Stars And Plastic: 10 Discouraging Before / After

Stars And Plastic: 10 Discouraging Before / After
Stars And Plastic: 10 Discouraging Before / After

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The "magic" knife of a plastic surgeon can do almost anything today. In addition to the already familiar plump lips and facelift, a skilled doctor can easily dimple the cheeks, lengthen the legs, or even insert muscles. Celebrities actively use the services of miracle surgeons, because it is their job to look perfect under the sights of cameras. However, looking at the photo "after", sometimes you want to rewind time. Mickey Rourke. From the list of the most desirable men in Hollywood, Rourke was included in the list of plastic victims. Moreover, the actor himself admits this. “I was much more attractive, it's terrible,” said Mickey. The handsome man was forced to lie under the surgeon's knife by his boxing past. But it was not possible to neatly hide the scars - he turned to the wrong guy.


Jacqueline Stallone. Cheerful and charismatic, Jackie, at 98, maintains an Instagram page, attends social events and pulls dumbbells in the gym. In pursuit of youth, the woman literally reshaped her face. However, the sense of humor from the astrologer and the actress cannot be taken away. “I became like a chipmunk with a mouth full of nuts,” Jackie says of his many plastic surgeries.

Jocelyn Wildenstein. "Catwoman" assures that she did not do as many plastic surgeries as the public counts for her, and the "cat" eye shape is a gift of heredity. However, the beauty invested billions of her first husband in herself. The result is obvious.

Hang Mioku. Korean model who changed her life at 28. “It would be nice to increase the cheekbones,” a friend once remarked. And so it began. When the doctors refused to inject fillers, ordinary vegetable oil was used.

Melanie Griffith. Once this blue-eyed beauty won the heart of Don Johnson and Antonio Banderas. The actress did not want to give up her attractiveness to the time, so she became addicted to the offices of plastic surgeons. "This striving for beauty is a terrible thing," the husband of the film star Banderas was still worried at that time. Melanie chose the first one between plastic and her husband. The marriage broke up.

Janice Dickinson. The self-proclaimed "America's first supermodel" decided to retouch the loose lifestyle under the surgeon's knife. And, it seems, she got into the taste. She does not hide repeated surgical interventions in her appearance, and showed the process of changing implants on the TV channel.

Priscilla Presley. Elvis Presley's only wife did not want to lose her doll-like appearance with age. Beauty shots at first really helped to look well-groomed, but one day she was unlucky. The surgeon who performed the next operation was later banned from working in the United States.

Igor and Grisha Bogdanov. The French twin brothers of Russian origin hosted television programs together, wrote books together and plastics, it seems, were also carried away together. The brothers themselves deny that they had surgery, and some believe that this is how signs of acromegaly appear.

Carmen Campusano is a Mexican actress and model. The simultaneous hobby for plastic and drugs played a cruel joke with the girl. According to one of the versions, the model did not comply with the postoperative regimen and could not refuse illegal drugs. Therefore, the nose took on a completely unnatural shape.

Emmanuelle Bear. At the age of 27, the actress decided to enlarge her lips. The result was disappointing, I had to fix it. And then another and another Now Bear 56. The thought of injections makes her shiver. An opponent of plastic surgery warns that it is not always possible to predict the consequences of an intervention.

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