Revealed The Rules Of Safe And Beautiful Tanning

Revealed The Rules Of Safe And Beautiful Tanning
Revealed The Rules Of Safe And Beautiful Tanning

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The Russians were told the rules of being in the sun during a beach holiday. Doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist Ilona Kozyreva shared the methods of safe and beautiful tanning with


As the doctor noted, there are three basic rules for tanning: adherence to a safe time interval (only in the morning and in the evening), the use of protective equipment and limiting the time spent in the sun.

“You can sunbathe until 11 am and after 16 pm, when the sun is less active - you can track the UV index on your smartphone, now this is a popular function. If he gets close to six or seven, it is better to go into the shadows. After 11 am it approaches 11-12, it is dangerous for the skin,"

- said the beautician.

She added that while on the beach, the skin needs "maximum protection": in the first days it should be products with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50 and above, from the third day it can be reduced to 30 and only by 10-11 days. when the skin becomes tanned and prepared, apply special oils.

“You can use specialized oils that are available in different tanning lines, or organic oils like coconut. But they are applied only when the skin has already acquired a dark color and produces enough melanin,”

- the doctor emphasized.

According to her, special attention should be paid to the face, neck, hands and décolleté: it is better to protect these parts of the body from the sun to avoid photoaging of the skin.

“For them, you should always use the maximum photoprotection, with an SPF of 50, because in the sun the skin is damaged, becomes flabby, and then it is difficult to treat cosmetology. It is better to try not to sunbathe your face, but to use bronzers to make your skin appear darker,”

- Kozyreva advised.

According to her, violation of the rules of tanning not only leads to aging of the skin, but also increases the risk of developing cancer. Therefore, being in the sun should be treated responsibly.

Earlier, a dermatologist gave recommendations to people who received burns while sunbathing. The specialist advised them to use pharmaceutical preparations, noting that "medicines from the refrigerator" are useless in this case.

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