Kurdish People Were Advised To Wear Masks On The Street

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Kurdish People Were Advised To Wear Masks On The Street
Kurdish People Were Advised To Wear Masks On The Street
Video: Kurdish People Were Advised To Wear Masks On The Street
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So far, the new measure to combat the spread of coronavirus infection will be of an exclusively recommendatory nature. But it is possible that in the future it will become as mandatory for execution as being in a mask in public places and closed rooms


As for other methods of combating morbidity, Oleg Klimushin, the chief sanitary doctor of the Kursk region, believes that it would be advisable to cancel cultural events in leisure facilities and libraries in the region, temporarily suspend physical and sports events, as well as competitions. conducted by federations. An exception will be team training, as well as competitions held outdoors for people over 18 years old and in closed rooms for athletes over 18 years old, however, with the proviso that the latter will have to be held without spectators.

The transition to maximum isolation should also help reduce the number of cases. For the same purpose, it is planned to temporarily suspend the work of mobile teams for the delivery of persons over 65 to medical institutions for medical examination.

Klimushin also proposes to subjects and individual entrepreneurs working in the public catering sector to limit the working time to 22 hours, to exclude corporate events, weddings and anniversaries in public catering facilities where social distance cannot be ensured.

For employers who can transfer workers to remote work, it is better to transfer at least 30% of the staff to remote work. They should also strengthen control over the observance of anti-covid measures and temperature control, observance of the mask and glove regime and distance on the territory of the facilities. It is proposed to abolish preferential travel on suburban routes in order to limit the mobility of pensioners and veterans.

Recommend masks outdoors. "This kind of high humidity weather is an ideal environment for respiratory viruses," the chief sanitary doctor explained on the last sentence.

The issue and postponement of medical examination of students is being discussed. There are many of them and they are the least disciplined. However, as noted by Deputy Governor Andrei Belostotsky, according to the medical examination of students, the percentage data, confirmed by the Ministry of Health, show that it has been completed by 94%. That is, its cancellation will not affect the final figures. He proposed a rather compromise solution: everyone who wants to be able to undergo a medical examination, but medical workers will not actively call citizens for it in the coming months.

Quite a significant number of those infected in religious organizations. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the implementation of preventive anti-epidemiological measures in religious organizations.

It is necessary to expand the practice of administrative measures against citizens who violate the mask regime in public places.

Regarding the cancellation of travel benefits, Deputy Governor Stanislav Naboko supported the idea. In his opinion, this will allow to exclude some of the people from the number of potentially sick. Roman Starovoit thought about the fact that, on the other hand, the harvest is now underway. However, as the chairman of the committee for transport and highways Vladimir Muravyov noted, most of the suburban transportation has been completed, nothing needs to be canceled separately. If they are about to end, the officials will decide to cancel the benefits.

The Governor noted during an operational meeting on countering the spread of coronavirus that in many constituent entities of the Russian Federation, a decision has already been made on the need to wear a mask on the street."But if you do sports on the street? What to do?" - Roman Starovoit was curious.

Oleg Klimushin: "Let's leave it as a recommendation, it is necessary to attract the attention of the population. In a public place and indoors, wearing a mask is mandatory, on the street it is recommended."

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