Editors' Picks: 18 Best Fragrances This Summer

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Editors' Picks: 18 Best Fragrances This Summer
Editors' Picks: 18 Best Fragrances This Summer

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A perfume with notes of black currant, which is associated with summer Paris, an aroma with notes of Bulgarian rose and cherry, which can inspire a new journey, a floral-sweet composition that seems to be created for a first date - these and other findings of the editors will help to prolong the summer and remember him for a long time!


Eau de parfum Proposal, HFC

The choice of the chief editor of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva immediately

Last Wednesday, a young perfumer of the Vincent Ricord brand came to present the novelty: the event was held in the luxurious Spiridonov mansion in the center of Moscow. Rose petals on the front staircase, artificial cherry blossom trees - elegant, tender and fresh. This is exactly the new fragrance of the brand - despite the abundance of fresh notes of bergamot and jasmine, it opens very easily and gently.

Sweet (but not sugary!) Accords of almond, lychee and black currant complete this sound. I associate Proposal with summer Paris (and not only because the famous illustrator from New York Megan Hess came up with a picture for a bottle, where a young girl in a lush pink dress with an open back with a large lush bow stands in front of the Eiffel Tower): a novelty mentally transfers to the blooming Jardin du Luxembourg.

Price: 22 800 rub.

Fragrance Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori, Gucci

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

The new fragrance was created on the basis of the original composition, but fresh accords are clearly felt in it, which give cheerfulness, endless energy and a feeling of eternal youth.

With the new perfume, you still feel like you are in a flower garden, but now it has a waterfall. In the main notes, there is a watery motif of green galbanum with tones of musk and ripe black currant.

But the iconic fragrance remains recognizable - in the heart there are accords of delicate jasmine and Rangoon liana, which we first heard in perfumery a year ago in the previous version of the fragrance.

Sandalwood leaves a warm trail that will warm you in the evenings and bring you back on hot days in cold autumn.

The packaging is still pleasing to the eye with floral patterns, but in a fresh color scheme - the pattern of branches and leaves of a cherry tree is enclosed in a stylish black frame. And you just want to put the bottle of powdery pink on the shelf.

Price on request

Fragrance Paris-Deauville, Chanel

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

We all remember the beautiful and tragic love story of Coco Chanel, which began in Deauville (by the way, it was there that her first boutique appeared). The free resort of Normandy was the perfect place to instill in Parisians (and then girls all over the world) the spirit of freedom - the creator of the brand forgot about the corset and rode a horseback in a blouse with an open neck.

Olivier Polge, in turn, wanted to give the townspeople the opportunity to escape from the stuffy city and show what freedom can be.

The aroma is permeated with notes of greenery like the rustle of grass in the morning - the notes of orange peel are mixed with basil. This is followed by a note of orange tree oil, merging with jasmine, the floral heart of the fragrance. And the patchouli note gives the fragrance a vintage touch (recalling how Coco Chanel herself loved freedom).

Price: about 10,000 rubles.

Eau de toilette Mon Paris, Yves Saint Laurent

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

Eau de parfum Mon Paris fell in love with all its amber undertones and bright musky shades that fit perfectly at any time of the year, and in June Yves Saint Laurent will present the eau de toilette of the same name, based on the perfume version.

Three bestselling authors - Olivier Cresp, Dora Bagrish and Harry Flemont - have teamed up again to make the fragrance even more sensual. To do this, they combined notes of white jasmine, tuberose and white peony with a bright accord of bergamot, raspberry and black currant.The perfume turned out to be fresh, like the first summer days, and light, like a flying chiffon dress in tune with a pale pink bottle.

Price (50 ml): 6 337 rubles.

Eau de parfum Ever Bloom Sakura Art Edition, Shiseido

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

The perfume novelty from Shiseido is the flanker of the acclaimed Ever Bloom, which has conquered more than one lover of delicate floral aromas. This year the perfume was dedicated to the main event of spring in Japan - the cherry blossom, hence the pink highlights in an elegant crystal bottle, and the composition with cherry tree petals at the base.

