Fresh Pictures Of Aiza Without Photoshop Scared Fans

Fresh Pictures Of Aiza Without Photoshop Scared Fans
Fresh Pictures Of Aiza Without Photoshop Scared Fans

Video: Fresh Pictures Of Aiza Without Photoshop Scared Fans

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The TV presenter regularly visits a beautician. She has had several plastic surgeries, but her face is looking worse and worse.

Aiza Dolmatova is known to a wide range of people as the wife of the popular and scandalous rapper Guf. Even many years after the divorce, she continues to be associated with the artist.

The woman herself tried to rap, but her tracks were not as successful as Alexei's. Recently, a celebrity has been trying his hand at television. She was already the host of one show on an entertainment channel and became a reality TV heroine about herself.

It was thanks to the latest program that netizens learned that Aiza devotes a lot of time to her appearance. The lady regularly visits the beautician and does all kinds of cleansing, peeling, anti-aging masks.

The celebrity does not neglect the beauty injections. She regularly enlarges her lips. Previously, the star injected Botox so that she did not have wrinkles around her eyes and on her forehead, but admitted that she was tired of such procedures and resolved the issue radically. Dolmatova made a lift of the upper third of the face.

The first photos after the intervention of the followers scared me. The lady reassured everyone and said that soon everything would return to normal: the corners of the eyes and eyebrows would drop a little. This never happened.

Recently, fresh photos have appeared on the network, which show how Aiza looks in real life without filters. Netizens admitted that they were scared. Having spent a lot of money on her own appearance, the woman now looks like a homeless lady who abuses alcohol.

“I feel sorry for her, but this is all at 35!”, “I wonder if you can somehow return everything back”, “She reminds me of Oleg Mongol”, “Ay, tie up with the operations!” it does, pricks, cuts and it looks awful. It's not funny, it's scary."

According to subscribers, the TV presenter clearly overdid it, resorting to modern methods of rejuvenation. In her case, they did not work.

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