do Not Believe In Horoscopes And 9 More Beauty Secrets Of The "Caucasian Captive" Natalia Varley

Do Not Believe In Horoscopes And 9 More Beauty Secrets Of The "Caucasian Captive" Natalia Varley
Do Not Believe In Horoscopes And 9 More Beauty Secrets Of The "Caucasian Captive" Natalia Varley

Who among us does not remember "an athlete, a Komsomol member and just a beauty" Nina from the famous comedy by Leonid Gaidai "Prisoner of the Caucasus" and Panochka from "Viy"? Always smiling and cheerful actress Natalya Varley, who played these and many other roles, fell in love with the Soviet, and then the Russian audience. Today, the celebrity practically does not act in films, but still looks wonderful, despite his 73 years. How does she do it?


Optimism and self-love are perhaps the most important ingredients for maintaining youth. A bright and eventful creative life allows you to stay in good shape: despite your age, you can maintain enthusiasm and sparkle in your eyes - and Natalya Varley is a proof of this. Retaining the habits acquired in her youth and making care for her appearance and physical activity an integral part of her life, the actress has become a shining example of how you can age beautifully.

Always get up early

Varley lives according to a clear schedule: he goes to bed no later than eleven in the evening, and wakes up no later than seven in the morning. This helps her to recover and feel refreshed throughout the day. Moreover, to wake up, the star first takes a hot bath and ends the procedure with an ice shower.

Natalya Varley kinopoisk

Wash your hair every day

Natalya naturally has thick hair, and her haircut for many years was the dream of Soviet women who asked hairdressers to cut them "under Varley". To keep her hair beautiful, the actress washes it every day, starting at the age of 14 - if the hot water is turned off in the house, she makes it cold. The star did not change this habit even during the tour. If she had to travel on the train for two days, she did so in the terrible carriage toilets.

Visit the bathhouse

This beauty ritual for Varley is one of the most important. She regularly visits the steam room so that the skin is well cleansed and all toxins are removed from the body. In the bath, the actress often makes masks so that they work as efficiently as possible.

Make a sour cream mask

Varley is a passionate admirer not only of the achievements of modern medicine, but also of folk beauty recipes. One of her favorites is a sour cream mask, which is ideal for those with dry and normal skin - it softens and moisturizes the epidermis. A little life hack from the actress: before applying it, Natalia must wash herself with hot water.

Never read horoscopes

Natalia prefers to live according to her conscience and biblical commandments, and not listen to any astrological "nonsense". This rule helps her to maintain a good mood and harmony in her soul, which also helps to look good and not lose a youthful glow in her eyes.

Elena Sekirina Cosmetologist, founder of the multidisciplinary medical center Sekirina Clinic

Face lift

Natalya Varley is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful actresses in the USSR. But, unfortunately, for age there is no difference who you are by profession, and the appearance of the actors also changes with age, like everyone else. But the achievements of modern medicine and cosmetology can work wonders. Most likely, Natalia resorted to the help of a plastic surgeon, namely, she did a circular facelift, in another way - SMAS-lifting. Whatever one may say, aging is an inevitable process, and soft tissue sagging occurs due to a decrease in skin tone. To resist this at such a mature age can only be a circular facelift, which can radically rejuvenate a person. Of course, genetics and a healthy lifestyle have not been canceled, but 73 years is not 50. Baths, saunas and massages alone will not help here.But Varley resorts to the services of surgeons dosed, wisely, this is what is called timeless beauty.

Do not neglect trips to the beautician for beauty injections

If we talk about cosmetology, then it is likely that the actress regularly does biorevitalization to replenish the loss of moisture. Collagen and elastane at this age are not produced in the volume in which it was in youth, due to which the turgor of the skin decreases - it “fades”. Replenishment of volume in the cheekbones and lips with fillers and botox - at this age it will be impossible to look so great without such procedures, even if you have perfect genetics.

Natalya Golodnova Nutritionist, esthetician-cosmetologist, expert of Coral Club

Love for yourself, family and animals

Natalya Varley has more than 10 cats, which she simply adores - her love for them helps her to maintain peace of mind even in difficult situations. And good relationships with loved ones - children and grandchildren - give a feeling of being needed. In simple words, a person is happy and is always in a good mood. “By children, you understand how quickly time flies, and you realize: no matter how many poems you write, no matter how many roles you play, nothing is better than having children, you will not do and will not do”, says Natalya Varley with real feminine wisdom.

Good dream

The best way to help you look younger is a sound, restful sleep. Natalya Varley tries to spend at least 7-8 hours a day in the arms of Morpheus: at this time, the body is restored at the cellular level, and the hormonal background returns to normal. In turn, chronic lack of sleep leads to excess weight, increased inflammation and numerous age-related troubles. Follow these simple rules: try not to be nervous before going to bed, remove the TV and computers from the bedroom (glowing screens prevent the production of the sleep hormone melatonin).

Daily charging

Exercising in adulthood is very useful, especially for the bones, and Natalya Varley does not neglect this rule. The fact is that bone mass usually reaches a maximum by the age of 30, after which a woman loses from one to two percent of this mass every year. But regular exercise (like brisk walking) increases bone density. Knowing this, the actress tries to move as much as possible, but she always descends the stairs carefully - the old trauma that she received when she fell from a height into the orchestra pit during a tour with the circus makes itself felt.

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