This complex note was brought to life by perfumer Olivier Guichard with woody accents, but you won't find the usual complex pyramid in Ever Bloom Sakura Art Edition. The aroma contains two accords that imperceptibly replace each other: in the first - a bouquet of Bulgarian rose, orange blossom and cherry tree, and the second is a combination of greenery, sweet cherry and floral overflows of cyclamen. What can be inspired by a new perfume? At least to dress in a pink chiffon dress and go to Japan, to contemplate the blooming of fragrant trees.

Price: 3 199 rub.

Fragrance Dahlia Divin Eau de Parfum Nude, Givenchy

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

With the help of this series, Givenchy brand told us the story of a goddess who illuminates the whole world. All the girls liked the legendary perfume with exquisite notes - after all, everyone wants to feel like a mysterious, sophisticated and elegant lady, before whom the whole world opens up. In the first edition of Dahlia Divin Eau de Parfum, the natural magnetism and inner power of every woman's beauty was felt. In the second Dahlia Divin Nectar de Parfum, real feminine charm, thanks to an intense sillage, - with it, the memories of you will not dissolve in the air and remain in the heart of every man.

The Dahlia Divin Eau de Parfum Nude version revealed the other side of feminine attractiveness - sensual serenity, which gives a sense of harmony to its owner. This year, the brand has prepared a new chapter in its legendary history for us. Now we can discover the beginning of this story - the birth of the goddess and her pristine untouched beauty. The scent will help to reveal the most secret parts of your soul and remind you of how beautiful natural beauty can be, like the first, timid ray of dawn.

The magnolia flower - the heart of the composition - opens on the skin like a bud with the first drops of dew. And tenderness is not the main component of the flower: behind the fragile petals there is a strong character that motivates you to accomplishments and new victories. The sensuality of magnolia is set off by the freshness of jasmine and the sweetness of a rose. In a light sillage, floral accords merge with accords of Sicilian orange and bergamot, taking you into the morning garden with blossoming flowers and trees with sweet fruits. And after a couple of hours, the scents of sandalwood and musk are connected to the aroma, set you up for peace and give you energy.

Price (50 ml): about 7 500 rubles.

Fragrance Paris-Biarritz, Chanel

The history of this perfume began in Biarritz, where Coco opened a second store. She arranged long walks, picnics and summer parties with Russian emigrants. But the center of this society was not Coco herself, and not even the Spanish Queen Victoria-Eugenia, who was a regular visitor to her boutique. The center of this small universe was the sea, the salty spray of which was saturated with a new scent.

Astringent notes of grapefruit and mandarin are mixed with delicate accords of lily of the valley, enveloped in vetiver and white musk. Perfume is a real breath of fresh air.

Price: about 10,000 rubles.

Eau de toilette Angel Fruity Fair, Mugler

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

Remember how as a child we waited for the weekend to go to an amusement park with our parents? My heart sank at the highest point of the Ferris wheel, my hands were sticking together from cotton candy, and the candy kiosk seemed to whisper: "Throw another cockerel on a stick!" Mugler perfumer Louise Turner invites you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of these pleasant memories.after all, the new fragrance Angel Fruity Fair has collected all the “cream” (both literally and figuratively) of childhood nostalgia.

Perfume is for true gourmets, therefore the composition is very appetizing and sweet. And it reveals itself in three facets: first, with a juicy apple in caramel and a generous portion of black currant, lychee and jumbose, then a light summer breeze with a hint of rose appears, and then enveloping notes of vanilla, whipped cream and patchouli enter. Personally, we have already been inspired to spend a weekend in the park and plunge into childhood - try it too!

Price: 6 400 rub.

Eau de Toilette Daisy Love, Marc Jacobs

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

Back in April, we admired the advertising campaign of a new fragrance in the Daisy line: Kaia Gerber frolicked in the ocean and wondered about chamomile - “loves, does not love”, and we wondered when the eau de toilette would appear in Russia.

