From Bellucci To Jolie: Which Of The Stars Do Modern Women Want To Be Like

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From Bellucci To Jolie: Which Of The Stars Do Modern Women Want To Be Like
From Bellucci To Jolie: Which Of The Stars Do Modern Women Want To Be Like

Video: From Bellucci To Jolie: Which Of The Stars Do Modern Women Want To Be Like

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Video: Monica Belluci - Malena 2023, January

The pursuit of the ideal is a common reason that leads girls to consult a plastic surgeon. Whose plastic do women most often want to repeat today? Spoiler alert: For many years now, the ideals of beauty have remained virtually unchanged.

Tigran Aleksanyan Plastic Surgeon, Chief Physician of Art Plastic Clinic, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Very often, girls come to a consultation with a plastic surgeon with unrealistic expectations. “I want exactly like hers!” - and they show a photo of a famous actress or singer, and in recent years they are increasingly asked to repeat the appearance of Instagram stars. At the same time, women do not think about how such a nose, cheekbones, breasts or buttocks will look on their faces and bodies. A conscientious plastic surgeon will never do anything that makes a patient look unnatural and disproportionate.

“I am a specialist in rhinoplasty and, thinking over a new shape of the nose for a patient, I take into account the proportions not only of the forehead, chin, eyes, but also height, weight, physique. Sometimes I joke that I even look at the size of the feet, but it’s not such a joke in fact.”

3 celebrities that patients want to be like the most

Nita Kuzmina

Nita Kuzmina Instagram nita_kuzmina

Nita Kuzmina Instagram nita_kuzmina

Nita Kuzmina Instagram nita_kuzmina

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To some, the appearance of a social media star and reality show seems like a puppet, but women ask to repeat it very often, especially the nose. Nita herself does not hide that she had several plastic surgeries, and this is obvious from early photographs. She had a nose with a sagging, downward-looking tip. As a result of the operation, it was narrowed, raised and made more proportional to the nasolabial angle. It turned out to be a very proportional, natural face, which became a reference point for many girls. Such an operation does not affect the osteochondral structure of the nose, the work is carried out only with soft tissues, therefore the recovery period is quite easy and short.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie globallookpress

Angelina Jolie globallookpress

Angelina Jolie globallookpress

Angelina has long been a living beauty icon. It is not surprising that it is her photos that women bring most often. The actress has a naturally beautiful appearance, very correct proportions of her face - this can be seen in photographs taken in her youth. Although the actress denies this, it is obvious to a specialist that she underwent rhinoplasty. The surgeon narrowed the bridge of the nose, adjusted the tip, reduced the nostrils and wings, making them symmetrical and balancing the proportions of the face as a whole. There is nothing supernatural in these manipulations - this is a standard set of adjustments for rhinoplasty.

If you are striving for the same graceful nose as Angelina's, it is better to do nose surgery in a closed way, when all the incisions are made inside, and no scars remain on the skin. Her nose suits the actress, because she naturally has thin facial features. But on a larger, round face of the Slavic type, such a nose will look too small. In addition to rhinoplasty, Angelina Jolie most likely received Botox injections in the forehead and nasolabial folds and possibly a complete face lift.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci globallookpress

Monica Bellucci globallookpress

Monica Bellucci globallookpress

Monica is an eternal classic! In the eyes of those around her, her beauty does not fade over the years. In interviews, the actress always says that she did not resort to aesthetic surgery, but in general she refers to the desire of women to improve their appearance calmly.It seems that the actress really did not do plastic surgery, but she certainly does not neglect quality care and, most likely, resorts to injection and hardware cosmetology.

In the early photographs of Monica, it can be seen that she, like Angelina, has naturally balanced facial proportions - almond-shaped eyes, a regular face contour, full lips. The actress has a very neat and natural nose: an even narrow back, small nostrils, a graceful tip. If this is not the result of the surgeon's jewelry work, then a real victory in the genetic lottery! By nature, few people get such a nose. It can be repeated exactly by closed rhinoplasty, correcting both the bone-cartilaginous structure and the patient's soft tissues.

How to choose a suitable benchmark for plastic surgery?

The best solution is to trust an experienced plastic surgeon. Screenshots from social networks, photos of stars are a great way to show your doctor exactly what kind of appearance you think is beautiful and graceful. But asking to repeat it exactly is unwise. Based on the results of the consultation, the surgeon makes 3D modeling, making the planned adjustments to your photos. This will give you an idea of ​​what you might look like after surgery.

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If you insist on copying the appearance of a particular star, the surgeon may refuse to perform surgery on you. And this is absolutely normal. Most likely, you did not coincide in your ideas about what is “beautiful” in general and specifically in your case. You can find another surgeon with whom you will find a common language, or listen to the opinion of this specialist.

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