The Stars' Pick: 10 Best Vacation Fragrances

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The Stars' Pick: 10 Best Vacation Fragrances
The Stars' Pick: 10 Best Vacation Fragrances

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Why does Keira Knightley choose a men's perfume, which scent is ideal for a date on the beach, which one will remind you of the islands in winter, and what to choose for those who do not like active scents at all?


Keira Knightley

The actress prefers masculine scents (read why - read here). For many years, she has preferred Coco Mademoiselle and Chanel perfumes from women. Citrus accords, framed by notes of white flower and patchouli, will tune in to freedom and playful mood - what you need for the first days of a long-awaited relaxation.

Alessandra Ambrosio

The model prefers light feminine scents, for example Roses de Chloe, Chloe - a floral perfume with notes of Damask rose, magnolia, bergamot and white musk, which will give comfort and tranquility even on hot summer days.


The singer took the issue seriously and has been releasing her own line of fragrances for eight years. Wild Elixir - a bestseller with notes of black currant, peach, patchouli and sandalwood - a tropical and island holiday paradise.

Emma Stone

The actress believes that a woman's perfume should be iconic, and even flashy. For a summer party and a first date, take A La Nuit, Serge Lutens on vacation - notes of jasmine will give you a sense of mystery and romance (you will definitely not forget this evening until winter).

Eva Longoria

The actress also launches her own perfume line, but only because she is allergic to most of the fragrances. If you do not like to feel heavy notes or to interrupt the scent of the sea and freedom, Eva, Eva Longoria is your choice. Delicate notes of freshness with accords of tea and violets will add elegance and will not cause unpleasant sensations.

Charlize Theron

The actress does not like heavy scents and divides all perfumes into daytime and evening ones. On a typical day, he uses J'Adore, Dior perfumes, and in the evening - floral perfumes with notes of musk, for example, Original Musk, Kiehl's. Both options are the perfect complement to your holiday in a coastal European city - they can rediscover its charm and help you fall in love with summer days even more.

Reese Witherspoon

The actress's favorite perfume is the creation of the granddaughter of the legendary Este Lauder Erin - Amber Musk. The scent in a special way reveals the individuality of each girl and will help to survive the sweltering summer in the metropolis.

Blake Lively

The actress loves experimentation and alternates scents according to season and mood. But her iconic scent has remained unchanged for many years - this is Premiere, Gucci. The heart of the fragrance is mysterious and enchanting, like Blake herself. Orange blossom with notes of sandalwood and patchouli transports you into the shade of the garden, saving you from the scorching rays with a light breeze of the midday breeze, reminding you that summer does not even think of ending.

Lana Del Rey

The singer prefers fruit perfumes with notes of jasmine. Lana's choice is Spring Flower, Creed, in which you can hear the notes of ripe melon, juicy peach, which are subtly enveloped by a note of musk. From the first breath, the fragrance is very simple, but it unfolds in a very unusual way - like the first days of every trip.

Julia Roberts

Vivian from the movie "Pretty Woman" prefers woody accords in aromas. Six years ago, she became the face of La Vie Est Belle, Lancôme - notes of iris, patchouli and jasmine perfectly match the taste of the actress (and emphasize the richness of the last days of the trip).

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