12 Best Fragrances: The Choice Of The Stars

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12 Best Fragrances: The Choice Of The Stars
12 Best Fragrances: The Choice Of The Stars

Video: 12 Best Fragrances: The Choice Of The Stars

Video: 12 Best Fragrances: The Choice Of The Stars
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Choice of TV presenter Maria Ivakova:


Portrait Of A Lady, Frederic Malle

I consider the warm spicy Portrait Of A Lady by Frederic Malle to be my signature scent - I have been using it for five years now. I generally prefer heavy oriental scents. A similar one is, for example, in Byredo - the floral-woody Mojave Ghost.

The choice of supermodel Natalia Vodianova:

Euphoria, Calvin Klein

“Sometimes one Euphoria body lotion is enough for me. The scent is very discreet, but with it I feel fresh."

The choice of the journalist Yana Valencia:

The goddess line

When we met my future husband, he was wearing these very perfumes. Intrigued? And yes, they are unisex. Perfume with aphrodisiacs, so get ready, there will be no end to taxi drivers with the question: "Girl, what kind of perfume do you have?" In addition, The Goddess Line is not replicated in the capital, completely on oils (a certain New York vegetarian yogini in the Big Apple conjures over them), that is, they do not contain alcohol and water. The organic composition of perfumes is especially important to me, since I am constantly with children and do not want them to bump into my mother's neck soaked in vigorous smells and incomprehensible composition. It is also convenient that the perfume is capacious and roller. I quickly get bored with everything, and then large flasks collect dust on the shelves. From the entire line, I choose the Lakshmi fragrance - this is the Indian goddess of prosperity and wealth - it's nice to wear just such a perfume! To give an idea of what they are, I'll say right away that I don't like florals and choose very neutral niche half-male-half-female like Molecules, Juliette Has A Gun, Le Labo. Lakshmi with its own notes of musk, almond oil and sandalwood is brighter than the above, but at the same time you hardly feel it on yourself!

The choice of model and actress Lyubov Inzhinevskaya:

Dans Tes Bras, Frederic Malle

I treat aromas with respect. The main thing is that no one has such aromas as mine. I love the unisex fragrance Dans Tes Bras, Frederic Malle. A beautiful name - translated as "in your arms." The perfumer created Dans Tes Bras for his beloved wife. This aroma evokes an ambiguous reaction: it seems heavy to someone, it is very attracted to someone. Very resistant - stays on clothes until washed. I buy at the Frederic Malle boutique in Paris. There is a special human-sized flask - like a vertical solarium - you go there, abstract from all extraneous odors and choose your own scent.

For me, Dans Tes Bras is like a visiting card. When I go to Starbucks outside the house, baristas will immediately know about it.

Singer's choice Elvira T:

Rose Musk, Montale

It seems that I have found "my" scent - it was presented to me by my boyfriend friends. When I put on this perfume with notes of jasmine, rose and musk, I always hear compliments: apparently, it really suits me. It’s strange, but I don’t even hear this aroma on myself!

Model selection by Ksenia Shipilova:

Another 13, Le Labo

I believe that you always need to change. There are some aromas that are associated with us, but everything does not last forever - you have to be different, always surprise with something new. But there must be a fragrance that will forever be fixed on you - people will feel and remember you somewhere.

I am still looking for an iconic scent - perhaps because my attitude often changes. But one of my favorites is the unisex fragrance Another 13, Le Labo. It was always sold only in the Colette boutique in Paris. But it does not suit everyone and is revealed in everyone in a different way. You either adore him or hate him. In general, I like everything unique, unusual - I like to be different from others.

Choice of beauty blogger Elvira Chabakauri:

Replica Lipstick On, Maison Margiela

The entire Replica series of the brand is beautiful, in my opinion, but my favorite is the lipstick scent. It really smells like granny's vintage lipstick - sweet toffee powder.

The Lipstick On mood creates a special one - the very same when you put on makeup as a weapon and for self-expression, you are not afraid of bright and juicy colors and you do not strive for naturalness. Although I'm sure many will find the fragrance very gentle and calm, but for me everything is different.

Hannah's Choice of Singer:

Love by Kilian, Kilian

I'm a fan of perfume but these are some of my favorites. The very scent that does not get boring, but on the contrary, is revealed in different ways depending on the season and even the mood. It smells sweet, but not primitive - caramel toffee, soft musk, iris and jasmine.

The choice of the runner, Nike Ambassador in Russia Sasha Boyarskaya:

Sandal 33, Le Labo

I can hardly remember where it came from, I first heard it somewhere in New York. The best scent in the world! I am not using scent now - I have a small child. The smell is quite persistent, I don't feel it, but it remains. They smell like scarves in my hallway. Fragrances are a zealous thing. It's nice that my friends associate Sandal 33 with me. For example, my friend Volodya came up to me with the words: "Sasha, how wonderful you smell." I told him: "Buy this fragrance for yourself." And he: "I don't want it, it's you, it's your smell." And this is very nice.

I really love the concept of Le Labo, their amazingly beautiful store where they mix your scent and sign the name. It turns out such a play on words - Sasha Bo's Le Labo.

Choice of TV presenter Olga Ushakova:

Gypsy Water, Byredo

If you could name a scent similar to me, I would definitely name Gypsy Water, Byredo. At first, he attracted me by the name, because everyone calls me a gypsy - such a way of life. And even the style of clothing, in part. Then she listened to him and fell in love. I often hear from people that they do not recognize him on me - it is revealed in a completely different way. Apparently we have a really special bond with him.

Choice of singer Mianna:

Red Roses, Jo Malone

I love this scent! Created by perfumers in 2001, it will never lose its relevance for me. Top notes (lemon and mint) create a mood even in cloudy help. And the middle ones - Bulgarian rose and violet - open after application and envelop in a slightly sweetish cloud.

Choice of actress Ingrid Olerinskaya:

Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel

For a long time, my only favorite floral-citrus scent was Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I was recognized by him even in the crowd. But then I began to cheat on him with others - selective. Now, most often I wear a warm spicy Noire from Serge Lutens and a floral-fruity Beach Walk from Maison Margela.

The choice of the athlete Angelica Timanina:

Pulp, Byredo

Byredo's floral-fruity Pulp is my favorite perfume for many years now, it personifies me. Sweet but slightly bitter. When I wear it, I always get compliments.

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