The first Daisy fragrance was released back in 2007, and now it is a real calling card for millennials - fresh fruity and floral notes are associated with summer, chiffon dresses and chamomile meadows. The large white flower on the lid of the new Daisy Love is not without reason: chamomile reigns in the heart of the fragrance, and the pyramid also has an accent of scalesia, a rare tree from the Galapagos that blooms with yellow fragrant buds. Maestro Alberto Morillas also added a cool and sonorous note of crystallized cloudberries to the composition - it is she who gives the fragrance freshness, which is important in the heat.

Price: 3 589 rub.

Fragrance Paris-Venice, Chanel

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

In 1920, Coco was inconsolable and very depressed by Boy's death. She went to Venice. The Italian city with its endless canals and bridges was able to revive her thirst for life and inspire her to create, teaching her to laugh and wonder again.

Olivier Polge was inspired not only by the magical city, but also by the journey on the Orient Express from France to Italy. The long road refers us to the romance of travel and the anticipation of new experiences. Tart floral accords with cedar and a slight hint of amber help to imbue this spirit.

Geranium and iris with an invited note of neroli harmoniously set off notes of sweet vanilla and oriental spices, which will warm the soul on cold summer nights.

Price: about 10,000 rubles.

Eau de parfum Les Unfusions de Prada Mandarine, Prada

Vyor SMM-manager BeautyHack Alexandra Grishina

The entire INFUSION collection is centered around mono fragrances that concentrate on one ingredient or another. In this case, we are dealing with a pure bright tangerine. In 2018, author Daniela Andrie created Infusion Mandarine for Prada, which has bright notes of orange, green mandarin and its leaf, orange peel and orange blossom, as well as a fresh accent of neroli, which is complemented by the base sound of warm spicy-balsamic opoponax. As conceived by the author, the aroma recreates in memory the bright taste of an orange, its mouth-watering fruit under a bitter peel.

I would like to give the highest rating to the bottle of Prada Infusion Mandarine - massive, made in light colors, it is adorned with the Prada family crest of heritage, created in 1913 by Miuccia Prada, and topped with a bright orange elegant cap. It is incredibly pleasant to hold in your hands and enjoy its view on the shelf. According to my personal feelings, the aroma is better revealed in warm weather at temperatures above 20 degrees.

Price: 6 270 rub.

Eau de parfum Breath, Sergey Gubanov

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

If you are not yet familiar with a niche perfume brand, we’ll tell you: actor Sergei Gubanov, together with his partners, founded the company in 2015 and began to produce high-quality Russian perfume from components brought from Grasse. This is how we got aromas with simple names, but a rich and complex perfume composition.

Breath evokes a cool summer morning: notes of greens, orange and mint are mixed with a warm accord of coconut and nutmeg, and it seems that from somewhere you can hear the subtle scent of freshly cut grass.When the citrus notes subside, a light, sweet base of caramel and almond milk remains - you just want to go and make yourself a cup of coffee to start a new day.

Price: 2 500 rubles.

Fragrance Paris-Biarritz, Chanel

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Daria Sizova

The history of this perfume began in Biarritz, where Coco opened a second store. She arranged long walks, picnics and summer parties with Russian emigrants. But the center of this society was not Coco herself, and not even the Spanish Queen Victoria-Eugenia, who was a regular visitor to her boutique. The center of this small universe was the sea, the salty spray of which was saturated with a new scent.

Astringent notes of grapefruit and mandarin are mixed with delicate accords of lily of the valley, enveloped in vetiver and white musk. Perfume is a real breath of fresh air.

Price: about 10,000 rubles.

Eau de parfum Flavia Vanilla / 82, Parle Moi Parfum

Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

Vanilla, ylang-ylang and magnolia are the recipe for the youthful memories of perfumer Michel Almairac. As a boy, he was fascinated by a girl named Flavia, whom he met on the street of a small Italian town. He tried to recreate the scent of her skin and hair after forty years - the composition turned out to be very feminine, and the perfume was dubbed in honor of the beautiful Flavia.

Flavia Vanilla is not buns from the nearest coffee shop, but fresh and crisp vanilla. It is this note that reigns in the composition, and it is complemented by the absolute of Madagascar ylang-ylang (a well-known aphrodisiac), notes of Mikelia and peach flowers. Do you also want to be imprinted in the memory of your beloved man? Try it rather.

