How Hairstyles Can Help You Look Younger

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How Hairstyles Can Help You Look Younger
How Hairstyles Can Help You Look Younger

Video: How Hairstyles Can Help You Look Younger

Video: How Hairstyles Can Help You Look Younger
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In the fight against age, any weapon is useful - skin care, wardrobe renewal, new hobbies. There is another way if you want to get a more youthful look - choose the right hairstyle and care for your hair.

Change your haircut

A new haircut is an obvious way to lose a couple or even a dozen years. Just don't remember what was popular in your youth and go back to the hairstyle that you wore when you were 20! At best, you will not look younger, but look ridiculous, and at worst, this may turn out to be one of the haircuts that women hate.

Instead, look for a discreet version of the undercut haircut. This hairstyle has become a modern classic, and all because the undercard looks stylish and suits almost everyone. Another option is a haircut with a side part, like George Clooney. And who can argue with the fact that he seems to have not changed in the last ten years?

Tinted gray hair

Gray hair almost always looks extremely attractive on a mature man, especially when it comes to the famous combination of "salt and pepper". The popularity of Instagram bloggers over 50 proves this.

However, gray hair adds age, so if you want to look younger, you need to get rid of it. Be careful and do not try to paint over gray hair at home. Incorrectly chosen tone - and now you already resemble Joseph Kobzon, and in addition to hair, you will also have to tint your eyebrows.

Therefore, be sure to contact a specialist. Hairdressers-colorists master different dyeing techniques, in particular, tint of gray hair, in which not all gray hair is painted over, but only a part. Less salt, more pepper. As a result, your hair looks natural and you look younger.

Take care of the health of your hair and scalp

Of course, proper hair and scalp care is paramount. Unfortunately, our hair grows thinner and weaker as we age. Sometimes this leads to the appearance of bald patches, which, in general, can also turn into a plus.

If you still manage to keep your hair, consult a trichologist (hair specialist) to find the right shampoos, conditioners, care products or vitamins. This will eliminate the threat of dandruff, scalp irritation and other troubles that do not paint anyone.


Although the beard is a very hot trend, facial hair takes years. Conversely, the less facial hair, the younger you look. In case you do not part with a beard for many years, and even now you do not intend to, visit a barbershop.

_Expert's opinion. Stylist Kevin Murphy, who became famous all over the world for the invention of "beach" styling: _

- If you decide to keep your beard, take care of moisturizing the skin of the face and that the beard is not excessively hairy. I think the key here is to keep your hair in good condition and choose a style that flaunts you. For example, a square shape always looks good because it clearly defines the chin.

Get rid of excess hair

Add getting rid of excess body hair to your personal care list. No, we do not call you to executions like waxing (although some people decide to do this too) - all this can be done at home and on your own.

For example, walking with a trimmer in some bushy areas will not hurt anyone. Pay special attention to your nose and ears so that no hair sticks out. Also, it will not be superfluous to thin out the eyebrows and give them a neat shape.

_Expert's opinion. Style Director and Lecturer at Toni & Guy Georges Salon in Melbourne Luke Narris: _

- Hair growing all over the place makes a man look older than his years. There should be a distinction between the chest hair and the chin hair. The hair of the head should never, ever mix with the hair on the back.

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