Can't Forget To Buy? Top 10 New Products Of The Week

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Can't Forget To Buy? Top 10 New Products Of The Week
Can't Forget To Buy? Top 10 New Products Of The Week

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The scent of first love, colored eyeliner for summer festivals, baby sunscreen and other new items this week to try.


Eau de parfum Breath, Sergey Gubanov

If you are not yet familiar with a niche perfume brand, here is a story: actor Sergei Gubanov, together with his partners, founded the company in 2015 and began to produce high-quality Russian perfume from components brought from Grasse. This is how we got aromas with simple names, but a rich and complex perfume composition.

Breath evokes associations with a cool summer morning: notes of greenery, orange and mint are mixed with a warm accord of coconut and nutmeg - it immediately seems that from somewhere you can hear the subtle scent of freshly cut grass. When the citrus notes subside, a light, sweet base of caramel and almond milk remains - you just want to go and make yourself a cup of coffee to start a new day.

Price: 2 500 rubles.

Liquidlast Liner, Keep It Current, M.A.C

Just in time for the season of festivals and open-air parties, M.A.C has released a collection of liquid eyeliners that do not care about everything: heat, rain, and even the worst beauty sin - sleeping with indelible makeup. Shades for every taste: from matte emerald Late Night to sparkling golden Naked Bond.

In the hands of the senior editor of BeautyHack, Anastasia Speranskaya, there was Keep it Currant - a shade of currant jam: “Firstly, the tool has a very comfortable brush - not too long, not too hard, even getting ready to work in a hurry, you can create something worthwhile. Despite the fact that the formula is waterproof, the eyeliner does not freeze with a stone on the eyelid - there is time to draw a clear line and watch the creamy texture slowly but surely matte. On the first day of the "test" I decided to wash off the makeup from my eyes with micellar water (the best ones are here), but the eyeliner remained flawless. Only hydrophilic oil helped, so resistance is a solid "five"!"

Price: 1 680 rub.

Eau de parfum Flavia Vanilla / 82, Parle Moi Parfum

Vanilla, ylang-ylang and magnolia are the recipe for the youthful memories of perfumer Michel Almairac. As a boy, he was fascinated by a girl named Flavia, whom he met on the street of a small Italian town. He tried to recreate the scent of her skin and hair after forty years - the composition turned out to be very feminine, and the perfume was dubbed in honor of the beautiful Flavia.

Flavia Vanilla is not buns from the nearest coffee shop, but fresh and crisp vanilla. It is this note that reigns in the composition, and it is complemented by the absolute of Madagascar ylang-ylang (a well-known aphrodisiac), notes of Mikelia and peach flowers. Do you also want to be imprinted in the memory of your beloved man? Try it rather.

Price on request

Roll-on deodorant-antiperspirant for men Climacool, Adidas

The novelty from Adidas was designed specifically for athletes - this, among other things, can be guessed by the brand. To prevent a scary advertisement about a girl choking on the subway and a guy hanging over her from becoming a reality, give your beloved man an antiperspirant.

Climacool promises protection from sweat for 48 hours, but we do not recommend testing it for so long - but for a working day in the office and a light evening run, it will definitely be enough. The fresh scent does not interrupt the perfume, does not leave stains on clothes and does not eat into the fabric - only a light pleasant sillage remains. And thanks to citrus extracts and menthol, the deodorant not only relieves sweat, but also refreshes - a "chill" is provided even on the hottest day.

Price: 216 rub.

Sunscreen for sensitive skin Edelweiss Baby and Kids Sun SPR 50, Weleda

If you are planning to go on vacation this summer (our test will help you determine the direction) with children or are simply spending a lot of time in the sun, choose the right sunscreen.Not all SPF creams are suitable for children, especially the smallest ones. The novelty from Weleda is a different matter: the product does not contain active chemicals and fragrances, therefore it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

The cream contains mineral UV filters that protect against harmful rays, and organic sunflower and coconut oil extracts leave the skin hydrated. The main character of the composition is mountain edelweiss extract, which relieves irritation and redness. The BeautyHack project manager Anastasia Lyagushkina has already taken the cream on vacation and was not disappointed, but still advised: “Despite the fact that the product is waterproof, it is better to reapply it after bathing - then you definitely do not burn. And remember - even with the powerful protection of Weleda cream, newborn babies should be protected from direct sunlight, and I advise babies to wear long sleeves."

Price: 1 599 rub.