Price: from 8 500 rubles. on the website molecule.su

Eau de toilette Be Delicious Flower Pop, DKNY

Editor's Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

The history of Be Delicious began almost 15 years ago, when perfumer Maurice Rochelle released his first famous “apple”. Many had love with him from the first breath. Freshness of cucumber and green apple with woody and floral notes in the base - the scent is recognizable from the first seconds. A few years later, the Be Delicious line was supplemented by other novelties: Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense, City Brooklyn Girl, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious. And this year, there was a replenishment in the “family” of the legendary fragrance: a purple “apple” appeared on store shelves in 2018.

This fruity and summer perfume is ideal for summer terraces, cotton dresses and sea sunsets. Plum, nectarine and mandarin in the top notes, jasmine and apricot in the middle, sandalwood, amber and musk in the base notes. Opening one after another, they create around you a sweetish, barely perceptible cloud of purple "happiness".

Price: 4 299 rub.

Eau de toilette CK One Summer, Calvin Klein

On the eve of summer, Calvin Klein traditionally released a limited edition of the iconic CK One fragrance (already the fifteenth, by the way). The perfume composition of the novelty sounds like a real ode to summer - there are notes of mojito, juicy lime, guava and pineapple, and even tender coconut milk as a base. And the cedar accord is associated with the setting of the sun and the last warm rays of the day.

The color of the bottle was not chosen in vain - turquoise glass is so similar to a clear summer sky, and you can dilute this minimalism with stylish stickers that come with the kit. Photos of Connor Franta with ocean landscapes and geometric images of Raf Simons turn the bottle into a stylish accessory that you will want to take with you everywhere.

Price (100 ml): 2 990 rubles.

Mademoiselle Azzaro L'Eau Trés Florale toilet water

For some, real spring begins with picnics and walks in the parks, for others - with a scent from Azzaro. This year, the third version of the bestselling fragrance was released, inspired by the spring in Paris, and perfumer Karin Dubreuil has traditionally worked on the novelty. A floral-fruity scent, dressed in a glass bottle with an elegant silver bow, sparkles with a combination of quince and rhubarb. Sour-sweet notes like fizzy lemonade are exquisitely combined with hazel leaves and tea rose, while lily of the valley, ambrette and white musk are hidden in the base.

Price (50 ml): 5 299 rubles.

Eau de toilette Noa L'Eau, Cacharel

The choice of the editorial assistant at BeautyHack Karina Ilyasova

Legendary fragrances Amor Amor and Noa from Cacharel received a new interpretation this summer. The perfumers were inspired by the atmosphere of Cuba - they dressed the novelties in bright pink bottles and added unusual notes to the compositions. For example, Aqua de Amor Amor sparkles with a mix of black currant, coconut water and rum, while Noa L'Eau has become softer and more feminine.

Berry and fresh notes of green apple in the new scent fit perfectly into the summer season - and a small handy package (the perfume resembles a bead) can be carried anywhere. Since the novelty is presented in the concentration of eau de toilette, its durability is enough for 5 hours, but in the heat it is quite enough, because you can "wrap" yourself in a fragrant haze at any moment.

At the beginning, I feel a juicy accord of mandarin, green apple and black currant, and after a while the heart of the fragrance opens - peony and jasmine. I can say for sure that the new reading is much lighter and more feminine than the original Noa, and the fragrance is also perfect for office work and outdoor dining.

Price: 4 099 rub.

Eau de parfum Ungaro Pink, Emanuel Ungaro

The choice of the editorial assistant at BeautyHack Karina Ilyasova

The scent is just made for summer! " You just want to feel this light floral-sweet composition on yourself.

Just a couple of "zips" - and you feel a sweet cloud of pink fruits, juicy tangerine and musk. As for the design, the bottle is made in the shape of an asymmetric letter U - this is the brand's trademark.

By the way, the new items came out in pairs - the Pink and Blue fragrances have corresponding colors. This eau de parfum, I would classify as youth - with it you just want to be sweet and carefree. The composition is truly unique: apply to the pulsating points during the day, and in the evening "layering" to the degree of saturation you need - the notes will sparkle in a new way!

Price on request

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