Multifunctional mask Miracle Creator, Matrix

According to the editor of BeautyHack Daria Sizova, multifunctional products are her everything (especially in the summer, when there are many trips to hot countries). Most SOS hair products have one significant drawback - the packaging is large. Daria liked the format of the sachet:

“The product does not take up much space in the suitcase - the packaging can be folded in half if necessary and not be afraid that the mask will leak out and ruin your favorite dress. In addition to this obvious plus, there are 20 (!) Useful properties. The novelty nourishes, moisturizes hair, restores its structure and rescues in almost any situation (even if you need to cope with unruly curls, porous hair or minimize very serious "losses").

The consistency of the mask is thick, but not dense - it is easy to spread over the entire length. I applied it to wet hair after shampoo, stepping back from the roots, and washed it off after a minute (as stated on the package) - dried it with a hairdryer with a styling agent (options for every taste can be found here). The hair has become silky, manageable and light - the mask does not weigh them down at all!"

Price: 510 rub.

Cleansing conditioner for curly hair Curl Cleansing Conditioner, Moroccanoil

BeautyHack Special Correspondent Anna Bond confesses: "I naturally have very curly and unruly hair, and nothing disciplines it better than argan oil." That is why she trusted the new product of her beloved Moroccanoil brand and made the right decision - the effect of "hair from advertising" was not long in coming.

“The manufacturer promises that the product will replace both shampoo and conditioner. But be prepared for the fact that there will be no lush foam - if you are used to the feeling of a clean scalp to a squeak, rinse your hair with a classic shampoo. After washing, I often spray it on with sea salt to give the curls texture and not frizz. After the novelty, salt was not needed - the hair became voluminous, soft as silk and easy to style."

Price: 2 550 rub.

Shine Brush Shine Enhancer Snake, Wet Brush

Dry, matted, curly hair - brushes from the American brand Wet Brush will do it all. And the new product - Shine Enhancer with snake coloring - is also suitable for combing wet hair, so you can safely forget about the prohibitions of trichologists. Its peculiarity is that very thin, strong and flexible teeth glide easily through the hair, detangling them in parallel. This magic has already been appreciated by BeautyHack special correspondent Anna Bond:

“Without further ado, I will say - this is the best thing that I had! My curly dyed blond hair often breaks from harsh combs and other manipulations. With the new product, minimal trauma is guaranteed, and it also gives the hair a healthy shine due to the Mongolian boar bristle, which polishes the hair. I use the brush in the shower to evenly distribute the mask, and comb the curls after washing - by the way, I would not refuse a mini version of the new product so that you can carry it with you everywhere."

Price: 999 rub.

Birch anti-cellulite oil, Weleda

The product is a visiting card of the brand, and recently it was released in a new package with a convenient dispenser, it has even more advantages.BeautyHack assistant Karina Ilyasova immediately appreciated the oil:

“As soon as the product appeared on the cosmetic market, many positive reviews were written about it, so I simply had to try it - I really like to test on myself what many praise. I must say right away that I am skeptical about all such sensational products. Having studied the composition on the manufacturer's website, I realized that the oil does not fight cellulite, but only helps in the fight against it - that is, you should not expect a miracle. But in combination with a minimal massage, you will see the result - then everything depends on you.

Many people noted that the oil has an inconvenient dispenser, so manufacturers listened to customers and made a pump, thanks to which you can get the required amount of funds. The smell of the oil is woody-citrus, not birch, but very pleasant. Most of all I appreciated that the product is absorbed quickly enough, covering the body with a light film, but without leaving greasy or sticky marks - immediately after application I am ready for bed. The oil moisturizes the skin very well, and it really becomes more elastic."

Price: 1 610 rub.

Mat lipstick for lips Royal Mat Lipstick, Pierre Renē

Despite the fact that summer is the season of lip glosses and tints, matte lipsticks do not lose their popularity and always lie in the cosmetic bag of real beauticians in case of an evening out. At least, BeautyHack's special correspondent Daria Mironova does just that - she liked the novelty from Pierre Renē:

“Having got acquainted with the new product, I wanted to know more about the Pierre René brand. It turned out to be a professional Polish brand that has existed for over 20 years. Developers of decorative cosmetics pay special attention to the composition, therefore Pierre René products contain a lot of caring components, as well as a minimum amount of allergens.

The Royal Mat lipstick has a neat metal case - it is very easy to open and close it, and there are magnets inside the package (I used to see a similar principle with Giorgio Armani lipsticks). There are 24 shades in this series - from beige to maroon. I have shade 21 (elegance plum) - the color of a ripe plum. The lipstick is easy to apply on the lips, with one coating, the shade is bright enough, so you do not need to apply several layers at a time. The lipstick has a satin finish, the formula does not dry out the lips, but at the same time it lasts for a long time."

Price: 1 100 rub.

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